63 Positive Affirmations For Success You Need To See Now


Below is a list of 63 positive affirmations for success in life and affirmations for success to help you succeed in whatever you do in life. Positive affirmations are crucial in life as they motivate you not to give up when things get hard and the 63 positive affirmations for success below will inspire and help you create the life you want to live and will enjoy till death.

63 Affirmations For Success.

1. I will define what success means to me individually. Samuel Zulu.

2. I will succeed maybe not immediately but absolutely and definitely. Samuel Zulu.

3. I believe that I was born to succeed in life and that success is my birthright. Samuel Zulu.

4. I will be the success I want the world to see and be a role model for many. Samuel Zulu.

5. I won’t let failure hinder me from attaining greatness. Samuel Zulu.

6. I am good enough to attain the success I envision for myself. Samuel Zulu.

7. I was born for greatness and nothing less than that. Samuel Zulu.

8. I will do a thing no one else thought was possible for my life. Samuel Zulu.

9. My life isn’t defined by what society or other people think of me. Samuel Zulu.

10. I won’t allow small minds to hinder men from achieving their dreams. Samuel Zulu.

11. Though most people give up on the road to success, I will keep going. Samuel Zulu.

12. I won’t give up when the going gets tough but will say the tough must get going. Samuel Zulu.

13. I will let my success motivate and inspire others to aspire for greatness, too. Samuel Zulu.

14. I will be the reason why others don’t give up on their dreams. Samuel Zulu.

15. I say no to failure and yes to success and greatness in my life. Samuel Zulu.

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16. I believe I have all that I need to have to fulfil my God-given mandate on earth. Samuel Zulu.

17. When successful, I won’t let it make me proud and haughty. Samuel Zulu.

18. I decide that the more successful I become, the humbler I will be. Samuel Zulu.

19. I refuse to allow pride on my way to success as it just brings destruction. Samuel Zulu.

20. I decide that I won’t let success make me think I am better than everyone else. Samuel Zulu.

21. I won’t let anyone define what success is for me on my behalf. Samuel Zulu.


22. I know that it’s just a matter of time before I become successful. Samuel Zulu.

23. I am where I need to be right now to achieve my dreams in life. Samuel Zulu.

24. I won’t stop dreaming big because of haters and naysayers. Samuel Zulu.

25. I won’t allow negative people to make me doubly and stop believing in myself. Samuel Zulu.

26. I will believe in myself and my abilities even when no one else does. Samuel Zulu.

27. I will believe in myself for success even when I doubt myself sometimes. Samuel Zulu.

28. I won’t let fear, doubt and naysayers be the reason I don’t fulfil my dreams. Samuel Zulu.

29. I am a successful machine able to accomplish anything I set my mind on. Samuel Zulu.

30. I won’t disqualify myself from success or greatness and think it’s not for me. Samuel Zulu.

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31. I will let naysayers be the fuel to achieve what they never thought was possible. Samuel Zulu.

32. Success is mine whether haters and naysays like it or not. Samuel Zulu.

33. I was already destined for success even before I was born. Samuel Zulu.

34. my capacity for success is infinite and knows no boundaries. Samuel Zulu.

35. I am the one who has a final say of how I want my dream life to be. Samuel Zulu.

36. I get to decide the kind of success and love life I want to manifest in my life. Samuel Zulu.

37. Success and happiness come naturally to me without forcing them. Samuel Zulu.

38.  Success loves me and I love success, too. Samuel Zulu.

39. I choose prosperity and abundance instead of poverty and by working hard. Samuel Zulu.

40 I say no to laziness because it’s the arch-enemy of success. Samuel Zulu.

41. Prosperity and abundance now come easily to me since I paid the price upfront. Samuel Zulu.

42. I always give my best all the time so that I can have the success I deserve. Samuel Zulu.


43. I attract success in my life and I encourage others to do the same. Samuel Zulu.

44. I choose to be an eagle rather than a timid chicken like most people. Samuel Zulu.

45. I choose the top only because the bottom is crowded as hell with mediocrity. Samuel Zulu.

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46. Failure and mediocrity are not the portions of my soul. Samuel Zulu.

47. Success is my birthright and no one can take that birthright away from me. Samuel Zulu.

48. Being my true self is the ultimate achievement I am proud of in my life. Samuel Zulu.

49. Living my authentic self makes success come easily to me. Samuel Zulu.

50. I choose to live authentically as that is the ultimate success one can achieve. Samuel Zulu.

51. I choose to attract wealth, success and prosperity in my life and nothing else. Samuel Zulu.

52. I choose to be happy because success without happiness is incomplete. Samuel Zulu.

53. I choose to be a lion and not sheep because I was not born to follow but to lead. Samuel Zulu.

54. I choose to work for what I want in life as value only comes from sacrifice. Samuel Zulu.

55. I choose to work for my success as success granted on a silver plate is worthless. Samuel Zulu.

56. I celebrate all the blessings and abundance heaven has blessed me with. Samuel Zulu.

57. I choose to live a happy and blessed life full of abundance and not want. Samuel Zulu.

58. I am abundance and I choose to manifest it in my life to the fullest. Samuel Zulu.

59. I declare that my business will succeed and be a blessing to others. Samuel Zulu.

60. I choose to be a channel of blessing to others with my abundance. Samuel Zulu.

61. I choose to let my success be a blessing to other people’s lives as well. Samuel Zulu.

62. I choose to be the success I want to see and envision in my mind. Samuel Zulu.

63. I am responsible for my successes and failures in life and no one else is. Samuel Zulu.



I hope the 63 positive affirmations for success above will inspire you to live a happy and successful life you will live to enjoy until you close your eyes in death. Take care.

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