63 Opinions Quotes To Remind You What Really Matters In Life.


Looking for opinions quotes? You have come to the right place as you will discover 63 quotes about opinions that will remind you that you are the only one who has a final say on how you want to live your life. We all want to be accepted and validated by others which is why we tend to value their opinions of us above your own to our own detriment. May the 63 opinions quotes below help you have your own mind and not depend on public opinion to dictate your life.

63 Quotes About Opinions Of Others.

1. Just because it’s an opinion doesn’t mean it’s true or a fact. Samuel Zulu.

2. Opinions change with time and circumstances but the truth always remains the same regardless of circumstances. Samuel Zulu.

3. The difference between the truth and an opinion is that the former is objective while the latter is subjective. Samuel Zulu.

4. I don’t need your opinions on how to live my life because I have my own already. Sorry. Samuel Zulu.

5. Your opinions will never be my reality. Hope that applies to you as well. Samuel Zulu.

6. Just because you see a six that doesn’t stop someone else from seeing it as a nine. Samuel Zulu.

7. He who lives for the opinions of others will never live to the fullest at all. Samuel Zulu.

8. Please understand there is a difference between doing what you know is right from what’s expected. Samuel Zulu.

9. We are all influenced by opinions but we get to decide how much impact they have on our lives. Samuel Zulu.

10. So, you have your truth. Fine because I have mine too. Cheers. Samuel Zulu.

11. Stop worrying about what others are thinking of you because their opinions of you don’t count in how you want to live your life. Samuel Zulu.

12. Letting other’s opinions of you become your reality is the greatest betrayal you can do to yourself. Samuel Zulu.

13. You have your reality and I have mine. End of story. Samuel Zulu.

14. Your truth will never be mine and neither will my truth be yours. Sorry if that can’t be helped. Samuel Zulu.

15. I live my life. You live yours. You are not here to live according to my expectations nor am I here to live according to yours. Hope that helps. Samuel Zulu.

16. One test result is worth one thousand expert opinions. Werner Von Braun.

17. Expectation and fact are two different things that people usually cannot differentiate. Lionel Suggs.

18. Other people’s heads are too wretched a place for true happiness to have its seat. Arthur Schopenhauer.

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19. Don’t let other people’s opinions distort your reality. Be true to yourself. Be bold in pursuing your dreams. Be unapologetically you. Steve Maraboli.

20. Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance. Plato.

21. Opinions aren’t facts. Stop worrying about what people think of you. Kylie Francis.


22. Don’t let someone else’s opinion become your reality. Les Brown.

23. One’s opinion should only be as strong as one’s knowledge on the matter. Eric Hirzel.

24. The strength of one’s opinion should not exceed their knowledge on the matter. Eric Hirzel.

25. Opinions of the masses kill the ‘extra’ in an ‘extraordinary’ idea. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

26. Reason shows us there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. Seneca.

27. A quote is not a conversation, but an invitation to change your perspective. Shannon L. Alder.

28. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice. Steve Jobs.

29. I have never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy as a cause from withdrawing from a friend. Thomas Jefferson.

30. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelis.

31. Life is a matter of perspective. The earlier you realize that, the better. Samuel Zulu.

32. Ina world full of convoluted opinions, being true to yourself is even much harder these days. Samuel Zulu.

33. Live for the opinions of others or society and you will forever be in bondage until you die. Samuel Zulu.

34. An opinion will always be an opinion; no matter how many believe in it. Samuel Zulu.

35. Sometimes, you have to do what you know is right for you even when others disagree with you. Samuel Zulu.

36. Everyone has an opinion about everything in life but that doesn’t mean they are true. Samuel Zulu.

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37. You have the right to your own onion and view pertaining to life. Samuel Zulu.

38. Live your life and don’t let others dictate how you want to live it. Samuel Zulu.

39. An opinion is just that: an opinion as simple as that. Samuel Zulu.

40. People will tell you how to live your life but only you can decide which path is right for you to take. Samuel Zulu.

41. Only you know what’s best for your life. So, don’t let the opinions of others dictate what’s best for you. Samuel Zulu.

42. Sometimes, you have to ignore what everyone is saying to find your path you were meant to take. Samuel Zulu.


43. Live the way you truly want to live and not the way society or someone else wants you to. Samuel Zulu.

44. In blindly listening to others is how you end up living the life you hate. Samul Zulu.

45. Don’t let a no from anyone make you give up on your dreams dear to your heart. Samuel Zulu.

46. Ask ten brewers and you will get eleven opinions. Swiss Proverb.

47. First learn, and then form opinions. Jewish Proverb.

48. The person who has no opinion will seldom be wrong. German Proverb.

49. Every man is a fool in some man’s opinion. Spanish Proverb.

50. A lawyer’s opinion is worth nothing unless paid for. English Proverb.

51. A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows public opinion. Chinese Proverb.

52. The opinion of the intelligent is better than the certainty of the ignorant. African Proverb.

53. Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence. Hebrew Proverb.

54. If you had an opinion you better be determined. Arabic Proverb.

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55. As changeable is the moon so is the opinion of the woman. French Proverb.

56. Do not give an opinion until it is asked for. Latin Proverb.

57. Strike a match above the sea of opinions and the fish all swim away. Moroccan Proverb.

58. He who blindly follows public opinion ends up falling into a ditch. Samuel Zulu.

59. In blindly trying to listen to others is how you get lost in life. Samuel Zulu.

60. Burn your own trail and stop blindly following the footsteps of others like a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. Samuel Zulu.

61. When it comes to choosing a life partner, relying on opinions is a sure way of ending up with someone you will be miserable with all your life. Samuel Zulu.

62. You will never see an eagle consulting a chicken on how to fly in the sky. Samuel Zulu.

63. If the eagle listened to a chicken, it would never soar as high as it does. Samuel Zulu.



Hope these 63 opinions quotes will help you not to rely on the opinions of others to live life the way you want it as only you have a final say on hoy you want out of your life. Peace.

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