45 Toxic Parents Quotes For Ending Their Hurtful Legacy


A list of 45 toxic parents quotes and quotes about toxic parents to help you gracefully handle toxic parents who are making your life difficult. May these 45 toxic parents quotes give you the wisdom to calmly handle any toxic parent without any drama or bitter confrontations.

45 Toxic Parents Quotes

1. Dysfunctional parents let their children know how burdened they have been by their children and how many sacrifices they had to make in order to raise them. Dr Marita Sirota.

2. No child should ever have to bear the burden of parenting their own parents. To toxic parents, you existed to serve them all the time. Kim Saeed.

3. Narcissist parents don’t care about their children’s feelings at all. Only their feelings matter. Kim Saeed.

4. Controlling parents will always assume their children are their property they can possess. Trialsandtests.

5. Love and respect them but don’t get caught up in their drama. Trialsandtests.

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6. Control, manipulation and possessiveness is the name of their game. Trialsandtests.

7.Toxic parents are the root cause of all dysfunctional families because the fish rots first at its head. Trialsandtests.

8. All of us develop our expectations about how people will treat us based on our relationships with our parents. Susan Forward.

9. In troubled families, abuse and neglect are permitted. It’s talking about them that is forbidden. Marcia Sirota.

10. An unpredictable parent is a fearsome god in the eyes of a child. Susan Forward.

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11. It’s amazing how people can change behind closed doors. Susan Forward.

12. You don’t have to carry on the legacy of their abuse and the hurt it caused you. Trialsandtests.

13. Manipulation and control are favourite weapons abusive dads often use on their children for control. Trialsandtests.

14. Your toxic parent may charm the pants off perfect strangers, your friends and more distant relatives. All of which just appears to make you out the bad guy. The bright hill lanterns.

15. Many children of toxic parents find it exceptionally difficult to identify who they are once they grow up. JR Thorpe.

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16. Never has a book been as sorely misused as the Bible to justify beatings. Susan Forward.

17. Toxic parenting leaves scars. Every child deserves good parenting. It is a parental responsibility, not a privilege. TCMD.

18. You can always leave your childhood trauma your abusive mom or dad behind. Never be a victim. Trialsandtests.

19. Sometimes, using no contact is the best way to be safe from abusive parents. Trialsandtests.

20. They will make you second guess yourself by stripping away your self-worth and self-esteem. Trialsandtests.

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21. Recognizing a problem and seeking help is a sign not only of health but of courage. Susan Forward.

22. A narcissist parent is easily frustrated by a healthy independent child that they can’t control through parental emotional manipulation. Shannon Thomas.

23. They should love you, just as you are. Parents should love their kids, right? “You’d think so”. N.R. Walker.

24. Trust is like the runt of our emotional litter; under harsh conditions, it’s usually the first to die. Susan Forward.

25. They are not sorry for harming you. So, don’t feel guilty for cutting them off. John Mark Green.

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26. Narcissist parents want total control. Take back your control. If possible, don’t accept any money, favour, items or anything from them. Tina Fuller.

27. The toxic parent sees the child as a threat to their own ego and having the child overshadow the parent is not an option in their mind. Shannon Thomas.

28. Narcissist parents do not know their children; they aren’t interested in what they have to say unless it affects them. Tina Fuller.

29. Money has always been the primary language of power. Susan Forward.

30. The hateful and stinging words of a narcissistic parent can linger in the mind of an adult child long after the adult has left home. Shannon Thomas.

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31. Nobody plays the parental alienation card quicker than the abusive parent who’s lost control over the survivor’s mind. E.S.

32. A narcissistic parent will provoke an independent child to anger in order to feel superior and prove the child’s flaws. Shannon Thomas.

33. A child’s shoulders were not built to bear the weight of their parent’s choices. Toby Mac.

34. When you grieve toxic, abusive parents, you don’t just grieve the abuse, you grieve everything you didn’t have. Lily Hope Lucario.

35. I have a gaping painful hole in my soul where good, loving parents and a normal, safe childhood should have been. Lily Hope Lucario.

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36. The toxicity that comes from them is often the result of their own unmet needs, insecurities they have which they project on their children to find solace. Trialsandtests.

37. Sometimes, narcissistic parents are also better loved from a distance to avoid further emotional damage. Trialsandtests.

38. You can’t change the toxic behaviour of your toxic parents but you can decide how you respond. Trialsandtests.

39.  Bad parents see no wrong in the way they treat their children. Trialsandtests.

40. Abusive parents often blame their children for their abusive and immature behaviour as a way of covering their tracks so that they don’t look bad. Trialsandtests.

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41. Being in a family where you were neglected sucks but that shouldn’t define you. Trialsandtests.

42. Unstable and dysfunctional homes are offshoots of narcissist parents ruling them. Trialsandtests.

43. It’s no use to argue with parents who always think they are right all the time and you are always wrong. Trialsandtests.

44. Your parents may be toxic but you need to love and respect them as your biological parents who had just the right gene combination to have you. Trialsandtests.

45. Don’t let their past abuse define you for the rest of your life. Trialsandtests.

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There you have it, 45 toxic parents’ quotes which I had to share with you in this post and hope you enjoyed them. Let me know in the comments below which quotes resonated with you. Peace.

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