63 Personal Development Quotes [To Help You Grow]

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Below is a list of 63 personal development quotes and self-development quotes to help you progress in life. We all want to grow and progress in our lives as that’s what keeps us alive inside and the 63 personal development quotes below will help you do just that. Enjoy.

63 Quotes On Personal Development.

1. Be the progress you want to see in your life. Samuel Zulu.

2. Personal growth also means learning to accept change as it comes though scary. Samuel Zulu.

3. He who wants to progress in his life must make change his best companion and best friend. Samuel Zulu.

4. Self-development also mean letting go of things and people that no longer serve your God-given purpose for your life. Samuel Zulu.

5. Learning to freely let go of things or people that no longer serve you is the first step towards growth. Samuel Zulu.

6. Personal growth is often a result of small positive changes done over a period of time. Samuel Zulu.

7. Personal growth is like a seed in that it doesn’t happen overnight but takes time to materialize. Samuel Zulu.

8. It’s high time you started valuing your personal growth. Samuel Zulu.

9. If you are not growing and progressing in your life, you are dying and not living. Samuel Zulu.

10. Personal development is all about having a positive mindset. Samuel Zulu.

11. Remember, personal growth is also an inside job, not an external one. Samuel Zulu.

12. With the change of heart for the better, comes personal growth and progress in one’s life. Samuel Zulu.

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13. It’s not enough to say you want growth but the question is,” are you willing to pay the price?” Samuel Zulu.

14. Change and personal development always go hand in hand. Samuel Zulu.

15. Without a sense of purpose in your life, forget about personal growth. Samuel Zulu.

16. Purpose is what fuel personal growth and progress in one’s life. Samuel Zulu.

17. On your self-development journey, you will soon realize that some people are no longer a right fit for you in your life. Samuel Zulu.

18. You will outgrow some people on your growth journey. Just keep growing and progressing, dear. Samuel Zulu.

19. For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head. Benjamin Franklin.

20. See people in the light of their potentials, not their problems. Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha.

21. Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own. Bruce Lee.


22. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn.

23. If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. Jim Rohn.

24. If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Jim Rohn.

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25. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Jim Rohn.

26. We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Jim Rohn.

27. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practised every day. Jim Rohn.

28. When it comes to change, goals, and dreams, you have to bet on yourself. Mel Robbins.

29. Small things are not small at all. They are the most important things of all. And they add up. Mel Robbins.

30. You may say you fear change, but the lack of change in your life is why you feel so blah. Mel Robbins.

31. Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem and 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it and crush it. Tony Robbins.

32. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Tony Robbins.

33. People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals that are, goals that do not inspire them. Tony Robbins.

34. Those who progress in life don’t fear change even if it is scary or uncomfortable at times. Samuel Zulu.

35. Personal growth also means saying no to average and yes to greatness and excellence. Samuel Zulu.

36. Always aspire to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. Samuel Zulu.

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37. Personal development isn’t about outsmarting others but it’s about being the best version of you. Samuel Zulu.

38. Don’t accept average but always aspire for more while maintaining gratitude at the same time. Samuel Zulu.

39. Growth is what keeps us alive. If we stop growing, we slowly start dying on the inside. Samuel Zulu.

40. If you want to be your best self, you have to learn to accept change even if it’s uncomfortable. Samuel Zulu.

41. It’s ok to bid farewell to people who no longer help you grow but only drag you down with their drama. Samuel Zulu.

42. Develop a habit of reading books that help you grow into a better person daily. Samuel Zulu.


43. The time wasted aimlessly surfing social media can be used to read a book that will help you grow. Samuel Zulu.

44. Forget about being the best you if you are not willing to work on yourself. Samuel Zulu.

45. People who experience massive growth on their self-development journey don’t’ give up on themselves when it matters. Samuel Zulu.

46. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Will Durant.

47. I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. Eleanor Roosevelt.

48. Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

49. Failures are only failures when we don’t learn from them, because when we learn from them they become lessons. Jay Shetty.

50. Your new life will cost you your old one. Jay Shetty.

51. Make it your daily obsession to make the most of your potential. Tom Bilyeu.

52. The level of effort you tolerate from yourself will define your life. Tom Bilyeu.

53. The activity you’re most avoiding contains your biggest opportunity. Robin Sharma.

54. Hard times produce your greatest gifts. Robin Sharma.

55. How can you cross new bridges if you’re not willing to burn old ones? Robin Sharma.

56. Be willing to do what’s hard now to enjoy what’s beautiful later. Robin Sharma.

57. Your habits are driving your performance. Your rituals are creating your results. Robin Sharma.

58. Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Robin Sharma.

59. What others say and do is a projection of their reality. Miguel Angel Ruiz.

60. What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. Tim Ferriss.

61. People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. Dale Carnegie.

62. It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. Napoleon Hill.

63. Leap and the net will appear. Julia Margaret Cameron.



I hope the 63 personal development quotes above will help you experience tremendous growth for the better on your growth journey. Take care.

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