77 Rebel Quotes [To Help You Know Better]


Below is a list of 77 rebel quotes and rebellion quotes to show you the evils of rebellion and its consequences. We all have rebelled at some point in our lives which part of our human nature. In some cases, it might be necessary to rebel against that which you know is evil and stand up for what is right as the 77  rebel quotes and rebellious quotes below will show you. Enjoy.

77 Quotes On Rebels.

1.  Rebellion is a heart issue. Samuel Zulu.

2. Sometimes, it’s good to rebel against what you know is wrong. Samuel Zulu.

3. Rebellion is only good when it’s done for defending what’s right. Samuel Zulu.

4. Sometimes, you have to be a rebel to live the life you were meant to live. Samuel Zulu.

5. We have all been rebels in one way or the other in our lives. Samuel Zulu.

6. A forms of rebellion toward what’s good and right comes from the devil. Samuel Zulu.

7. The devil is the originator and father of all rebellion. Samuel Zulu.

8. Where rebellion is, there is no shortage of pride. Samuel Zulu.

9. Pride is what begets rebellion and disobedience. Samuel Zulu.

10. He who rebels against His maker, hates his wow soul. Samuel Zulu.

11. If you rebel against righteousness, the devil is indeed your father. Samuel Zulu.

12. It’s because of man’s rebellion against God’s laws why this world is in turmoil. Samuel Zulu.

13. If you rebel against the Lord, you can be rest assured you won’t have good days. Samuel Zulu.

14. It’s rebellion that turned Lucifer into a devil. Samuel Zulu.

15. Rebel for what’s right and not what’s evil. Samuel Zulu.

16. Civil disobedient is not always a good thing to do. Samuel Zulu.

17. The devil and his rebellious angels are the masters of rebellion as we know it. Samuel Zulu.

18. The fruits of a rebellious life are always disastrous in the end. Samuel Zulu.

19. Pride and rebellion only distances you from God and His goodness. Samuel Zulu.

20. Fake obedience is worse than the actual rebellion act itself. Samuel Zulu.

21. Man’s rebellious heart is what will seal his own destruction in the end in hell. Samuel Zulu.

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22. Rebellions and pride always go hand in hand and aren’t mutually exclusive. Samuel Zulu.

23. Only rebel for that which you know is morally right. Samuel Zulu.

24. It’s he who has deal with a rebel that understands the true evil of rebellion. Samuel Zulu.

25. Being rebellious is part of our sin nature we are born with. Samuel Zulu.

26. I rebel; therefore, I exist. Albert Camus.

27. It’s an artist’s right to rebel against the world’s stupidity. E.A. Bucchianeri.

28. Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. James Dean.

29. I didn’t know yet that to be a rebel you have to be willing to lose everything. Logan Kain.

30. She looked mean, but I think that was her natural resting face. Dinah Katt.

31. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. 1 Samuel 15:23a.

32. An evil man seeketh only rebellion: Proverbs 17:11.

33. Jesus said unto him, it is written again, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Matthew 4:7.

34. Ye have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you. Deuteronomy 9:24.

35. let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah. Psalms 66:7c.

36. Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord that take counsel, but not of me. Isaiah 30:1a.

37. Nights are rebellious they only demand the truth. Mehek Bassi.

38. The rebel inside of me always ignored the rules. Shannon A. Thompson.

39. My life. My choice. Live life only once. So to hell with the world. Nirmala Pandey.

40. Evolution is constant. Evolving better is individual’s conscience. Pradeepa Pandiyan.

41. It’s just in the nature of natural man to rebel. Samuel Zulu.

42. Don’t live your life as an anarchist as there is no value in such a life. Samuel Zulu.

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43. Where civil disobedience is, anarchy is always around the corner. Samuel Zulu.

44. Sometimes, you have to rebel against what society is saying to find your voice. Samuel Zulu.

45. When two big snakes are on the same mountain, there is no shortage of trouble. Samuel Zulu.

46. You can rebel however you want but know that there is judgement coming. Samuel Zulu.

47. No matter how rebellion the devil can be; he can’t run away from his own fate. Samuel Zulu.

48. Stop living as if you there is no Maker you will one day account your life to. Samuel Zulu.

49. The end of all disobedience is eternal doom in hell with Satan and his angels. Samuel Zulu.

50. He who disobeys his own parents attracts a curse upon his soul. Samuel Zulu.

51. Always choose to stand up against what’s evil and stand for what’s right. Samuel Zulu.

52. If you want to start a revolution, be ready to bear its consequences also. Samuel Zulu.

53. Not all revolution stems from rebellion. Samuel Zulu.

54. As bad as it may sound the value of obedience is only seen in rebellion. Samuel Zulu.

55. Sometimes, revolutions are necessary to bring about the long awaited change. Samuel Zulu.

56. I guess sometimes, revolting is the only way to bring the desired change. Samuel Zulu.

57. Genuine rebellion is way better than fake obedience. Samuel Zulu.

58. It’s human nature to rebel but obedience is divine. Samuel Zulu.

59. Rebellion as we know it is incomplete if the devil is left out of the equation. Samuel Zulu.

60. Human rebellion against God is why this world is full of unexplainable sufferings. Samuel Zulu.

61. You can be blessed if you are a disobedient child. Samuel Zulu.

62. Your life, my life. You live your truth and I live mine. End of story. Samuel Zulu.

63. Better to be an enlightened rebel than a blind follower. Samuel Zulu.

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64. Poverty is rebellious in nature. African Proverb.

65. Only a fool test both water with both feet. African Proverb.

66. The person who has been a slave from birth does not value rebellion. African Proverb.

67. Goats cannot live in a herd of leopards. African Proverb.

68. A fly that does not heed advice follows the corpse to the grave. African Proverb.

69. The disobedient foul obey in the pot of soup. African Proverb.

70. A stubborn person sails in a clay boat. African Proverb.

71. To rebel in season is not to rebel. Greek Proverb.

72. When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away. English Proverb.

73. Victory makes you into an emperor, defeat into a rebel. Vietnamese Proverb.

74. When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away. English Proverb.

75. Three rebel against the light: the thief, the adulterer, and the bat. Hebrew Proverb.

76. Oppression causeth rebellion. Latin Proverb.

77. Victory makes you into an emperor, defeat into a rebel. Vietnamese Proverb.


Hope the 77 rebel quotes above have now helped see the evils of repetition and why you must shun it at all cost if you don’t want to share the same fate of Satan at the end of time. Peace.

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