54 Funny Dating Quotes To Help You [Date Or Court Wisely]


Below is a list of funny dating quotes or simply dating quotes to help you find a suitable life partner and avoid choosing the wrong one as not all dates materialize into a marriage. May the 54 funny dating quotes below help you court and date wisely in life according to the Lord’s will.

54 Funny Quotes On Dating.

1. Dating and courtship are two different things in that the former is more casual while the latter is serious business. Samuel Zulu.

2. It takes more than dating for a few days to truly know someone’s true character. Samuel Zulu.

3. If you date without the Lord’s guidance, you will marry problems instead of happily ever after. Samuel Zulu.

4. Dating is like an auction center that gives you an opportunity to discover a suitable life partner for you. Samuel Zulu.

5. Not all dates turn into courtships and not all courtships result in marriage and that’s ok. Samuel Zulu.

6. He who claims that he knows you after just dating with you for one days must be treated with caution. Samuel Zulu.

7. Most dating relationships flop because most people don’t know what kind of love life they want. Samuel Zulu.

8. If you aren’t intentional of the kind of love life you want in life, anyone will be datable to you. Samuel Zulu.

9. If a single date was the only thing needed to truly know someone, breakups wouldn’t exist. Samuel Zulu.

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10. Dating gives you an opportunity to know someone deeply if you know what to look for. Samuel Zulu.

11. It takes more than dating someone to truly know if they are the one meant to be with you till death do you part. Samuel Zulu.

12. In your dating journey, you are going meet crushes who will be a stepping stone to the one. Samuel Zulu.

13. The purpose of having a crush is to tell you that just because someone is nice doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. Samuel Zulu.

14. If you want to date someone, date them with the intent of marrying them instead of playing with their emotions. Samuel Zulu.

15. Most people in a rush to know someone else have forgotten to date themselves to know themselves better. Samuel Zulu.

16. One of the best times for figuring out who you are & what you really want out of life? Right after a break-up. Mandy Hale.

17. Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for. Mandy Hale.

18. Dating means two things: disillusionment or a racing heart. Mae West.

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19. You can always tell when a woman is with the wrong man, because she has so much to say about the fact that nothing’s happening. Caitlin Moran.

20. You know you found the right one when you stop looking for more. Laurel House.

21. Values are sometimes worth living and dying for, and are certainly worth dating and breaking up over. Henry Cloud.

22. Dating should really be more like furniture store commercials; I would love to’ pay no interest for 6 months. Josh Stern.

23. Sometimes, you have to shot block a friend’s prayer because she’s asking God to bless an obviously bad dating relationship. Jonathon Acuff.

24. Dating means doing a lot of fun things you will never do if you get married. Dave Barry.

25. A woman should be mindful that the key to one man’s heart does not necessarily fits into the lock of another. Dennis E. Adonis.

26. isn’t it strange when you are single, you see is couples and when you are part of a couple, all you see are hookers. Jim Gaffigan.

27. Every relationship for a Christian is an opportunity to love another person like God has loved us. Joshua Harris.

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28. We want to stay on the straight and narrow path and serve God, yet we continue a practice that often pulls us in the wrong direction. Joshua Harris.

29. Be the man she can depend on, not the man that constantly lets her down. Stephan Labossiere.

30. Lesson learned: If a guy tells you you’re his second choice, don’t make him your first. Kate Madison.

31. Most dates don’t work because everyone these days is up for grabs and selfish like hell. Samuel Zulu.

32. Choosing to be in a relationship with someone must be a chance for you to express Christ’s selfless love He showed you. Samuel Zulu.

33. Date yourself first if you want to find the right partner the Lord has prepared for you. Samuel Zulu.

34. If you dated yourself first, you will not have an issue in knowing the right mate for you. Samuel Zulu.

35. Just because someone likes you doesn’t mean they really love you with all their hearts to be with you through thick and thin. Samuel Zulu.

36. Dates of these days are jokes because they are centered on lust and selfishness instead of Christ’s selfless love. Samuel Zulu.


37. Dating outside God’s will in trying to find a suitable life partner is just asking for a lifetime of misery. Samuel Zulu.

38. Be a woman you man can rely on and entrust at home and someone he longs to come to. Samuel Zulu.

39. Worldly dating won’t get you the right mate your heart strongly longs and desires. Samuel Zulu.

40. Leave selfishness and pride behind if you want to find a suitable life partner who will only add to your joy and not subtract from it. Samuel Zulu.

41. Stop wasting times on someone who has made it clear that they don’t want you in their life. Samuel Zulu.

42. Most courtships fail because they rush and are not patient for God’s timing to reveal the one to them. Samuel Zulu.

43. If someone is meant for you, you will won’t have second thoughts about it. Samuel Zulu.

44. If your dating and courtship is centered on Christ, it will turn into something beautiful. Samuel Zulu.

45. It’s just that some people will never be a right fit for you no matter how good they may try to appear. Samuel Zulu.

46. Not everyone has to ride off into the sunset with a man. Some of us just want a tan. Mandy Hale.

47. We can let go of the person or love or friendship without letting go of the lesson. Mandy Hale.

48. Love shouldn’t require Windex to be clear. It either is or it isn’t. Mandy Hale.

49. Don’t let feeling lonely push you into the arms of a person who will make you miserable. Stephan Labossiere.

50. To buy women things, some men entertain. To entertain women, some men buy things. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

51. If you continue to entertain boys, don’t be upset when you can’t find a man. Stephan Labossiere.

52. First we must understand that all of the world’s deceptions flow from the belief that love is primarily for the fulfillment and comfort of the self. Joshua Harris.

53. Men marry for the womb. Women marry for their tummy. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

54. Courtship is an activity whereby one losses oneself whilst trying to win someone’s love. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.



Hope these 54 funny dating quotes will help you avoid choosing the wrong life partner due to your misguided immature feelings.

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