15 Toxic Friendship Signs For Spotting Toxic Friends Early


Today in this post, you will discover 15 toxic friendship signs you need to be on the lookout for to help you spot toxic friends early in your life.

We all have had toxic friends at one point or the other in life and you can agree with me that they are a thorn in the flesh with their never-ending drama.

However, spotting toxic friends on time before they do damage can be a tricky business if you do not know the traits toxic friends possess or have.

The good news is that if you are such a person having a hard time spotting toxic friends, this post is for you, which will show you the top 15 traits of a toxic friend to be on high alert on.

Having said that, here are the top 15 toxic friendship signs you will ever need to know to help you identify toxic friends early in your life before they infect you with their toxic energy.

15 Signs Of A Toxic Friendship

Here are 15 signs of a toxic friendship to keep you one step ahead of them so that you can take appropriate action as soon as you spot them.

  • They Disrespect You.
  • They Are Full Of Drama.
  • Full Of Negativity.
  • Jealousy Towards Your Success.
  • They Want To Change You.
  • Blame Game Mentality.
  • Selfishness.
  • Neediness.
  • Lack Of Respect For Your Personal Boundaries.
  • Judgemental.
  • Controlling.
  • Jealous Of You Being With Other Friends.
  • Unhealthy Competition.
  • Unhealthy Emotional Attachments Towards You.
  • Attention Maniacs.

1. They Disrespect You.

One of the earliest signs of a toxic friendship is disrespect. A toxic friend is indeed very disrespectful of you and your core values in life.

Toxic friends will treat you like dirt by saying and doing disrespectful things to you either upfront or behind your back.

They will viciously attack your values if they don’t agree with their point of view but you should not allow any toxic friend to disrespect you or treat you like a child.

Remember, you are a grown-up person who deserved to be treated with respect and dignity and if that toxic friend can’t do that, just break up with that person.

You should only be friends with people who respect your values, help you grow and who you are as an individual. I personally have zero tolerance for such people in my life.

2. They Are Full Of Drama.

You can’t separate drama from toxic friendships it’s like drama and toxic friendships are literally soulmates because where toxic friends are, the drama is always present as well.

With toxic friends, there is the never-ending drama which is usually cantered on themselves, their life issues and insecurities.

As soon as one drama ends, the next one pops up and the funny thing is that you will be blamed for everything as to why the friendship isn’t working out.

Toxic friends who are full of drama are not good friends nor will they help you grow. Rather, they will just drag you down with their never-ending drama until you become like them.

Spare yourself by socially distancing yourself from such unhealthy friends or friendships as life is simply too short to be surrounded by drama.

3. Full Of Negativity.

Negativity is among the earliest toxic friendship signs you will notice if you are in a toxic friendship as they are pretty good at bringing other people down with their negativity.

They direct their negativity towards you because they don’t want to see you happy, positive and doing well in life while they are miserable with their own lives.

As you doing better than them will make them feel threatened that they are less significant and highlight where they gave up in life and where they fell short.

Which is why whenever you want to do some great, they will spew negativity towards you that what you are trying to do won’t work out.

But you should never allow negative people to hinder you from succeeding in life. Just because they failed to achieve their dreams doesn’t mean you will fail, too.

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4. Jealousy Towards Your Success.

Another trait all toxic friends have is that they are jealous of you especially if you are doing better than them in life in general.

They will usually begin to display their jealous towards you in a very cunning and subtle way which isn’t noticeable at first because they don’t like it when you do better than them in life.

But over time, you will gradually notice a change in the way they treat or talk to you especially if it’s at the place of work if you are on the verge of getting a promotion.

You will start noticing that they will try to make your life difficult and falsely accusing you that you are selfish and will start gossiping about you with other people.

If a friend you are with suddenly starts becoming jealous of you when you start doing better than them in life, you need to ditch that friend before irreparable damage is done to you due to their jealousy.

5. They Want To Change You.

Toxic friends hate people who are themselves and love who they are and will try to change others to conform to their egoistic wishes.

If you are being you in a toxic friendship, then you are in big trouble and you will receive all sorts of vicious verbal attacks from them as to why you are different.

What they want is you to give up your true identity so that you can conform to their wishes and expectations they have for you.

That’s very ridiculous indeed and you should never change yourself for anyone and if that friend loves you, that friend will appreciate you for who you are and won’t try to change you.

Remember, friends come and go but the real you will always be with you throughout your entire lifetime and beyond. Never give up your identity to anyone & any friend asking you to do that isn’t your friend worth having in your life.

6. Blame Game Mentality.

This is another common trait toxic friends have in that they blame you for everything as to why the friendship isn’t working out.

You are essentially the scapegoat for everything wrong in your friendship and are quick to deny any responsibility if you confront them.

To them, it’s like you are the problem, not them. You are always at fault and not them and they are pretty good at blame-shifting.

In short, toxic friends won’t ever apologize to you for their wrongs or own their mistakes but they expect you to apologize to them if you make the slightest mistake which is funny indeed.

Such kinds of a friend who don’t want to apologise to you for the wrongs they have done to you or own their own mistakes are not worth your time and you must do away with them as soon as possible to spare yourself from unnecessary drama and arguments.

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7. Selfishness.

When it comes to dealing with toxic friends, it’s all about them and not about you. Their needs must always come first in that friendship, not yours or else it’s trouble.

And if they don’t you will be quickly flagged as a bad and selfish friend when in fact it’s them who are being selfish in the first place with their unrealistic egoistic needs.

Selfish friends only want good things to happen to themselves and not others and if that isn’t the case, you will be labelled as a self-centred friend for not meeting their needs.

Indeed, selfish friends are not fre3inds at all but are parasites who are just friends with you because they are benefiting something from you.

But if you know your self-worth, you should ditch such parasitic friends if you have them in your life as there are up to no good and are only in your life to enrich themselves with what they are getting from you.

8. Neediness.

Toxic friends are some of the neediest people you will ever come across in your life who expect you to meet all of their needs.

A toxic friend will always demand you to meet all of his or her needs be it financial, physical and emotional. If you don’t you are in trouble.

The area of money is the most common one a toxic friend will expect you to meet and if you don’t then, you are a bad and selfish friend.

Indeed, needy friends are very childish and unhealthy to be around with as they are very emotionally draining and exhausting due to their never-ending needs.

Yes, it’s good to help your friend if you are able to but not when it becomes a habit where you are expected to meet all the needs of this toxic friend. You too have needs, remember.

9. Lack Of Respect For Your Personal Boundaries.

When it comes to respecting personal boundaries, toxic friends are notoriously known for breaking and disregarding the personal boundaries you have put in place.

Indeed, in any kind of relationship be it friendship, personal boundaries are very important as they act as a safety mechanism to prevent either person from going off the depend.

All healthy friendships and relationships have healthy boundaries in place but the toxic ones have no safe boundaries to regulate the behaviour and actions of either person towards each other.

Toxic friendships have no safe boundaries in place to provide checks and balances of either party on the way they treat each other which is why there are so much abuse and disrespect in a toxic friendship system.

If you have a toxic friend who disregards your personal boundaries you have put in place, then that person isn’t worth to be your friend and you must ditch such a person if that person refuses to change for the better.

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10. Judgemental.

Toxic friends are among the most judgemental people you will ever meet in your life. They have a holier than thou attitude.

They will judge you for everything you do and why you do them from how you look, who you are, the way you dress and the life choices you make in your life.

A toxic friend will always judge and criticize you as to why you are doing what you are doing-especially if it doesn’t conform to their point of view.

But the best ways to handle judgmental friends are just ignoring their rant and distancing yourself from them. You don’t have to listen to them.

You are better off alone than being with judgmental and toxic friends whose main mission is to find faults in your and to make you feel bad about yourself as if they are angels themselves.

11. Controlling.

Yes, toxic friends are also controlling and possessive of you in that they want to control your life by influencing the choices to make so that they conform to what they want you to see.

They want to know everything you do from the people you visit, where you go, who you hang out with other than them and so on and so forth.

Their controlling behaviour stems from their own insecurities and issues deeply rooted in their hearts due to the need for constant attention from you.

If you are a person of your own mind and free will, you are an enemy and they will do all sorts of things and tricks just to have control of your life.

But remember, you are an independent person with a free will free to decide to do whatever you want with your life and never let anyone take that precious gift away from you. You are not a programmable robot. You have your life to live, they have theirs. End of story.

12. Jealous Of You Being With Other Friends.

If you associate yourself or socialize with other friends if you are with a toxic friend, you have a big problem at hand.

Since toxic friends only want attention to themselves, they don’t like it when they see you associating with other friends.

To them, when you do that, it means that you have stopped caring about them or that you are no longer their friends since they don’t want anyone to take their place.

But a friendship which can’t allow you to freely socialize with other friends is a very unhealthy friendship which you must not even be with in the first place.

We all need to meet different people in life as each one of them teaches us unique & valuable life lessons and experiences we will need later on. And if the friendship you are in isn’t allowing you to do that, it’s time to say goodbye.

13. Unhealthy Competition.

A toxic friend will always want to compete with you on all level in your life from what you wear, what you eat, the money you have what job you take and the list goes on and on.

This is because toxic friends don’t want you to be above them or doing better than them. They always want to be ahead of you and not behind.

And if you overtake them, well, then, you have just opened formula one racing challenge with them of which they want to be number one.

Suddenly, you will begin to notice that when you do something, they will start mimicking you from what you dress, the house you have or how much money you make.

But remember, you are in competition with no one and if you notice such unhealthy completion in your friendship, kindly tell that friend that this isn’t what life is all about and if they refuse to listen, just leave them to compete alone.

14. Unhealthy Emotional Attachments Towards You.

Having attachments to a friend is not bad provided it’s within the safe limits but not when it becomes bothersome and emotionally draining.

In fact, unhealthy attachments to anything in life such that you can’t do without is very destructive and unhealthy.

Toxic friends are known to have unhealthy attachments towards other friends which explains why they are so needy that they want your constant attention.

They always want you to be around them 24/7 which isn’t possible and unhealthy for both of you in the long run as we all need personal space from time to time to be alone.

If you have such unreasonable friends in your life who want you to be always around them, kindly tell them that it’s not healthy and if they refuse to understand, just limit the time you spend with them.

15. Attention Maniacs.

Toxic friends always want to be the centre of attention in friendship all the time similar to what narcissists expect you to do for them in this area.

Whether be it in discussions or gatherings with others, they always want to be the main topic of discussion or talk show.

If you don’t do that, you will be flagged as a bad friend similar to the way YouTube flags videos which don’t comply with its policies and guidelines.

And the policies and guideline, in this case, is that constant attention must always be given to that toxic friend you are within that friendship in all things and matters to avoid trouble.

But attention maniacs aren’t the friends you must associate with as they are selfish and only want good things to happen & be said to themselves and not others. Dich such selfish friends and choose friends who will help you grow with them and share what they have with you.

Closing Remarks.

Those were all the top 15 toxic friendship signs I had to share with to help you identify toxic friends you need to remove in your life and hope you found the helpful.

You deserve to have better and positive friends who will uplift you and help you grow into a better person than you were yesterday.

And not toxic friends whose mission in your life is to bring you down with their negativity and toxic drama which never ends.

If you were having a hard time spotting toxic friends, I hope these 15 signs of a toxic friendship or friend will help you easily identify them now and take appropriate action.

In conclusion, kindly share this post if it has benefited you with others you know are having a hard time dealing with toxic friendships as it will help them too. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

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