45 Childhood Trauma Quotes [To Help You Start Healing]

childhood trauma quotes

Below is a list of 45 childhood trauma quotes and quotes about childhood trauma to remind you that your past trauma doesn’t have to define you. You can start your healing journey today with the 45 childhood trauma quotes below that will help you on your healing journey.

45 Quotes About Childhood Trauma.

1. Remember, you don’t have to be defined by your childhood trauma. You can start healing today. Samuel Zulu.

2. Never allow yourself to be a victim of your past abuse. You can always break the toxic cycle of abuse. Samuel Zulu.

3. Let your past childhood abuse be the reason you refuse to settle for an average life or average relationships. Samuel Zulu.

4. If you lack boundaries, abuse is what will result and since children are vulnerable, it is why they are susceptible to abuse. Samuel Zulu.

5. Once you have been through traumatic child abuse of any kind, you are never the same again even into your adult life. Samuel Zulu.

6. You didn’t choose to be born to abusive parents but you can choose not to let your past abuse define you. Samuel Zulu.

7. It’s not your fault that you are abuse as a child. Remember, you are still loved by God through your earthy parents who neglected you. Samuel Zulu.

8. The first step towards healing from your rough childhood, is knowing you have a perfect Father in heaven who loves you unconditionally through your earth parents forsook you. Samuel Zulu.

9. God knows that it’s not your fight that you were not loved as a child. Stop blaming yourself, as there is nothing wrong with you. Samuel Zulu.

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10. Past abuse will define you if you don’t leave it behind. Samuel Zulu.

11. You may have come from a dysfunctional family but it doesn’t mean you must carry in the legacy. Samuel Zulu.

12. Today is the day you need to start healing by seeking professional therapy. Samuel Zulu.

13. After a cruel childhood, one must reinvent oneself. Then reimagine the world. Mary Oliver.

14. A silence absorbed them both a lack of sound so potent it blackened the place with something richer than hate. Carla H Krueger.

15. The greater a child’s terror and the earlier it’s experienced, the harder it becomes to develop a strong and healthy sense of self. Nathaniel Branden.


16. Childhood trauma isn’t necessarily a prophecy of doom because some children are resilient or because later experiences help respond to mental health. Richard Bentall.

17. No matter what else people may steal from you, they will never be able to take away your knowledge. Adeline Yen Mah.

18. Perception and worldview are one’s summary of life. Asa Don Brown.

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19. After cruel childhood, one must reinvent oneself. Then, reimagine the world. Mary Oliver.

20. Childhood introduces children to the wounds of the world. Kilroy J. Oldste.

21. When you feel at sea in an abyss of emotions, reconnecting to the beauty of your soul can be difficult, but it is never impossible. Lorraine Nilon.

22. Emotional abuse is designed to undermine another’s sense of self. It is deliberate humiliation, with the intent to seize control of how others feel about themselves. Lorraine Nilon.

23. Adulthood is an attempt to become the antithesis of the wounded child within us. Stewart Stafford.

24. An individual’s perception and worldview are thought to be determined early in life. Asa Don Brown.

25. The taste of fine-tuned rage spilling out of a mouth turned up in painted smiles pretend smiles faked smiles. Sumaiya Ahmed.

26. There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Laurell K. Hamilton.

27. After all, when a stone is dropped into a pond, the water continues quivering even after the stone has sunk to the bottom. Arthur Golden.

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28. Often it isn’t the initiating trauma that creates seemingly insurmountable pain, but the lack of support after. S. Kelley Harrell.

29. Coming to terms with incest is not easy. Learning to be a survivor, not a victim, gives new meaning to life. Lynette Gould.

30. Mind control is built on lies and manipulation of attachment needs. Alison Miller.


31. Boundaries are, in simple terms, the recognition of personal space. Asa Don Brown.

32. Resiliency is the body’s internal response to a stressful situation. Asa Don Brown.

33. You can travel the world but If you cannot let go of the past, you will never move on. Gerald Freeman.

34. Hiding my pain and acting strong, afraid to cry and show my tears, I struggle with all this year later. Erin Merryn.

35. The purpose of the false self is to defend against pain not deal with reality. Robert W. Firestone.

36. All mental unhappiness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering. Stefan Molyneux.

37. Don’t let your broken childhood past be the reason your bright future is broken, too. Samuel Zulu.

38. Your healing testimony will help thousands out there, too who went through the same abuse as you did if you allow yourself to heal. Samuel Zulu.

39. Childhood trauma isn’t what you choose to be born into but staying in it is a choice. Samuel Zulu.

40. If you don’t see professional therapy for your childhood trauma, that trauma will each and consume you alive from the inside. Samuel Zulu.

41. Don’t let your dysfunctional family be the reason as to why your life, too is dysfunctional. Samuel Zulu.

42. Your past traumatic child abuse isn’t an indicator of your future nor does it indicate anything is wrong with you in the first place. Samuel Zulu.

43. The initial trauma of a young child may go underground but it will return to haunt us. James Garbarino.

44. Empathy means realizing no trauma has discrete edges. Trauma bleeds. Leslie Jamison.

45. Get acquainted with your shadow, or find yourself surprised when a crisis emerges. M.B. Dallocchio.



Hope these childhood trauma quotes will help you understand that you don’t have to carry on the legacy and that you can always break free from your traumatic past. Take care.

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