15 Toxic Relationship Signs To Urgently Watch Out For.


Today in this post, you will discover 15 toxic relationship sins which will help you find out whether the relationship you are in is toxic or not.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to know whether the relationship you are in is healthy or toxic in nature at first glance.

But there are clear cut signs all toxic relationships have you must look out for so that you can bail out of that toxic relationship early before any irreversible psychological damage is done.

We all deserve to be in godly and healthy relationships which help us grow and bring out the best in us & not relationships which drain the life out of you with their never-ending drama.

And if you are worried that you may be in a toxic relationship and don’t know what to do, don’t worry. By the end of this post, you will know all the 15 signs of a toxic relationship you must look out for and what you must do when you discover them.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is any kind of relationship which is unhealthy and detrimental to your physiological and emotional wellbeing.

The above definition is what sums up what all toxic and unhealthy relationships are at the core which is why there are toxic and unhealthy for you in the first place.

In order to understand the sighs and traits of a toxic relationship, you must first know what a toxic relationship in which I have defined for you as the beginning.

Now that you know what a toxic relationship is, spotting tale tail signs of a toxic relationship won’t be difficult for you since you know what to look for.

And this post will show you the 15 most important signs of a toxic relationship you must be on the lookout for.

Having said that, let’s look at the 15 toxic relationships signs each discussed in detail which will help you find out if the relationship you are in is toxic and need to break up from.

15 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Here are the 15 warning signs of a toxic relationship you must watch out for before that toxic you are in sends you to your early grave if you don’t act quickly by breaking up with them.

  • You feel lonely
  • Lack of growth
  • Drama
  • Abusive
  • Controlling
  • Unhappiness
  • Energy vampires
  • Presence of toxic love
  • Over protectiveness
  • Never-ending arguments
  • Make you feel bad about yourself
  • You are always wrong
  • It’s all about them
  • You feel depressed
  •  Resentment

1. You Feel Lonely.

In a toxic relationship system, you will always feel alone and lonelier being with the toxic person you are with than even being single.

This is because the toxic energy and drama all toxic relationships have made you not to enjoy the company of that toxic person you are within a relationship.

Rather, you will prefer to be alone and in peace instead of being surrounded by toxic drama which drains the life out of you.

The other reason you feel lonely in a toxic relationship is that toxic relationships have no regard for your feelings and the nurturing love all healthy relationships have.

If you are in such a relationship, you are better off being alone than being in a toxic relationship which drains the life out of you and doesn’t help you grow.

Therefore, you need to ditch such unhealthy relationships if you are in one of them as they save you no purpose as there are way better healthier relationships waiting for you to discover out there.

2. Lack Of Growth

Not being able to grow is one of the common toxic relationships signs you will notice if you are in a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships hinder you from growing due to the fact that all your energy needed for your personal growth and development is wasted away trying to put out fires or the drama which all toxic relationships are well known for.

There like a prison which keeps you at the same spot in life and never allows you to move forward with your life as time passes by.

If you are not careful, you might end up wasting your life in trying to fix a relationship which was never meant to work by default but was just there to ensure that you don’t progress in life.

In the end, you just end up regretting the time you wasted with such a crappy toxic relationship doomed to fail from the start.

And if you are noticing such signs of lack of growth in a relationship you may be in, it’s high time you ditched that relationship for better ones on the horizon ahead of you.

3. Drama

There is no shortage of drama when it comes to toxic relationships which makes them toxic and unhealthy in the first place.

As soon as one drama ends, the next one follows. It’s a never-ending cycle of drama which leaves you exhausted in the end.

A day can’t go without some sort of drama. It’s like the drama is the oxygen toxic relationships thrive on for them to exist.

And the funny thing is that you are blamed for that drama and the reason as to why the relationship you are in isn’t working out.

Indeed, you are the scapegoat for all the drama and issues going on in that toxic relationship which can relate to finances, life issues or family issues.

Such kind of unhealthy relationships aren’t worth your time and you must break up if the offender isn’t willing to change for the better if you value your self-worth.

4. Abusive.

All toxic relationships have this trait in that they are extremely abusive either physically, emotionally and verbally, the common abuses you find in any toxic & unhealthy relationship.

Indeed, you will be abuse in all sorts of ways by the abuser in whom there is no pity or regard for your feelings.

The abuser will often abuse you in various and subtle ways and make you think you are the reason for the abuse as abuser are pretty good blame shifters.

Of all the three types of abuses, verbal abuse is the most common and favourite among abusers which they utilize to abuse you due to the psychological effects hurtful words have on their victims.

You should never be in an abusive relationship which verbally abuses you in any form. If the person you are in a relationship with can’t respect your dignity, that person isn’t worth your time & must be thrown in the backburner.

Choose to be in a relationship with people who will help you grow and bring out the best in you and not those who will abuse & disrespect you in any way.

Give your love a fighting chance

5. Controlling

This is one of the earliest signs of a toxic relationship which manifests itself during the earliest stages of a toxic relationship.

In a toxic relationship, your freedom which makes you human is completely gone as you have to submit to everything the other controlling partner wants.

You are not free to express yourself in any way but instead, you are a caged bird. If you try to express yourself, you will be quickly suppressed by the controller.

This is especially true when it comes to discussion on various matters where you are expected to be silent like a robot and not to voice your opinion.

If you voice your opinion or feelings on matters, you are considered a rebel and you will be called all sorts of names and dealt with accordingly.

Break up from such controlling and possessive relationships which just make your life difficult. Remember, you are a free spirit with a free will and never allow anyone to take that away from you.

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6. Unhappiness

All toxic relationships bring nothing but misery, sadness and unhappiness to their victims who are in them. You will never find real happiness in a toxic relationship as happiness can’t dwell in the midst of toxic drama just as light cannot coexist with darkness.

All the happiness you once had before being in that toxic relationship you are currently is completely taken away from you.

This is because toxic people never want to see you or others happy while themselves are miserable which they see as unfair but want others to be miserable just like them.

And the toxic person you are within a toxic relationship will ensure just that because if you are happy and they are miserable, it makes them insecure and afraid of your radiant joy.

If a person you are in a relationship is threatened by your happiness and want to contaminate it with their toxic energy, you need to break up that relationship without having second thoughts.

7. Energy Vampires

Toxic relationships are notorious energy vampires which ensure that you are completely drained of all the positive energy you once have until nothing is left.

This is because of emotional stress and drama all toxic and unhealthy relationships come with which results in your redirecting your energy in trying to deal with it.

Drama is indeed emotionally exhausting and demanding to keep up with which isn’t worth your time and energy anyway.

Usually, the energy vampire in a toxic relationship will begin to suck all the positive energy you have in you like a parasite and replace it with their toxic energy.

Like parasites, energy vampires hate people who are healthy, positive and happy in life and will quickly infect them with their disease so that you become sick like them.

Never be in a relationship with an energy vampire who is just there to destroy your life with their toxic venom. Throw all such destructive relationships in the bin by cutting them off.

8. Presence Of Toxic Love

Toxic love is one of the major characteristics of all toxic and dysfunctional relationships have in common which is controlling and possessive.

It’s a kind of love which is unhealthy and overprotective towards you and treats you like a baby as if you can’t think by yourself.

This toxic love is controlling and will never allow you to freely express yourself and your uniqueness in that unhealthy relationship you are in.

And if you are in such an unhealthy relationship exhibiting toxic love which robs you of your freedom and individuality, then it’s time to evaluate that relationship.

A healthy relationship has healthy love which doesn’t rob you of your individuality and allows you to freely express yourself in that relationship.

So, do yourself a favour by ditching and breaking up from such toxic and unhealthy relationships which are just there to hinder you from growing & being the best version of you.

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9. Over Protectiveness.

All unhealthy and toxic relationships have this unhealthy trait in that they are very overprotective of you in a very unhealthy way.

This kind of overprotectiveness found in these relationships is nothing but a hindrance and stumbling block to your personal growth and development.

Of course, protection and security are important in any healthy relationship but not in a way which will make you a prisoner & unable to freely do anything for yourself.

For instance, a relationship which is overprotective of you will keep close tabs on your whereabouts, who you visit and where you go like a wanted criminal under close surveillance.

Never allow any relationship to put you in a state of lockdown such that you are not even free to visit your family and friends without any issues.

A healthy relationship will give you the freedom to visit your family and friends as well as give you the freedom to be you and won’t treat you like you are not an adult capable of making your own choices, too.

10. Never Ending Arguments.

Unending fights and arguments are common traits a toxic relationship will have which are never resolved amicably.

Every time you meet, it’s arguments and fights. The funny thing about it is that the things people in a toxic relationship fight about are petty and childish.

There is no moment of peace and harmony at least for a day to go without any violent arguments and fights between the couple.

Yes, healthy arguments and fights are essential in all healthy relationships which is natural as we are all different with different upbringings.

But in a toxic relationship, arguments usually involve lashing out at each other in an unhealthy and disrespectful manner which belittles the other.

If you are in such an unhealthy relationship where you can’t resolve arguments or your differences, you need to break up from it which is best for both parties in the long run.

11. Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

If you are in a toxic relationship, you will find yourself questioning who you are and be made to think that everything is wrong with you.

When in fact, it’s the toxic and unhealthy relationship which you are in in the first place which is wrong and not right for you.

The toxic partner you are within that relationship will usually question everything about yourself and make you feel bad for being different and unique.

Your uniqueness is never appreciated in a toxic and dysfunctional relationship which wants you to conform to what that abusive toxic partner wants from you.

Instead, you will be constantly attacked, verbally and emotionally abused or judged for your uniqueness and as to why you are not like everyone else.

But hey, you should never sacrifice who you truly are for the sake of a relationship. By the way, a relationship which is right for you will never ask you to sacrifice your unique self.

12. You Are Always Wrong

This couldn’t be further from the truth especially if your toxic partner is a self-absorbed egoistic person who always wants to be right on everything.

Such people can’t admit their wrongs or mistakes and will always look for ways to justify themselves and their actions.

Especially when you have a misunderstanding with them, they will insist that it’s you who is at fault even when it’s clear it’s them who are in the wrong.

You are expected to apologize for all the time even when you are clearly not at fault but you will never hear such people saying sorry to you.

They are always right and you are always wrong in their delusional minds and will go to extraordinary lengths to come out clean all the time.

But being in a relationship with such people who can’t apologize to you when they are clearly at fault is a waste of your precious time and are better left alone.

13. It’s All About Them

When it comes to selfishness, toxic relationships are high on that list as toxic relationships are some of the most self-centred relationships you will ever come across in your lifetime.

In these relationships, your needs are not important at all. Only their needs are important and matter which take centre stage in every discussion you have.

If you try to make your needs known to the toxic partner you are with, it’s trouble and you will be made to look as if you are being selfish or needy.

When in fact, it’s that toxic partner you are with is the one who is being selfish with their selfish unrealistic demand and needs they expect you to meet.

Your emotional feelings and other needs are neglected and such self-centred relationships aren’t just worth your time and energy. All long-lasting relationships require selflessness on both parties to work.

Don’t be in an unhealthy give and take relationships which are just there to drain you and subtract from you instead of adding value to you as well. Ditch them if you in any.

14. You Feel Depressed.

Depression will eventually set in if you stay in a toxic relationship long enough due to the never-ending drama you have to constantly deal with.

The drama and abuse in toxic relationships will eventually make you feel so low and drained which will eventually trigger you into a depression and any low states you may be experiencing in that unhealthy relationship you are in.

You feel depressed and emotional drained because of all the constant emotional abuse you have to endure inflicted on you by that emotionally abusive partner.

Lack of love and affection which all toxic and dysfunctional relationships have are what will make you start feeling low and unworthy or star questioning if love is for you.

No wonder why phycologists say that toxic relationships are to be avoided at all costs for the sake of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Any relationship which gives you depression instead of happiness and joy must be cut off completely. Otherwise, you might die before your appointed time due to depression which usually leads to suicide.

15. Resentment.

Anger and resentments are common bugs all toxic relationships come bugged with due to unresolved issues between the two parties.

As a result of unresolved issues and bottled up feeling the two parties in that toxic relationship have, resentment against each other sets in.

This makes the two people not want to see each other eye to eyes or prefer to sleep and be in separate bedrooms due to the grudges they have against each other.

Due to these unresolved and unexpressed anger building up inside due to past offences and hurt which was never resolved or apologized for, the two people in that relationship end up hating and resenting each other.

Resentment is something you should never have against anyone let alone the person you are in a relationship with. Learn to forgive and forget. It’s how you will be able to live together and grow together.

But if a person you are in a relationship with can’t forgive or overlook your wrongs, then it’s a clear signal that you must not be in a relationship with that person as no one is perfect.


These are all the 15 toxic relationship signs and traits of a toxic relationship I had to share with to help you be on a lookout for toxic relationships out there.

Remember, toxic relationships sometimes can disguise themselves as healthy relationships and the only way to find out if they are toxic is to look at the signs.

Since a tree is always known by its fruits, therefore both healthy and toxic relationships have distinctive fruits which differentiate them from each other.

My prayer is the 15 signs of a toxic relationship you have read in this post will help you identify a toxic and unhealthy relationship in time before they do irreversible emotional damage to you.

You deserve to be in healthy and nourishing godly relationships which will bring out the best in you and help you grow & not relationships which hinder you from growing.

In conclusion, if this post benefited you in some way, kindly share it with everyone struggling with toxic relationships as it will be of great help to them, too. Sharing is caring. Stay blessed.

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