63 Morning Affirmations To Help [Start Your Day Right]

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Below is a list of 63 morning affirmations and positive affirmations for the day to help you start your day on a good note. Moring affirmations are very helpful in starting your day on a good note and will help you positively deal with any challenges the day might present to you without being bitter. As you know, life is not perfect and is full of challenges. But the 63 morning affirmations below will help you make the most of your day with a positive mindset, come what may.

63 Positive Affirmations For The Day.

1. This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Samuel Zulu.

2. I am blessed and I believe that this very new day will also be a blessing. Samuel Zulu.

3. I am greatly loved by the Lord of all creation and will rejoice in this. Samuel Zulu.

4. I am born with a purpose to fulfil that is why no one else but me can. Samuel Zulu.

5. I believe that I can achieve all my dream and heart desires with divine help. Samuel Zulu.

6. I affirm that everything today will go in my favor whether good or bad. Samuel Zulu.


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7. I will make today my best day better than yesterday. Samuel Zulu.

8. I will live this day to the fullest by focusing on the positives. Samuel Zulu.

9. I have all that I need within me to enjoy this new day, come what may. Samuel Zulu.

10. I affirm that even if bad things happen today, I will still be positive. Samuel Zulu.

11. I am perfect and complete the way I am to enjoy my life today. Samuel Zulu.

12. I will take this day as it comes without worrying about tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

13. I resolve that I will make the most of my day today by living it with intention. Samuel Zulu.

14. I decide that I will live today to the fullest as I am not promised a tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

15. Today is the day I will give my dreams another shot to make them a reality. Samuel Zulu.

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16. I will patiently soak up every minute of this day to the fullest. Samuel Zulu.

17. Since tomorrow isn’t promised, I will live today as if it’s my last. Samuel Zulu.

18. I will make today a living masterpiece better than even yesterday. Samuel Zulu.

19. I bless and commit this blessed morning in God’s hands knowing all is well. Samuel Zulu.

20. This morning I declare that all is well with my soul. Samuel Zulu.

21. I believe that this day will work for my good in the end. Samuel Zulu.


22. I will be the best version of me today than I was yesterday. Samuel Zulu.

23. I will succeed in whatever I do with God’s help. Samuel Zulu.

24. With god’s help, I will overcome any challenge this day presents to me. Samuel Zulu.

25. I will live my purpose today and help others do the same, too. Samuel Zulu.

26. I will not let this precious day go to waste by doing meaningless things. Samuel Zulu.

27. I am what I am today by God’s self-sufficient grace reigning in me. Samuel Zulu.

28. I decide that I will love and tread every precious soul I meet with kindness. Samuel Zulu.

29. I will fill this day with love for myself and others. Samuel Zulu.

30. I decide that I will positively influence others with my love and kindness. Samuel Zulu.

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31. Today is the day I will shine my light and not someone else’s. Samuel Zulu.

32. I am in love with the person I see in the mirror after waking up from sleep. Samuel Zulu.

33. Today is a new day and I will not let yesterday’s problem affect me today. Samuel Zulu.

34. Today is the day I decide to make my dreams come true. Samuel Zulu.

35. Today, I decided that I will change for the better. Samuel Zulu.

36. Today, I decided that my health is more important than money. Samuel Zulu.

37. I will fill my day today with positive vibes in my life and others. Samuel Zulu.

38. Today is a great day and I will embrace whatever it brings to me. Samuel Zulu.

39. Whether this day gives me good or bad breaks, I will decide to be positive. Samuel Zulu.

40. Though today may be rough, I will still rejoice and be glad in it. Samuel Zulu.

41. I am thankful for being able to see that sunrise again. Samuel Zulu.

42. My day today will be filled with gratitude for the gift of life I have. Samuel Zulu.


43. Today is the day I choose to focus on the future and not on yesterday’s past. Samuel Zulu.

44. Thank you for the blessings and challenges this day has bestowed on me. Samuel Zulu.

45. I thank God for enabling me to see this day again as many aren’t so lucky. Samuel Zulu.

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46. I choose to be the best version of myself today than I was yesterday. Samuel Zulu.

47. I am worthy of the very best today has to offer. Samuel Zulu.

48. I am worthy of love and happiness and nothing less than that. Samuel Zulu.

49. Today, I will do whatever task I have at hand and not push it to tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

50. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so I will live today as if it’s my last. Samuel Zulu.

51. Each day is a step close to accomplishing and fulfilling my dreams. Samuel Zulu.

52. Each day is ad day close to my death. So I will live it to the fullest. Samuel Zulu.

53. Today is the new day I decide that all things will be new in my life. Samuel Zulu.

54. Yesterday is gone and today is the day I will give my undivided attention to. Samuel Zulu.

55. I choose to manifest all my wishes and desires today. Samuel Zulu.

56. Each day life gives me is an opportunity to upgrade myself into a better me. Samuel Zulu.

57. Today will be my fresh start to something better. Samuel Zulu.

58. I will be my best self today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Samuel Zulu.

59. I choose to sacrificially love anyone I meet today and to give my all to them. Samuel Zulu.

60. Today, I have decided that there will be no more depression in my life. Samuel Zulu.

61. decide that yesterday’s past has nothing to do with my bright future of today. Samuel Zulu.

62. Today I will love others the way I love myself. Samuel Zulu.

63. Today I will make it a reason as to why someone smiles and enjoys their day. Samuel Zulu.



I hope the 63 morning affirmations quotes above will help start your day on a good and positive note, no matter what the day has in store for you. peace.

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