45 Hard Decisions Quotes To Help You Face Your Inner Fears.


Below is a list of 45 hard decisions quotes and hard choices quotes to help you make those hard decisions you have been afraid to make until now. You will never progress in life if you don’t make choices that challenge you like the 45 hard decisions quotes below will reveal.

45 Making Hard Decision Quotes.

1. Making hard decisions is part of life and part of growing up. If you can’t make hard choices, you still have some growing up to do. Samuel Zulu.

2. There is long term value in making difficult choices that may not be comfortable at the moment. Samuel Zulu.

3. Making hard choices becomes much easier if you get your life priorities right and in order. Samuel Zulu.

4. He who has misplaced priorities in life will always find it hard to make the right choices when it really matters. Samuel Zulu.

5. Sometimes, you have to choose between life or death if you want to live any further. Samuel Zulu.

6. Sometimes, losing everything becomes the only choice you have to accept to get what you never had. Samuel Zulu.

7. It’s hard to let go of what you knew for years but sometimes necessary if you want to grow and progress in your life. Samuel Zulu.

8. Letting go of what you are familiar with will always be difficult but you have to do it anyway for the sake of the evolution of your soul. Samuel Zulu.

9. You have to choose forgiveness no matter how hard you are for the sake of your emotional wellbeing. Samuel Zulu.

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10. Either short term pleasures and long term regrets or short term discomfort or long term pleasure and joy. You decide. Samuel Zulu.

11. Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do. C.S. Lewis.

12. The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led. Lisa Wingate.

13. Your emotions are making it difficult for you to accept hard decisions. John Maxwell.

14. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about what could have been. It’s too unbearable. Sophie Kinsella.

15. People make decisions, and maybe you don’t always agree, but those choices are still their own. Brenna Yovanoff.

hard choices quotes

16. This is your time. Make it count by dedicating your time to your Heavenly Father. Kristen Oaks.

17. The gift of life, gives you the greatest opportunity to live and the chance to rise above any situation. With a hopeful attitude, you can overcome any struggle. Lailah Gifty Akita.

18. All that time tying herself up in knots because she simply couldn’t think of a good reason not to be with him. Chris Manby.

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19. The difficulties in life are vital for our personal growth and well-being. Lailah Gifty Akita.

20. Choice was dangerous: you had to forgo all other possibilities when you chose. J.K. Rowling.

21. Better to be happy with the codfish on your plate now than to linger for the taste of a tuna that is still swimming in the sea. Dennis E. Adonis.

22. I prefer to suffer than repent because I stand by my decision and capable enough to pay for it or reap the beauty later. Ravindra Shukla.

23. I love you enough to tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not, but what you do afterwards is your choice alone. Ashley Ormon.

24. Ask yourself before making a decision; will this decision harm or help myself or others involved in the decision. Kloby.

25. Say no to everything, so you can say yes to the one thing. Richie Norton.

26. He who has never made hard choices in his life hasn’t yet lived or fully understood what life is truly all about. Samuel Zulu.

27. Make hard choices now that you know won’t bring you regrets long-term but will bring you long-term fulfilment. Samuel Zulu.

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28. Emotions are the number one culprit as to why sometimes we fail to make the right choices in life. Samuel Zulu.

29. If you want to make sure that making hard choices in life become easier, avoid emotional attachment to outcomes. Samuel Zulu.

30. Everything you ever desire in life are on the other side of fear but the question is are you willing to overcome that villain hindering you from living the life you want? Samuel Zulu.


31. Once you make fear your ally making scary decisions in life becomes much easier. Samuel Zulu.

32. He who wants the easy way will always find it hard to make tough choices that are beneficial to him long-term. Samuel Zulu.

33. You come to a point in life where you have to let go of what was to give room to what will always be. Samuel Zulu.

34. Letting go of what was never meant to happen to give room to what was meant to be is one of the hardest decisions one will ever make in their lifetime. Samuel Zulu.

35. Just because something or someone has been with you for some time doesn’t mean it’s meant to finish the race with you. Samuel Zulu.

36. Your choices and decisions are a reflection of how well you’ve set and followed your priorities. Elizabeth George.

37. Don’t make such decisions whose bad results make you look like you are your own enemy. Amit Kalantri.

38. If my decision is wrong, at least I will have learned something new. There is always next time. Sylvan Clarke.

39. It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and making it right. J.R. Rim.

40. There is no right decision in life because every decision we make is new and unpredictable. M.F. Moonzajer.

41. The wrong decision you made at the right time is better than the right decision you made at the wrong time. Ben Fajemilua.

42. If your love for another person doesn’t include loving yourself then your love is incomplete. Shannon L. Alder.

43. Once you commit and decide that there is no turning back, you’ll find the strength. Marta Mrotek.

44. Those who choose differently must suffer the consequences. They must take the pain their decisions bring. Sachin Kundalkar.

45. Who you allow into your life, mind and heart are among the most important decisions you will ever make. Bryant McGill.



Hope these 45 hard decisions quotes will give you the courage you need to make the hard choice in your life you have been hesitating to that you know are best in the long run. Peace.

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