77 Choices Quotes To Help You Make Wise Choices In Life.

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Below is a list of 77 choices quotes and quotes about choices in life to help you make wise choices you won’t regret later. Life is all about making choices and if make the wrong ones, regret is awaiting you at the end. May these 77 choices quotes help you make wise choices you won’t regret later.

77 Quotes About Choices.

1. Life is all about making choices. Samuel Zulu.

2. Life is like a penalty shootout. Miss once and it’s all over. Samuel Zulu.

3. You only live once but if you do it right, one is more than enough. Samuel Zulu.

4. Regret is a choice that results from making bad decisions. Samuel Zulu.

5. In the end, only you can decide how you want to live your life. Samuel Zulu.

6. Choose to live fully now in the moment and don’t wait for later. Samuel Zulu.

7. He who plans to live in the future will never live at all. Samuel Zulu.

8. Life is finite and it’s up to you to make the most out of it before it’s all over. Samuel Zulu.

9. Remember, each day, the sand in the hourglass gets lesser. Samuel Zulu.

10. All choices have consequences. So be careful with your decisions. Samuel Zulu.

11. Choosing to live for God is the wisest choice you will ever make on earth. Samuel Zulu.

12. Whatever choice you decide to make ensure it’s the one you won’t regret later. Samuel Zulu.

13. How you choose to live your life now will determine your eternal destiny. Samuel Zulu.

14. Going to hell is a choice so is going to heaven. Samuel Zulu.


15. Let your life be a reflection of your inner values, not that of society or others. Samuel Zulu.

16. He who chooses to live for society will have nothing but regrets in the end. Samuel Zulu.

17. Choose to live with no regrets by living wisely as staying away from evil. Samuel Zulu.

18. If you abstain from all evil appearances, you are guaranteed a life of no regrets. Samuel Zulu.

19. The only person you have control of is you and not others. Samuel Zulu.

20. You can’t decide how others choose to live their lives as that is their choice. Samuel Zulu.

21. Choose to live your life and not the life someone else has dreamt for you. Samuel Zulu.

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22. Choose your love. Love your choice. Thomas S. Monson.

23. It’s not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, it’s our choices. Josephine Angelini.

24. For Time calls only once and that determines all. Sophocles Electra.

25. Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future. Catherine Pulsifer.

26. Life is a sum of all your choices. Albert Camus.

27. God’s will is not automatic. He allows us to make choices. Rick Warren.

28. It’s up to you to make the right choices and the right decisions. Karolina Kurkova.


29. The choice is not in what you do. The choice is in the why. Emma Raveling.

30. Choose to do more than just exist; choose to live. Steve Maraboli.

31. We are the sum total of the decisions we have made. EA. Bucchianeri.

32. You express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions. Steve Maraboli.

33. Health is a matter of choice, not a mystery of chance. Aristotle.

34. Rightness in our choice of an end is secured by moral virtue. Aristotle.

35. Character is determined by choice, not opinion. Aristotle.

36. Choices are powerful things. In fact, they’re more powerful than most things. Amy Neftzger.

37. You are never wrongdoing the right thing. Wayde Goodall.

38. The past hadn’t been erased just because a new future had been handed it. Susan Meissne.

39. Love, above all things, is a commitment to your choice. Rob Liano.

40. Make a decision and then make it right. There just are no wrong decisions. Abraham Hicks.

41. Let the choices you make in life be the reflection of your inner why. Samuel Zulu.

42. He who has a strong why won’t find it hard to choose greatness over mediocrity. Samuel Zulu.

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43. He who wants to make a difference must choose to be different. Samuel Zulu.

44. Making the right choice at the wrong and vice versa is as good as nothing. Samuel Zulu.

45. Sometimes, selfishness is the only choice you have to protect yourself. Samuel Zulu.

46. Indecision is also a choice, too. Samuel Zulu.

47. Choose to blindly follow the crowd now and you will cry foul tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

48. Choosing to follow the crowd is saying yes to mediocrity till you die. Samuel Zulu.

49. Choose to be happy as no one will do that for you on your behalf. Samuel Zulu.

50. I would rather be an eagle for a day than be a chicken for the rest of my life. Samuel Zulu.

51. Choose your friends wisely or get your life ruined by choosing bad friends. Samuel Zulu.

52. Even fools are considered wise if they do the right thing at the right time. Samuel Zulu.

53. He who wants to marry right must first know himself and his purpose in life. Samuel Zulu.

54. Living a life full of joy isn’t automatic but a choice you alone can make. Samuel Zulu.

55. Forgiveness or get eaten alive inside till you die. You decide. Samuel Zulu.

56. God gave us free will because He wants us to love Him by choice. Samuel Zulu.

57. If we had no free choice, we would be no different from robots. Samuel Zulu.

58. Love will and always be a choice both now and in eternity. Samuel Zulu.

58. If love has to be forced, then it isn’t love. Samuel Zulu.

59. A forced relationship will never experience true love as love can’t be forced. Samuel Zulu.

60. Clarity is all you need to make the right decision when it really matters. Samuel Zulu.

61. Self-love is a decision you and no one else can make for you. Samuel Zulu.

62. If you can’t decide how you want to live your life, others will do that for you. Samuel Zulu.

63. He who’s undecided about his life knows not himself. Samuel Zulu.

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64. He who has the choice has the pain. African Proverb.

65. Better a single decision than a thousand advisors. African Proverb.

66. He who fain would marry, in choice should not tarry. German Proverb.

67. You pays your money and you take your choice. French Proverb.

68. Pardon is the choicest flower of victory. Arab Proverb.

69. Idleness is ever the root of indecision. Latin Proverb.

70. The man deliberates, the woman decides. Spanish Proverb.

71. In the hotel of decisions the guests sleep well. Iranian Proverb.

72. Let the sword decide only after the plan has failed. Arabian Proverb.

73. Indecision is the key to flexibility. Traditional Proverb.

74. Necessity requires no decision. Traditional Proverb.

75. The day you decide to do it is your lucky day. Japanese Proverb.

76. He who has a choice has trouble. Dutch Proverb.

77. When you have no choice, mobilize the spirit of courage. Jewish Proverb.


Hope these 77 choices quotes will inspire you to make wise choices you know are best for you in life regardless of what others or society thinks about them. Take care.

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