63 Truth Quotes To Help You Be More Truthful In Life


Looking for truth quotes to help you know the truth better? Here are the 63 truth quotes about life to help you not to tell lies and be truthful. May the 63 truth quotes and quotes about truth below give you the courage to speak the truth even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

63 Quotes About Truth To Live By

1. You live your truth, I live mine. End of story. Trialsandtests.

2. Your truth is not my truth and my truth is not yours. Trialsandtests.

3. Truth is independent of opinion and intolerant of error. Trialsandtests.

4. Truthfulness is the mother of integrity and trustworthiness. Trialsandtests.

5. Honesty is like the sun; it can’t be blocked out by clouds of dishonesty. Trialsandtests.

6. He who is sincere with himself will also do the same to others. Trialsandtests.

7. Authentic living is key to living a happy and fulfilled life. Trialsandtests.

8. Deceit only comes from fake people as a bad tree always begets bad fruits. Trialsandtests.

9. He who hates the truth hates his own soul. Trialsandtests.

10. Be sincere to others and they will reward you with their trust. Trialsandtests.

11. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. Mark Twain.

12. Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood. George Orwell.

13. I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun. Suzanne Collins.

14. A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it. Oscar Wilde.

15. The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates.

16. Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you. Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

17. Better to be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for telling lies. Samuel Zulu.

18. Like the sun, the truth will always outshine lies no matter how dark they may be. Samuel Zulu.

19. If people hate you for being straight with them, it means you are in the wrong company. Samuel Zulu.

20. Sometimes, it’s ok to disappoint others by being brutally honest with them. Samuel Zulu.

21. People will always disappoint you but sincerity will never do so. Samuel Zulu.


22. He who loves the truth in its purity must expect many enemies. Samuel Zulu.

23. He who practices honesty in his life will avoid many troubles. Samuel Zulu.

24. Telling the truth may cost you an ounce but telling lies will cost you pounds. Samuel Zulu.

25. He who is authentic is like the sun that shines its own light. Samuel Zulu.

26. Lying is a disease and truth is the cure. Arabic Proverb.

27. Old proverbs are the children of the truth. Welsh Proverb.

28. All truth is good but not all truth is good to say. African Proverb.

29. A speaker of truth has no friends. African Proverb.

30. In a multitude of words, falsehood is always close by. Trialsandtests.

31. Honesty is found in the midst of fewer words. Trialsandtests.

32. He who speaks truthfully, speaks life to himself and avoids many mischiefs. Trialsandtests.

33. Better to live authentically for one day than to live a lie your whole life. Trialsandtests.

34. Even a fool is considered wise when he speaks the truth. Trialsandtests.

35. Though you may be wise, if you are dishonest for one day, you will be regarded as a fool. Trialsandtests.

36. The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. Ernest Hemingway.

37. Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. Roy T. Bennett.

38. The more I see, the less I know for sure. John Lennon.

39. There are no facts, only interpretations. Friedrich Nietzsche.

40. The past has no power over the present moment. Eckhart Tolle.

41. Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion. Edward Abbey.

42. Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand. Hayley Williams.


43. He who is honest with others obtains favor both from the Lord and man. Samuel Zulu.

44. To know how a real dollar note looks like, you first need to know how a fake one looks like. Samuel Zulu.

45. He who has no convictions won’t speak the truth in challenging situations. Samuel Zulu.

45. It takes conviction to live a life true to yourself in a world which is trying to make you like everyone else. Samuel Zulu.

46. The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is. Nadine Gordimer.

47. We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities. Oscar Wilde.

48. I am the way, the truth and the life. Jesus Christ.

49. It’s the dishonest man who wants to do things in the dark. Trialsandtests.

50. God is not a man, that he should lie; Neither the son of man, that he should repent. Numbers 23:19a.

51. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Thomas Jefferson.

52. Who’s talking the truth doesn’t need a lot of words. Polish Proverb.

53. Let your yes be yes and your no, no. Jesus Christ.

54. Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it. French Proverb.

55. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. Proverbs 9:7.

56. There are three truths: my truth, your truth and then the truth. Chinese Proverb.

57. The coat of truth is often lined with lies. Norwegian Proverb.

58. Half-truth is dangerous than falsehood. Bengali Proverb.

59. Half-truth is often the whole lie. English Proverb.

60. Truth lies at the bottom of the well. English Proverb.

61. Don’t fear telling the truth but fear what telling lies will do to your integrity if you tell them. Samuel Zulu.

62. A lover of truth does not fear telling it even if it offends others. Samuel Zulu.

63. He who get offended with the truth shall surely fall into mischief. Samuel Zulu.



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