63 Self Awareness Quotes [To Help You Stop Sleep Walking]


Below is a list of 63 self awareness quotes and quotes on self-awareness to help you become aware of who you are. Self-awareness is key to discovering yourself. Without it, you will be living dead with no direction in life as the 63 self awareness quotes below will shop you.

63 Quotes On Self Awareness.

1. Lack of self-awareness is why most people are now living their lives on autopilot mode. Samuel Zulu.

2. If you finally discover who you are and your purpose, everything begins to fall in place for you. Samuel Zulu.

3. If you are not aware of yourself, you won’t be able to effectively lead others. Samuel Zulu.

4. Knowing what you want out of your life before all is said and done is all about self-awareness. Samuel Zulu.

5. Self-awareness is all you need to let go of things or people you know are no longer useful to you. Samuel Zulu.

6. Self-awareness is key to making wise choices in life you won’t regret later. Samuel Zulu.

7. All you need to change yourself is to be aware of yourself and where you want to be in life. Samuel Zulu.

8. When you know yourself and accept yourself, you need no other to accept you. Samuel Zulu.

9. He who isn’t aware of himself will make choices that will lead him astray straight into a ditch. Samuel Zulu.

10. The moment you start practicing self-awareness is the day you start living. Samuel Zulu.

11. Discovering yourself and God’s purpose for your life is the first step toward true enlightenment. Samuel Zulu.

12. You will never find truly enlightened beings who aren’t aware of themselves. Samuel Zulu.

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13. If you are not aware of who you are and where you stand in life, you are really blind and need to open your eyes. Samuel Zulu.

14. Discover yourself and you will no longer walk in darkness. Samuel Zulu.

15. You can’t talk about self-worth without self-awareness. Samuel Zulu.

16. He who is aware of himself walks in the light. Samuel Zulu.

17. Lack of self-awareness is why most people blindly do what they are told even if it doesn’t make sense to them. Samuel Zulu.

18. Be aware of who you are and you will never live a day worrying about what other people think about you. Samuel Zulu.

19. The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. Carl R. Rogers.

20. If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. Amit Ray.

21. Self-awareness isn’t self centeredness and spirituality is not narcissism. Know thyself is not a narcissistic pursuit. Marianne Williamson.


22. Many leadership problems are driven by low self-awareness. Bill Hybbels.

23. Self-awareness is the golden key to making life changing decision and sticking to them. Dr Prem Jagyasi.

24. What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. Abraham Maslow.

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25. Self-awareness can take a while. Be forgiving. Jon Acuff.

26. Peace of mind arrives the moment you come to peace with the contents of your mind. Rasheed Ogunlaru.

27. If you love yourself the most at your happiest moments, there is no reason not to be fond of who you are in the dark. Ashly Lorenzana.

28. When a man is a mystery to himself you can hardly call him mysterious. Abraham Verghese.

29. Only themselves understand themselves and the like of themselves as souls only understand souls. Walt Whitman.

30. A real secret is something which only one person knows. Idries Shah.

31. Enlightenment is not about cocooning one’s self, but about integrating more fully with both yourself and life. Jay Woodman.

32. One makes discoveries about oneself but more often one makes up discoveries. Sara Levine.

33. One of the few blessings of living in an age of anxiety is that we are forced to become aware of ourselves. Rollo May.

34. Self-awareness is key to living with intention. Samuel Zulu.

35. Intentional living is all about being aware of yourself and what kind of life you want to live. Samuel Zulu.

36. Let your life be a reflection of your inner values and not other people’s opinions. Samuel Zulu.

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37. When self-awareness leaves one’s life, confusion and choose descend on that poor soul. Samuel Zulu.

38. Living a fake existence is what happens when self-awareness in one’s life leaves the door. Samuel Zulu.

39. You won’t aimlessly please others if you are aware of yourself and your values. Samuel Zulu.

40. Values are crucial in one’s life if you are to live a life that’s true to yourself. Samuel Zulu.

41. Enlightenment is all about self-awareness. Without it, true enlightenment is impossible. Samuel Zulu.

42. If you lack self-awareness, you won’t grow and mature though your number of years may be increasing. Samuel Zulu.


43. If you don’t know your real identity in this world, others will dictate who you must be. Samuel Zulu.

44. Once you discover who you are, you won’t live a fake existence for the sake of pleasing others. Samuel Zulu.

45. Knowing that life is short and acting on that is all about knowing that one day you will be gone. Samuel Zulu.

46. Trusting yourself means living out what you already know to be true. Cheryl Strayed.

47. In our need to be somebody, we often forget that we are somebody. Eric Michael Leventhal.

48. The only people we want to blame are ourselves, because it will be ourselves that we rely upon. Markus Zusak.

49. What if you already are the person you wish you were but you just don’t know it yet? Debra Formo.

50. To become spiritual, you must die to self, and come alive in the Lord. Rumi.

51. God works in mysterious ways. Things may look good outwardly, but there may be evil contained inside. Rumi.

52. Drink from the presence of saints, not from those other jars. Rumi.

53. Infinite mercy flows continually but you’re asleep and can’t see it. Rumi.

54. The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. Rumi.

55. Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depth. Rumi.

56. Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Rumi.

57. Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. Rumi.

58. Don’t underestimate the power of being underestimated. Tim Fargo.

59. He who fights is powerless, but he who loves is power itself. Eric Michael Leventhal.

60. We can only forgive the world to the extent that we forgive ourselves for being in it. Eric Michael Leventhal.

61. Self-awareness is only powerful when knowledge is understood and applied, only then can it manifest into true wisdom. Martin R. Lemieux.

62. No matter the situation don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence. Turcois Ominek.

63. Leave time behind and listen to your rhythm. Jeanne McElvaney.



Hope these 63 self awareness quotes will help you discover yourself so that you can be aware of who you truly are and what you were meant to do here on earth. Peace.

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