51 Quotes About Not Caring What Others Think To Help You Live Authentically

I-don't-care-quotesCaring what others think about you can be the worst prison you can ever be in, as these 51 quotes about not caring what others think will reveal.

Unless you stop caring what other people think about you, you will never be truly free, happy or live the life you were meant to live.

It’s not easy to stop caring what people think of you as we are social creatures. In such cases, reading a few quotes about not caring what people think can be of great help.

There comes a time when you need to stop caring what others think about you if you want to start living happily and authentically according to your values.

So, if you want to be free from caring what people think about you, here are the 51 quotes about not caring what others think about to help you became finally free.

51 Quotes About Not Caring What People Think

1. He who lives for the approval of others will never live at all. Samuel Zulu.

2. I care not what you think of me but I care what I think of myself as that’s the only truth I know. Samuel Zulu.

3. Live for other’s approval and you will be a prisoner forever in this lifetime. Trialsandtests.

4. He who wants to be liked by all will end up not being liked by any. Trialsandtests.

5. I live your truth, you live yours. End of story. Samuel Zulu.

6. I am not obliged to live up to your expectations neither are you obliged to live up to mine. It’s that simple. Samuel Zulu.

7. If you see the crowd going east, go west. Samuel Zulu.

8. Doing nothing with your life is the only way to go if you want to be liked by many. Samuel Zulu.

9. I don’t care what society thinks of me. I was not put into this world to be society’s favourite T.V show. Samuel Zulu.

10. Live your life. You are not here to be someone else’s favourite T.V show. Samuel Zulu.

11. Stop worrying about the opinions of people who don’t even matter in your life. Samuel Zulu.

12. Never let small minds keep you from achieving your dreams. Samuel Zulu.

13. Care what others think today and live to regret it tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

14. Don’t live a fake existence for the sake of pleasing others. Trialsandtests.

15. He who knows himself worries not what others think of him. Trialsandtests.

16. Not caring what people think about me is the best choice I have ever made. Meyadha Maan.

17. You are grown till you know that expectation doesn’t turn into reality. Meyadha Maan.


18. There is greatness in not caring w3hat other people think. Melissa Mc Cathy.

19. If I make a fool of myself who cares? I am not frightened by anyone’s perceptions of me. Angelina Jolie.

20. People say that you are going the wrong way when it’s simply the way of your own. Angeline Jolie.

21. He who cares not what others think of him is truly a free person. Samuel Zulu.

22. Living begins when you stop caring what other people think about you. Samuel Zulu.

23. You don’t have to be defined by the opinion of others. Samuel Zulu.

24. Other people have no say whatsoever in a person you want to become. Samuel Zulu.

25. He who blindly follows the opinions of others shall surely fall into a ditch. Samuel Zulu.

26. If you don’t like me for being me, that’s ok and I won’t change because I don’t conform to your petty wishes. Samuel Zulu.

27. Care only about what God thinks about you and not what others think of you. Samuel Zulu.

28. In the end, you realize that people don’t even think about you at all. So, why care? Samuel Zulu.

29. People will judge you anyway. Just keep moving forward, anyway. Samuel Zulu.

30. Don’t allow a no from someone to hinder you from doing what you know is right for you. Samuel Zulu.

31. People simply don’t care about you as they are simply too busy and preoccupied with their own issues to even think of you for a split second. Trialsandtests.

32. Care about people’s approval and you will always be their prisoner. Lao Tzu.

33. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. Dr Seuss.

34. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. Fritz Perls.


35. If you have over preoccupation with the perception and trying to please people’s expectations, then you can go mad. Benedict Cumberbatch.

36. Living up to other people’s expectations is a sure-fire way to a regretful existence later in this life and in the world to come. Trialsandtests.

37. Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain.

38. free yourself from the chains and shackles of what other people think so that you can fly like an eagle. Trialsandtests.

39. At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all. Ann Landers.

40. The minute you start caring about what other people think is the minute you stop being yourself. Meryl Streep.

41. Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s. Steve Jobs.

42. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone out there who will not like you for no reason. Trialsandtests.

43. So long as you are still worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Neale Donald Walsh.

44. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein.

45. God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. William Shakespeare.

46. Life is simply too short to care about what people think of you. Trialsandtests.

47. You will never be truly happy in life if you care what people think of you all the time. Trialsandtests.

48. You no longer own your life if you care too much about the opinions of others. Trialsandtests.

49. Don’t make yourself another face when God gave you only one in the first place. Trialsandtests.

50. Your self-worth is not found in the opinion of others. You determine that. Trialsandtests.

51. You will only have real inner peace if you stop caring what others think about you. Trialsandtests.



These are all 51 quotes about not caring what others think about you to help you start living freely. Let me know in the comments below which of these I don’t care quotes resonated with you. Peace.

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