60 Make A Difference Quotes To Help You Be A Planet Shaker.


Below is a list of 60 make a difference quotes and quotes about making a difference that will inspire you to be a difference-maker. We all want to make a difference in other people’s lives but first, we must be that difference we want to see in others. May these 60 make a difference quotes help you be a planet shaker that will motivate others to do better.

60 Quotes About Making A Difference.

1. He who wants to make a difference in other people’s lives must first be the difference he wants others to be. Samuel Zulu.

2. The same is the reason what most people can’t live lives that will positively influence others. Samuel Zulu.

3. He who wants to be the same will never live a life that will inspire others to do great things. Samuel Zulu.

4. If you want to see a change in others, first be that change you want others to see or be in your life. Samuel Zulu.

5. You don’t have to be the smartest with prestigious degrees to make a difference in other people’s lives. Samuel Zulu.

6. All you need is your own life story to share to positively influence others who are in a similar situation to yours. Samuel Zulu.

7. If a small mosquito can drastically change your life with its single lethal bite, why can’t you? Samuel Zulu.

8. He who blindly follows the crowd gets lost in it, too and will never leave a mark in others people’s lives. Samuel Zulu.

9. You follow the crowd, you get lost in the crowd and it is how most people die before they ever had the chance to live. Samuel Zulu.

10. Be a difference makes that positively inspire others to greatness in life. Samuel Zulu.

11. All you need is a listening ear to be the reason why someone never gives up on their life. Samuel Zulu.

12. Let your success story of adversity be the reason why others choose not to quit on their dreams. Samuel Zulu.

13. Nothing is more blessed in this world than to hear another precious soul thanking you for not letting them give up when things were hard. Samuel Zulu.

14. Making a difference in the world start by you thinking differently from the crowd. Samuel Zulu.

15. Only those that think differently from the crowd are the ones who get to change the world for the better. Samuel Zulu.

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16. All men want, not something to do with, but something to do, or rather something to be. Henry David Thoreau.

18. Be polite in your speeches. Good information rudely communicated will make no positive difference. Israelmore Ayivor.

19. Oh, it makes a difference, I thought. And if it doesn’t make a difference you will make it make a difference. Chaim Potok.

20. Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make a change. Barbara Mikulski.


21. To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care. Mandy Hale.

22. I alone can’t change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Mother Theresa.

23. If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world. Elaine S. Dalton.

24. Have the courage to let some go, and sacrifice for some to stay; thus, live and make life your own way. Mohammed Ali Bapir.

25. Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good. Minor Myers.

26. The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. Robert F. Kennedy.

27. We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference. Nelson Mandela.

28. I love inspiring people and if I can make a difference in one person’s life then, that’s a success. To me. Shasha Azevedo.

29. Let’s not just make noise: let’s make a difference. Mike Brown.

30. It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference. Tom Brokaw.

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31. When you stop believing one person in the world cannot make a difference; differences in the world will be made. Kellie Elmore.

32. Ordinary people who walk with an extraordinary God of grace and power, really can make a difference in other as yet unreached lives. Ross Paterson.

33. God repeatedly uses the least-likely and least-prepared individuals ourselves included to make the deepest impact on our world. Dillon Burroughs.

34. Only those who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who change the world. Steve Jobs.

35. Together, we can make the world a better place than we found it. Samuel Zulu.

36. You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make in other people’s lives or else you will end being a nobody in life. Samuel Zulu.

37. Understand that what you do matters and you will change the world. Samuel Zulu.

38. Know that you matter because the world is waiting to hear your voice. Samuel Zulu.

39. Aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Samuel Zulu.

40. You don’t need to be extraordinary to make a difference. You just need to be an ordinary person that does extraordinary things. Samuel Zulu.


41. It’s the little things we do consistently that make big differences in our lives. Samuel Zulu.

42. If you can’t change the world, at least make a difference in someone’s life with your love and kindness. Samuel Zulu.

43. If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference. Trey Smith.

44. Never leave the egg in you not laid. Don’t leave the laid eggs there not hatched. You deserve the best; you were created to use every gift in you. Israelmore Ayivor.

45. Not every movement is progress; Some movements are just a way of burning fats. Israelmore Ayivor.

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46. Nobody can change the world but you can make a difference. Seong Pill Kon.

47. We’re given a choice in our lives, to make things better, or worse, or merely endure like sheep. I choose to make things better, as much as I can. Mercedes Lackey.

48. One person can make a difference, and every person should try. Thomas E. Cronin.

49. To leave your own footprints, you must burn your own trail rather than blindly following the footsteps of others like sheep led to the slaughterhouse. Samuel Zulu.

50. It’s only the non-conformist that gets to turn the world upside down in a positive way. Samuel Zulu.

51. You are here to do your own thing and make a difference and not to fit in with others. Samuel Zulu.

52. Don’t fit in. rise up and use your God-given gifts and talents to positively change other people’s lives. Samuel Zulu.

53. Don’t focus on changing others when your own life leaves much to be desired. Samuel Zulu.

54. It’s only he who has the mentality of an eagle that lives an extraordinary life worthy of admiration. Samuel Zulu.

55. A man born with the energy of the new sun, will always struggle to make dreams come true. Auliq Ice.

56. It’s not about the credit. It’s about making a difference. And we all did that together. Aimee Carter.

57. God wonderfully made you different; you must make a wonderful difference. Ernest Agyemang Yeboah.

58. You are a change-maker and nothing should clean this notice off the boards of your heart.  Israelmore Ayivor.

59.  The most unlikely person can alter the course of history. Sarah J. Maas.

60. Even though the world is large, one person can still make a world of difference. Frank Sonnenberg.



Hope these 60 make a difference quotes will inspire and motivate you to be a difference-maker who will positively impact other people’s lives for the better. Peace.

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