Fake People & 12 Fake People Signs All Fake People Have

 Fake people signs

Looking for ways to know if you are dealing with fake people in your life? Look no further as this post will show you 12 fake people signs you must look out for to spot fake people early.

Indeed, fake people can be very difficult to spot sometimes as they are experts at camouflage and blending in with their environments like a green snake in green grass patiently waiting to strike its victim at the right moment.

It’s only when they strike you by ripping you off in one way or the other will you realize how foolish you were not to spot them earlier too.

If you have been ripped off by fake people in the past, don’t blame yourself because these post will show you 12 signs of fake people you must be on the lookout for to help your spot fake people 100s of miles away before they do damage to you.

These signs of fake nice people who pretend to be angels but are devils inside will help you to be one step ahead of fake people and beat them at their own game.

With that said, here are the top 12 fake people signs you will ever need to help you identify fake people from a safe distance before they are within striking distance of you.

12 Signs Of Fake People Not To Ignore If Spotted.

Here are 12 signs of fake nice people you must not sweep under the rug when you spot them because fake people are literally green snakes in green grass waiting for the right time to strike you without warning.

  • Deceitfulness
  • Attention Addicts
  • Spread False Rumours About You
  • Full Of Empty Promises
  • They Bailout When You Need Them Most
  • Only Friends With Benefits
  • Everything Is Fake About Them
  • Nasty Betrayers Of Trust
  • Will Secretly Plot Your Downfall
  • They Are Fake Fans
  • Chronic Liars
  • They Hate Your Authenticity

1. Deceitfulness

Deception is one of the earliest fake people signs fake people display as there is nothing true about them after all which is sad indeed.

Everything about fake people is nothing but a lie and they will go to extraordinary lengths to fake everything about themselves in order to get what they want from you.

After they have gotten what they wanted from you, they then show their true colours and in most cases, they trash you like garbage.

Fake people are very comfortable lying and deceiving you without feeling anything bad about it be it in relationships or friendships.

They are literally green snakes hiding in green grass waiting for an opportune time to strike you who are not worth your time.

But such people are nothing but wasters of time and have nothing to do with such people. Cut them off and fire them out of your life if you notice them.

2. Attention Addicts

Fake people always want attention to themselves and if you don’t give them that, they will go to extraordinary lengths to get that attention form you even if it means faking everything about themselves.

Attention to fake people is like a drug they just can’t live without which is why they post fake lifestyle profile on social media like Instagram.

This they do to get attention from people or get followers who are by the ways are fake too as they are only attracted to the fake lavish lifestyles these fake people post on their social media profiles.

When in reality, nothing is real about the fake lifestyles the post on social media but in reality, are dealing with their own life issues and identity issues.

Fake people who are attention addicts have very low self-worth and self-esteem about themselves which is why they have to assume a false identity to feel better about themselves but it never works.

As what is fake will always be fake anyway. So, beware of such people in your life as they will do anything to get attention or even grab it from you by blackmailing you.

3. Spread False Rumours About You

True indeed, this one of the most common traits fake people have as they slander and speak bad things behind your back.

Such people are everywhere in society especially in church or at the workplace and the mission of these people is to defame & damage the reputation of others by spreading false rumours.

They essentially gossip about you & cook up fake stories about you to bring you down or make you look bad in front of other people so they look like saints.

When in reality are ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing secretly seeking to destroy everything good about you which they don’t have.

For example, if you want to get a promotion at work, a jealous fake person impersonating him or herself as a friend may go behind you back to tell your boss false things about you so as to make the boss not to promote you.

Beware of such malicious people and avoid them at all costs. If they are present in your life, immediately cut ties with such people as they are up to no good.

4. Full Of Empty Promises

Sad but true dear reader. Fake people are nothing but smokes and mirrors. They don’t keep any promises they make to you or even bother about it.

There are full of nothing but empty and broken promises which were never kept and won’t even bother about breaking the promises they made to you.

Usually, fake people say one thing and do another. For example, fake people may promise to keep an appointment they made with you but when the time comes for them to deliver, they don’t show up & are nowhere to be seen.

Instead, they come up with all sorts of meaningless childish excuses as to why they couldn’t keep the appointment they made to you or fulfil the promise they made to you if you confront them.

These people are very common in the business world which is why you must be careful with whom you make a business partnership.

Such people must be avoided like a plague at all costs. Don’t waste time with people who don’t keep promises and if you have them in your life, fire them.

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5. They Bailout When You Need Them Most

Fake people especially fake friends will bail out on you when you need them the most and will give you all sorts of meaningless false excuses as to why they couldn’t be available when you needed them most.

One common excuse they make is that they were very busy or something came up which is why they couldn’t be available to support you.

When in reality, they bolted because they saw you as a burden and a liability to them which is why they wanted nothing to do with you. They are friends with benefits.

But when things are good, they are your best friends ready to give you fake hugs, fake kisses and fake smiles to make you think they have your back.

On the other hand, when storms arrive in your life, they vanish into thin air and are nowhere to be seen. Such people are a joke indeed and are very common in society wherever you go.

Waste no time with such people who are only there for you in good times but disappear without a trace into thin air when you need them most.

6. Only Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits one of the common signs of fake people in that they are on friends with you if you are benefiting them in some way.

This is especially true if you benefit them in a financial sense and in this case, they will only show up if they want financial assistant from you.

To them, they see you as an ATM machine to run to for their financial problems and as long as you are that ATM machine, ah, you are indeed besties.

But as soon as you stop being that ATM machine to supply them money whenever they need it, they dump you and see you as a liability when it’s they themselves who are a liability.

All of a sudden, you get ghosted and you stop receiving those calls or text messages which frequently bombarded your phone even at night when you were their ATM machine prior.

Remember, fake friends who are only your friends because of money aren’t worth your time and must be avoided like a plague at all costs. They are nothing but parasites who will suck you dry and leave you after getting what they wanted from you.

7. Everything Is Fake About Them

When it comes to fake people, nothing about them is real from their lifestyles, personality or their character.
Indeed, fake people are notorious copycats and fraudster who try to mimic others due to the fact that they have no real identity of their own to be proud of.

Which is why if you have fake people in your life, you will notice that they will start copying everything you do from the way you dress, the house you live in or the job you have.

Fake personas are what fake people thrive on. Remove that from them, and you will see who they really are.
To keep this fake persona, fake people, have, they will go to extraordinary lengths to fake everything about themselves to attract the attention they want from others.

If you notice such copy cats in your life who want to copy everything you do and assume it’s their own, kindly distance yourself from such imposters especially at if it’s a place of work.

8. Nasty Betrayers Of Trust

Betrayal of trust of among the most common signs of fake people because fake people aren’t trustworthy people you can trust.

As soon as you tell them your secrets, they will let the cat out of the bag despite you explicitly telling them not to do so.

Fake people will betray your trust without having second thoughts about it because it’s who they are as a bad free can’t bear good fruits.

When you put your trust in a fake person or fake friend, just know you have asked for the trouble which is why there are a lot of heart brakes in a lot of friendships these days due to betrayals.

The reason for this is because there are just simply so many fake people or fake friend impersonating themselves as the real deal.

When in fact they are literally green snakes carefully camouflaged in green grass ready to strike you when the time is right. Stay away from such imposters at all costs at the are up to no good.

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9. Will Secretly Plot Your Downfall

Fake people especially fake friends don’t want you to see you succeed or progress in your life especially if you are doing way better than them in life.

Sure, they will give you fake compliments and applauds just to make you think that they have your back when in reality, they are secretly planning to bring you down as shown below.

This is because not every follower is always your fan or cheerleader. In fact, most of them are lions and wolves and you are just prey in their sight. Image.

So be careful with who you share your success with or your secrets especially with fake people who want to see your fail in life.

When you notice such people in your life, it’s time to run for your life like a Gazelle running from the jaws of a lion pursuing it behind.

That’s who fake people are, predators who want to hunt down your success or achievements in life until they devour them so that you become mediocre like them.

10. They Are Fake Fans

Just as my quote put it, “not every follower is your true fan,” wonderfully puts it, this is especially true when people you have behind your back are fake people or fake friends.

Indeed, fake people will show unusual support for you so that they come closer to you to destroy everything you have built for yourself.

They are like a lioness stalking its prey and when they get close enough, they strike you just like the way lionesses ambush their prey at the right moment.

All that they want is to see you fail in life and that fake support and cheering you see them giving you, it just a diversion.

This is especially true at places of work if you get promoted instead of them and the way you will realize something isn’t right will be the way they suddenly change the way they treat or talk to you when you do better than them in life.

Get away from such predators as soon as possible before they devour you until nothing is left of you. They are up to no good and only seek your destruction.

11. Chronic Liars

Fake people are chronic liars and they have to be because nothing is true about them in the first place as honesty is a taboo for them to be.

Whatever they say is nothing but a lie or a hoax and they are pretty good at manufacturing lies to make them look like the truth.

They lie so that they can dubiously get what they want from you or hide something very important from you which they know will be of value to you.

This is especially true if you are dealing with fake friends in your life who just tell you lies to your face and abuse you for their personal gain.

Don’t tolerate liars and frauds in your life as they will just make your life miserable and give you unnecessary headaches and heartaches.

Say no to fake people or imposters in your life pretending to be who they are not and only allow people with integrity who will be straight and honest with your without hidden motives.

12. They Hate Your Authenticity

This is another trait fake people have in that they hate you for who you are and will love you if you become fake like them as well.

Since fake people aren’t authentic, they need birds of the same feathers to flock with and if you are authentic, you are a stranger to them & will be viewed as abnormal by them.

Well, because as you know, birds of the same feather flock together and you will never see a dove congregating with crows.

If you are you, they see you as the black sheep and will do anything possible to strip all your authenticity away from your life so that you can be a fake person like them.

Fake people want you to be like them in everything you do from the way you dress or how you live your life due to the herd mentality they have.

But your authenticity is something you should never trade for anything or anyone let alone a fake person. Your authenticity is who you are and if you give that up just to please a bunch of fake people in your life, you are as good as nothing.

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These were all the top 12 fake people signs I had to share with you in this post to help you identify fake people in your life.

Indeed, this society and everywhere you go is full of fake people who are just there to rip others off without being ashamed of their shameful behaviour which is why there are so many betrayals these days.

Fake people manifest in different areas of life such as relationships, love, business partnerships, online get rich quick scams or friendships which is why you need to be careful with who you allow in your life.

If you are not careful, you will be ripped off by these imposters masquerading to be people they are not especially in the area of relationships, business, and love.

But this must not be the case with you as you now know the top 12 signs of fake people to look out for to spot fake people 100s of miles away before they fore the first shot at you.

In closing, if you found this post beneficial, kindly share it with everyone you know so that they too can be protected from getting ripped off by fake people. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

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