How To Deal With Toxic People – [12 Effective Tips]


If you are having a hard time dealing with toxic people in your life, you have visited the right post which will show you how to deal with toxic people effectively.

Toxic people indeed can make your life difficult and drive you nuts if you let them do so in your life and they are pretty good at making other healthy people miserable like themselves.

This is why when you spot early signs that a person in your life is toxic, you need to act fast before they start dragging you down with their never-ending drama.

And this post will show you 12 effective ways of dealing with toxic people which will make it easier for you to deal with toxic people giving you a hard time in life which I myself uses.

Some of these toxic people may be friends, co-workers and family members which may make it even more difficult to deal with them due to the emotional attachments present.

But hey a toxic person will always be a toxic person. Anyway, without wasting much of your time here is how you deal with toxic people effectively.

12 Effective Ways Of Dealing With Toxic People

Here are 12 effective ways of dealing with toxic people of any type be it friends, family members or co-workers in a respectful way while maintaining your sanity.

  • Avoid Being Involved In Their Toxic Arguments
  • Distance Yourself From Them.
  • Don’t Try To Change Their Toxic Behaviour.
  • Don’t Tolerate Their Toxic Behaviour.
  • Use No Contact Rule.
  • Seek Godly Counselling From Certified Therapists.
  • Pray For Them.
  • Set Boundaries.
  • Use The Circuit Breaker Principle
  • Don’t Fall For Their Deceptive Charming Behaviour.
  • Cut Them Off Completely If They Refuse To Change
  • Practice Self Love.

1. Avoid Being Involved In Their Toxic Arguments

The best way of dealing with toxic people especially the talkative ones is simply not being engaged fighting with them.

Life is simply too short to be arguing with people over unnecessary things in life. It’s just not worth your time or emotional energy.

Arguing with toxic people is just a waste of time as they are always right and you are always wrong and how can you reason with such people?

Just let them be right if that’s what they want as my native prover wonderfully put it, if a child cries for a bone, just give it to that child. “the same principle applies to toxic people.

As toxic people are very childish indeed in their thinking which is why they always argue over childish and useless things.

If you have such people in your life or family, do yourself a favour by simply not arguing or fighting with them over useless things so at to unnecessary emotional stress or drama.

2. Distance Yourself From Them.

Distancing yourself from toxic people and their never-ending drama is one of the best ways of dealing with toxic people and beating them at their own game.

If you distance yourself from them, they will no longer bother you with their drama so long as you are out of reach for them to follow you.

On the other hand, if you don’t distance yourself from them, they will continue bothering and bombarding you with their life issues or drama.

By not distancing yourself from them, you make toxic people win but if you say no to their childish drama and distance yourself from it, you win, they lose.

The above tip is very useful especially if you have toxic family members or friends who just want to pick up a fight or quarrel with you for no reason and make your life difficult.

So, if you are having a hard time dealing with toxic people in your life, I bet the above tip will help you greatly if you distance yourself from their drama and toxicity.

3. Don’t Try To Change Their Toxic Behaviour.

One of the reasons why most people struggle with dealing with toxic people is that they think it’s their job to change and fix toxic people.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s not your job to change anyone as change is a personal thing one has to decide to do in his or her own life.

It’s not your job to change a toxic person if that person isn’t willing to give up his or her toxic behaviour. Just simply move on and find better people to be with who will help you grow.

Attempting to change a toxic person will just backfire you especially if that toxic person is a narcissist or has some narcissistic personality disorders.

Remember, you are responsible for changing you and not anyone else and toxic people too are responsible for their toxic behaviour. They can change if they want to.

But you must never try to force change on them which just does harm more than good as you can’t force a horse to drink water, though you can take it to a river where water is.

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4. Don’t Tolerate Their Toxic Behaviour

You must not tolerate any abusive toxic behaviour from any toxic person who may be in your life, no matter who they may be.

Tolerating their destructive toxic abusive behaviour just gives them license to even mistreat and abuse you more either, verbally, physically or emotionally.

If you value yourself worth, there is no way you will let anyone mistreat you or abuse you with impunity. Remember, you are human with feelings as well.

By saying no to their abusive toxic behaviour, you are setting boundaries for yourself and if they don’t adhere to them, just leave them alone with their toxic drama.

Don’t be a victim of their abusive behaviour and gaslighting as you are not their punching bag. Runaway from them if they can’t change their abusive toxic behaviour.

Respectful decline to be abused by them by simply distancing yourself from them as there are way better people out there who will treat you with respect and dignity you deserve.

5. Use No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is helpful if toxic people simply become too toxic to be around within peace and harmony.

This is especially true if you are dealing with toxic people who are covert narcissists. Under such situations, running for your life & cutting such people out of your life is the best option.

To cut such nasty people out of your life using the no contact rule, you need to erase all the phone numbers you may have with them.

Not doing that will make no contact rule not to work as you will come back to them in no time considering how charming and deceptive toxic people & narcissists are to their victims.

They do so with their charming words promising their visiting that what they did won’t happen again but of course that’s a lie and always repeat their same mistakes again.

If you notice such people in your life especially if you are in a toxic relationship, kindly ditch and cut such people off completely so that they don’t locate you & start abusing you again.

6. Seek Godly Counselling From Certified Therapists

Yes, you hear me, dear reader? Sometimes, you will need some professional help in handling toxic people in your life especially if those people are closely related to you like family members.

Especially if you are dealing with a narcissist as the emotional damage toxic narcissists do to their victims requires professional therapy to fully recover from.

Merely reading a simple blog post on how to deal with toxic people in such delicate situations simply won’t work as these sensitive situations require qualified therapists.

This is because licensed godly counsellors and therapists will give you one to one profession wisdom and consoling you just can’t find on the internet by merely reading an article.

And their advice you will get from them is tailored to your unique life situations & circumstances which aren’t the case when reading a Radom article online.

So, if you are dealing with severe emotional abuse from toxic and narcissistic people, please seek godly counselling now and don’t suffer in silence. Begin your healing journey now.

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7. Pray For Them

Believe it or not, some toxic people can change if you commit them in prayer as some people are not toxic because they want to.

But their toxic behaviour usually stems from past abuse, abandonment or neglect and as a result, they exhibit their toxic behaviour as a way of getting love and attention from others.

Yes, there is power in prayer and only the Lord has the power to change people’s hearts and not you. Don’t give up too soon especially if that toxic person is closest to you like family members.

So praying for toxic people in your life or family is one of the best things you can do for toxic people to show that you still love them despite their toxic behaviour.

Of course, they won’t change immediately but if you have faith and patience, you will be amazed how much some people can change for the better if given the second chance to do so.

Moreover, while doing this kind gesture for them, you must never allow them to take advantage of you or let their toxic behaviour affect your livelihood.

8. Set Boundaries.

Toxic people are indeed notorious for breaking personal boundaries. They have no regard for personal boundaries you set for them.

They like trespassers who don’t respect other people’s properties but if you want toxic people to stop trespassing your emotional boundaries, you need to set & define them no if you didn’t have any.

If you don’t set boundaries, they will continue abusing you in different ways as they see that you are a very flabby and soft person.

They will reason that even if they treat you like trash or abuse you like a punching bag, there are no consequences for their actions, anyway. So, they continue doing it.

But if you have boundaries in place, you will keep toxic people and their never-ending drama at bay in your life and from affecting your daily livelihood.

So, if you have been struggling to set boundaries around the toxic people in your life, just respectfully tell them that if they want to be with you they must lay aside their toxic behaviour and if not, they are not welcome.

9. Use The Circuit Breaker Principle

I am sure you have never heard of this way of dealing with toxic people before but I know that you have seen a circuit breaker before which is on the wall of your house.

Essentially, the circuit breaker principle is a special technique of handling toxic people by simply cutting out the toxic circuits which fuel toxic people to be toxic to you.

What are these toxic circuits if you ask? Well, they are simply pathways toxic people use to display their toxicity towards you.

One such example is abrasive arguments toxic people are known for and to handle such a situation using the above principle is you need to simply block them out.

This is especially true if those arguments are getting out of hand. Blocking them out means that you cut them out and simply leave them alone to avoid any further altercations with them.

Similar to the way the circuit breakers trip when the current flows through it goes beyond its calibrated limits. You too, need to trip on toxic people if they go too far.

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10. Don’t Fall For Their Deceptive Charming Behaviour.

Indeed, toxic people can pretend to be some of the most charming and kindest people you will ever meet but with the sole intention of deceiving you.

They do this especially if they want to come back into your life after you have broken up with them which is especially true if you are in a toxic relationship or dealing with a narcissist.

True to their deceitful nature, if you broke up with them, they will start texting you fake sweet messages and fake apologies that they are truly sorry and are very conceiving in doing that.

But after they have captured your heart, you are back on the drawing board contending with their old abusive toxic habits and behaviour they once had.

Don’t fall for their deceptive charms if you value yourself and sadly most people especially women are the major victims with their obsession of wanting to be loved and accepted.

If you do, you are truly naïve and definitely need some counselling on letting of toxic lovers or people before more emotional damage is done to you which might take time to heal.

11. Cut Them Off Completely If They Refuse To Change

Unfortunately, that is the last-ditch effort you might need to take in certain situations for the sake of your own sanity and wellbeing not because you hate them.

But because you value and respect yourself dearly so dearly that you can’t be around people who constantly harass and disrespect you for no reason.

This is especially true if you are dealing with toxic friendships and toxic relationships and is such situations, it’s better to cut out that toxic person out of your life once and for all.

Remember, being alone and happy with yourself is better than being around a batch of toxic people who do nothing but drain the life out of you with their drama.

Moreover, if you are dealing with toxic family members, the situation is more complex as you are related to them by blood and you just can’t drop them out of your life just like that in cold blood.

Even so, you can still maintain a healthy distance from them if they are too toxic to be around without any drama. Unless otherwise.

12. Practice Self Love.

Believe it or not, practising self-love as crazy as it sounds will go a long way in helping you handle all types of toxic people gracefully without having unnecessary confrontations.

If you love yourself, you will certainly have standards of how you want to be treated, what true love means to you and the people you allow in life.

You certainly won’t allow yourself to be physically, verbally or emotionally abuse if you love and respect yourself because true love isn’t abusive and doesn’t hurt or exploit others weaknesses.

It’s only people who don’t love themselves who allow themselves to be abused in all sorts of ways in the name of love especially those in toxic relationships they don’t want to let go of.

Rather, they allow themselves to be abused this way because they are desperate for love from their abusers not realizing that true love doesn’t hurt but heals.

Start loving and respecting yourself now and you will realize that dealing with toxic people if you love yourself isn’t difficult at all as you have the standards of what people you let to be in your life & what love is to you.


These were the 12 effective tips on how to deal with toxic people I had to share with you and hope will go a long way in helping you deal with toxic people in your life.

Indeed, toxic people can be a thorn in the flesh if you let them scot-free with their toxic behaviour and toxic drama they are well known for.

Which is why when you see any of these 12 toxic people signs, you need to take appropriate action by limiting your time with them before you get corrupted with their toxic energy.

Or cutting them off from your life entirely if they don’t want to change their toxic behaviour despite you giving them so many opportunities to do so.

By so doing, you will do yourself a favour and relieve yourself from the endless drama toxic people have before irreparable emotional damage is done to you by toxic people.

In conclusion, kindly share this article if you found it helpful as it will many others out there struggling with dealing with toxic people in their lives. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

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