63 Wasting Time Quotes To Remind You The Value Of Time.


A list of 63 wasting time quotes to remind you what really matters. Here are the 63 quotes about wasting time to help you with this dedicate matter of life. Time is one of the most precious commodities you have in life and if wasted, all you be left with is nothing but painful regrets. May these 63 wasting time quotes be a wakeup call as to why you must not waste the little time you have here on earth on useless things that won’t even matter in the end.

63 Quotes About Wasting Time.

1. It’s high time you stopped wasting time on wrong things and wrong people. Trialsandtests.

2. Not everyone or everything is worth your time. Choose carefully. Trialsandtests.

3. Life is simply too short to waste on the wrong things and wrong people. Trialsandtests.

4. You just have to come to the realization that some people are just a waste of your precious time. Trialsandtests.

5. It’s just a matter of fact that some people won’t be worth your time. Trialsandtests.

6. Stop wasting your time trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of you. You are here to live your life. Trialsandtests.

7. Stop wasting your time being around people who need you when it benefits them. Trialsandtests.

8. Don’t waste your life living someone else’s. Trialsandtests.

9. Make the most of the time you have because it’s all you have in life. Trialsandtests.

10. Like spilt water on the floor, time can never be gotten back once used or wasted. Trialsandtests.

11. There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want. Bill Watterson.

12. our time is way too valuable to be wasting on people that can’t accept who you are. Turcois Ominek.

13. So this is it, what cost me all that time. A man who turned out to be old, a house that turned out to be empty. Jennifer Egan.

14. Anyone who takes your time is a thief. Protect your time, it’s what makes up your life. J.R. Rim.

15. Life is reality don’t live it like a rehearsal. Amit Kalantri.

16. How Many forevers we are wasting by staying here I don’t know; it seems to be a lot. Lara Zubaidia.

17. If you misuse your youth, you get misery when you are old. Amit Kalantri.

18. Time spent reading a book, even a bad one, is never wasted. Stewart Stafford.

19. Do not waste time attempting to make sense out of nonsense. Johnnie Dent Jr.

20. How tragic it is to find that an entire lifetime is wasted in pursuit of distractions while purpose is neglected. Sunday Adelaja.

21. He who wastes time, wastes his own life. Samuel Zulu.


22. Those who waste their precious time are failures in life by default. Samuel Zulu.

23. Misuse your time today and you will cry foul tomorrow in regret wishing you hadn’t. Samuel Zulu.

24. Improper use of one’s time is a recipe for a regretful existence later on. Samuel Zulu.

25. Time too has wings. Once it flies, you can’t catch it back. Samuel Zulu.

26. Time is all you have and if you waste it, all you will be left it is nothing but bitter regrets. Samuel Zulu.

27. It’s he who misused his time now that will live to regret bitterly for the rest of his life. Samuel Zulu.

28. Better waste your time doing productive things that will help you grow than wasting it with the wrong company. Samuel Zulu.

29. Use your time wisely because once it’s gone, you will never get it back. Samuel Zulu.

30 Stop acting as if you will live forever and start living now and not tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

31. In the end, you will only regret spending time on the wrong things that didn’t add value to your life. Samuel Zulu.

32. People who have nothing to do with God’s given purpose for your life are better left in the rearview mirror. Samuel Zulu.

33. He who thinks will live forever will get the shock of his life on his deathbed when all is said and done. Samuel Zulu.

34. Wasting time is robbing oneself. Estonian Proverb.

35. If you kill time, you will bury opportunities. African Proverb.

36. An ant on its feet can do more than an elephant lying down. African Proverb.

37. By the time the fool has learned the game, all of the players have dispersed. African Proverb.

38. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Bertrand Russell.

39. Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time. Victor Hugo.

40. Teach us to number each of our days so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalms 90:12.

41. Whoever keeps staring at the wind won’t sow; whoever daydreams won’t reap. Ecclesiastes 11:4.

42. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. Romans 12:11.


43. Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness. The door is open and unlocked. Just walk through it. Dr Steve Maraboli.

44. If you love life, don’t waste time. For time is what life is made up of. Bruce Lee.

45. I wasted time. Now, time wastes me. William Shakespeare.

46. A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life. Charles Darwin.

47. It’s not that we have little time but more that we waste a good deal of it. Seneca.

48. We only get one life. Wasting someone’s time is the subtlest form of murder. Lindy West.

49. Free time is a terrible thing to waste. Read a book. E.A. Bucchianeri.

50. Don’t waste your time chasing things that will never be beneficial to your future. April Mae Monterrosa.

51. Time is not money because it never returns. Amit Abraham.

52. The quickest way to run out of time is to think you have enough of it. Stewart Stafford.

53. When you spend time worrying, you’re simply using your imagination to create things you don’t want. Shannon L. Alder.

54. Worry is like a rocking chair-it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere. Katie Dale.

55. We all have the same 24/7. What we do with our time becomes our priority. Avoid priorities by default. Patt Hollinger.

56. He who wastes his time hates his own life and sees no value in it. Trialsandtests.

57. Waste no time on things that will only be valuable for a season and not a lifetime. Trialsandtests.

58. You can’t recycle time. So use it wisely before it runs out and cry foul as to where it went. Trialsandtests.

59. When time runs out, it’s game over and there is nothing you can do about it when it’s over. Trialsandtests.

60. Misplaced priorities are what causes many to waste their precious time on useless things which won’t matter in the end. Trialsandtests.

61. He who has no life priorities won’t make good use of his allocated time. Trialsandtests.

62, We are all given 24 hours in a day and how we use it is up to our individual selves. Trialsandtests.

63. Wasted time is often a result of not getting your life priorities right. Trialsandtests.



I hope these 63 wasting time quotes and quotes about wasting time in life will now inspire you to make better use of the limited time you have here on earth. Peace.

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