63 Busy Quotes That Will Help You Redefine Your Life Priorities.

 busy quotes.

Below is a list of 63 busy quotes and quotes about being busy to remind you being busy just for the sake of it is foolishness. We all get busy at times and that is normal but our busyness must not make us neglect what really matters in this life as the 63 busy quotes will show you. Enjoy.

63 Quotes About Being Busy.

1. It’s ok to be very busy once in a while but not all the time that you forget what really matters in life. Samuel Zulu.

2. Don’t let the busyness of life be the reason you fail to take good care of your health. Samuel Zulu.

3. Being busy isn’t an excuse not to spend quality times with loved ones and family. Samuel Zulu.

4. He who is busy all the time will never truly live. Samuel Zulu.

5. In trying to be busy is how most people have neglected themselves and their loved ones. Samuel Zulu.

6. Sadly, most people have now become too busy to even spend quality times with themselves. Samuel Zulu.

7. You won’t wish you were busy on your death bed. So let your business be done in moderation. Samuel Zulu.

8. Being busy for the sake of it is nothing but a waste of your precious time. Samuel Zulu.

9. You can be the busiest person on earth but still suck at being productive in life or at work. Samuel Zulu.

10. If being busy all the time makes you neglect your family, then it’s time to rethink your life priorities ASAP. Samuel Zulu.

11. Even fools are considered wise if they are not busy for the sake of doing so. Samuel Zulu.

12. Don’t always be on the run because there will always be things that will always remain undone. Samuel Zulu.

13. In being on the run all the time is how most people now live in autopilot mode. Samuel Zulu.

14. No matter how busy you are in life, you can never do everything. Samuel Zulu.

15. Don’t lose your soul in trying to be busy with things that won’t even matter in the end. Samuel Zulu.

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16. Sometimes, things just fall off your plate. V.K. Springs.

17. I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it. Todd Stocker.

18. We need to make sure that we never get too busy with life that we don’t have time to live. Daniel Willey.

19. Some folks can look so busy doing nothing that they seem indispensable. Kim Hubbard.

20. Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Henry David Thoreau.

21. Keep busy at something. A busy person has no time to be unhappy. Robert Louis Stevenson.


22. Get out of your mind and become crazy about your future in a creative way. Michael Bassey Johnson.

23. Be kind to humanity, she is very lonely, everyone is busy with themselves. Debasish Mridha.

24. Essential to time management is a change in focus, a change from being ‘busy’ to a focus on outcomes. Tony Buon.

25. To stand strong, we need three legs: Two legs and work that will keep us busy. Mehmet Murat Ildan.

26. Work was intended not to give a man a reason to live, but rather to give him the means to live. Criss Jami.

27. When people say they’re too busy, ask them If they’ll have time to die, and see If the dead’s gonna give a damn. Michael Bassey Johnson.

28. The greatest enemy of good thinking is busyness. John C. Maxwell.

29. We overfill our lives, hoping more will make us feel like we are enough. Ellie Roscher.

30. The new disease of our age is being ok doing everything at exactly the same time. Nigel Cumberland.

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31. I understand our mornings can be busy; however, if we cannot make time for God now, then when? Ashley Ormon.

32. It’s surprising how much free time and productivity you gain when you lose the busyness in your mind. Brittany Burgunder.

33. Most people’s minds are almost always too busy for them to feel their skins being caressed by the wind or the sun. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

34. Moving up and down for the sake of it all doesn’t mean productivity. Samuel Zulu.

36. Being too busy for God is the biggest mistake you will ever make while here on earth. Samuel Zulu.

37. There is no such thing as being too busy in life. We choose what we give our priority and time to. Samuel Zulu.

38. He who likes busy bodying in other men’s matters must not complain when land himself into trouble. Samuel Zulu.

39. Get busy doing something that adds value to your life and will matter when all is said and done. Samuel Zulu.

40. There is time to be busy in life and time to rest from the business of this world. Samuel Zulu.

41. Misplaced priorities are the reason why so many people are busy doing things that don’t even resonate with who they are. Samuel Zulu.

42. He who aimlessly busy in life shows that he has no well-defined priorities. Samuel Zulu.


43. Even the busiest people in the world will always be short on time to do everything they wanted to do. Samuel Zulu.

44. Be busy and do your own thing instead of trying to compare yourself to others. Samuel Zulu.

45. If someone is too busy to make time for you, it’s a clear sign that you are not that important to them and the last thing on their mind. Samuel Zulu.

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46. The smell of the sweat is not sweet, but the fruit of the sweat is very sweet. Amit Kalantri.

47. If you are too busy to love, you are too busy to live; if you are too busy to live, you are too busy to love. Matshona Dhliwayo.

48. Empty mind is the devil’s workshop and a busy mind kills creativity. Akansh Malik.

49. My goal is to never be so busy that I lose God’s plan for me. Russell Brunson.

50. Together; we would create some ecstatic memories, but you are either busy or sleepy. Suman Pokhrel.

51. Nobody is freaking busy in this world. Wonders happen when you renounce that word. Giridhar Alwar.

52. Today’s generation keeps themselves busy on social media just to avoid thinking of someone. Nitya Prakash.

53. No matter how busy you become in life, you’ll always find time for people who’re too busy avoiding you. Nitya Prakash.

54. Rest is the best cure for a busy man and work is the best cure for a lazy man. Amit Kalantri.

55. At evening the sluggard is busy. German Proverb.

56. He that is busy is tempted but by one devil, he that is idle by a legion. German Proverb.

57. man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. Spanish Proverb.

58. We are too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet. Latin Proverb.

59. Everybody’s busy is nobody’s business. German Proverb.

60. Some are very busy and yet do nothing. English Proverb.

61. The Devil’s a busy bishop in his own diocese. Scottish Proverb.

62. None so busy as those who do nothing. French Proverb.

63. Tomorrow is the day that idlers get busy. Norwegian Proverb.



Hope these 63 busy quotes will help you understand that just because you are busy moving up and down doesn’t mean you are doing anything. Peace.

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