63 Inspiring Daily Quotes About Life To Help You Live Wisely.


Below, is a list of 63 inspiring daily quotes about life and life daily quotes that will inspire you to live wisely with this one and only life you have. Life is short and you only get one chance to make it as the inspirational life daily quotes below illustrate. Once you miss this chance to do something you will be proud of one day, you are done and regrets are all you will have in the end. May these 63 inspiring daily quotes about life help you create a life you one day be proud of looking back.

63 Inspirational Life Daily Quotes.

1. A day only lasts for 24 hours but true love, a lifetime until death. Samuel Zulu

2. Often the people closest to us get the worst of us and the people we barely know get the best of us. Jay Shetty.

3. If you struggle with patience in life, consult the turtle. Samuel Zulu.

4 Let your life so shine with the radiance of the sun so that others can be encouraged to do the same. Samuel Zulu.

5. The sun never gets tired of shining its brilliant light of life. You as well must never get tired of shining in this dark world we live in. samuel Zulu

6. What’s a priority to you is an option to another just as a six to one person can appear to be a nine to another. Samuel Zulu.

7. The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can outshine our own light. Ajina.

8. Never give from the depth of your well but from your overflow. Rumi.

9. Don’t compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time. Buddha.

10. Pain is certain. Suffering is optional. Buddha.

11. Happiness never comes to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. Buddha.

12. It’s easy to see the faults of others but difficult to see one’s own faults. Buddha.

13. The mind is everything what you think you become. Buddha.

14. No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again. Buddha.

15. 159. Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. Buddha.

16. Don’t learn to react. Learn to respond. Buddha.

17. Real happiness is like the sun that never goes out even though it’s cloudy. Samuel Zulu.

18. Godliness and contentment are the greatest gains one will have here on earth and beyond. Samuel Zulu

19. Live a kind of life you will one day proudly look back on when all is said and done with your earthly life. Samuel Zulu.

20. Both the sun and the moon shine at different times. Your time will come to shine just be patient. Samuel Zulu.

21. Each day is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to him. T.D. Jakes.


22. Be strong enough to stand up even after haters make you drop to your knees. T.D. Jakes.

23. May the passion be all that God wants you to be swept across your soul like a gentle breeze. T.D. Jakes.

24. The thing about time is that it comes and goes. Eddie Pinero.

25. We live not for the destination but for the journey. Eddie Pinero.

26. I think you should just go for it. Eddie Pinero.

27. Standing alone is better than walking with the wrong people. Eddie Pinero.

28. Believe in your dreams into existence. Eddie Pinero.

29. Your world starts in and is projected out. Eddie Pinero.

30. Don’t climb mountains so that people see you.  Climb mountains so that you can see the world. Eddie Pinero.

31. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Eddie Pinero.

32. Better to suffer now for your dreams & regret later wishing you had done the same. Samuel Zulu.

33. God won’t send you the right people in your life if you cling to the wrong one like super glue. Samuel Zulu.

34. Make each and every day of your life to the fullest so that you can proudly look back on them one day. Samuel Zulu.

35. Today is the day to start living to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised. Samuel Zulu.

36. He who plans to live his best life tomorrow will never have a chance to fully live at all. Samuel Zulu.

37. Today is the day to decide that you won’t make careless life choices you will regret later. Samuel Zulu.

38. He who is wise won’t start living tomorrow but right now as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Samuel Zulu.

39. Start living today before you wish you had done the same thing tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

40. You cannot pass through the door of destiny without passing through the hall of haters. T.D. Jakes.

41. Eacles fly where lesser birds cannot fly. So eagles can do what lesser birds cannot do. T.D. Jakes.

42. Your words will tell others what you think. Your action will tell them what you believe. T.D. Jakes.


43. You will never understand pleasure without pain. T.D. Jakes.

44. Let go of yesterday. Let today be the new beginning and be the best you can. Joel Osteen.

45. Quit worrying about how everything is going to turn out. Live one day at a time. Joel Osteen.

46. The life in front of you is far important than the life behind you. Joel Osteen.

47. Keep in mind that you will have true happiness, true fulfilment not living to get but living to give. Joel Osteen.

48. Pass the test in being grateful for the small things and big things will be released in your life. Joel Osteen.

49. Don’t take life seriously. Sadhguru.

50. Make your faith larger than your fears and your dreams bigger than your doubts. Robin Sharma.

51. Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Robin Sharma.

52. Clinging to safety is more dangerous than doing your dream. Robin Sharma.

53. Defeat only happen when you stop believing. Robin Sharma.

54. Havre the guts to be true to yourself. Nothing more. Robin Sharma.

55. Start before you are ready. Don’t prepare, begin. Mel Robbins.

56. Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring. Mel Robbins.

57. Remember, life is strictly a personal thing and only you can decide how you want to live it. Samuel Zulu.

58. We are all replaceable in some way because we are all just passing by. Samuel Zulu.

59. Don’t let your past mistakes be the reason you don’t live your life to the fullest. Samuel Zulu.

60. Start each day with godly gratitude and positive vibes. Samuel Zulu.

61. To him who has found his why life is pleasant and full of meaning. Samuel Zulu.

62. A life without purpose is all but a groundnut pod without actual groundnuts inside. Samuel Zulu.

63. In all you do, let God be the captain of your life if you want to finish this race of life with joy and not regrets. Samuel Zulu.



Hope these 63 inspiring daily quotes about life will inspire you to love wisely with this one life you have here on earth. Peace.

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