65 Boredom Quotes To Help You [On This Perplexing Issue]


Below is a list of boredom quotes and boring quotes to help you resolve your boredom issues. We all get bored with life at times especially if we are not growing are uninspired with what we do. May the 65 boredom quotes below help you deal with your boredom issues once and for all.

65 Life Boring Quotes.

1. Too much of anything in excessive quantities, whether good or bad becomes boring with time. Samuel Zulu.

2. Life becomes boring as hell if you are not growing or having new experiences. Samuel Zulu.

3. Anything or anyone is this world will naturally become boring to be around with after some time. Samuel Zulu.

4. It’s natural to get bored with things in life as we are dynamic beings that need to constantly grow all the time to feel alive. Samuel Zulu.

5. Even good relationships become boring overtime if they stop growing and experiencing new things. Samuel Zulu.

6. Personal growth is the only thing in this world that will keep your life from getting boring and uninteresting. Samuel Zulu.


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7. If you find your life boring, it’s a sign that something needs to change drastically. Samuel Zulu.

8. Have no time for boring people who don’t add value to your life or help you grow. Samuel Zulu.

9. Familiarity with anything is the mothers of all boringness. Samuel Zulu.

10. Too much of the same thing no matter how good gets boring over time. Samuel Zulu.

11. Most of the time, it’s the most exciting things in life that quickly become boring over time. Samuel Zulu.

12. Sometimes, you must do the boring stuff in life to get where you need to be. Samuel Zulu.

13. If you don’t want your life to be boring, keep growing and learning new things daily. Samuel Zulu.

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14. We all get bored from time to time in life and it’s part of being human I guess. Samuel Zulu.

15. If you are not growing daily on a constant basis, your life will soon become sterile and uninteresting. Samuel Zulu.

16. Any person not helping you grow no matter how interesting they may be at first will soon become boring to be around with time. Samuel Zulu.

17. If the person you are with isn’t helping you grow, it’s just a matter of time before you find that person boring to be around with. Samuel Zulu.

18. Life without fun is like well-cooked relish without salt. Samuel Zulu.

19. There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people. G.K. Chesterton.

20. I abhor the idea of a perfect world. It would bore me to tears. Shelby Foote.

21. The absence of the will to live is, alas, not sufficient to make one want to die. Michel Houellebecq.

22. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker.

23. The only worth thing than being bored is being boring. Jean Baudrillard.

24. You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you. Andy Warhol.

25. Boredom looms over the liveliest lessons, seeking to destroy. Marina Leigh Duff.

26. Worry is like a rocking chair-it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere. Katie Dale.

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27. Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being a bore to oneself. Gerald Brenan.

28. What was the fun of being upper-class if you had to work so hard to appear bored all the time? Troy Soos.

29. In the years since, I’ve discovered there’s a lot to be said for boredom. Stephen King.

30. I am near fourteen and have never yet seen a hanging. My life is barren. Karen Cushman.

31. Is boredom anything less than the sense of one’s faculties slowly dying? John Berger.

32. The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind. Albert Einstein.

33. Being bored is an insult to ones self. Jules Renard.

34. Boredom is only for boring people with no imagination. Tim Tharp.

35. Before you get bored of yourself try creativity in your life. Amit Kalantri.

36. Let your life be filled with fun and adventure if you don’t want it to be boring. Samuel Zulu.

37. Do something that makes you feel alive and not something that kills you from the inside. Samuel Zulu.

38. Sometimes, when your life is boring, it means that you are uninspired to wake up every day. Samuel Zulu.

39. Inspiration is the best medicine and cure for boredom. Samuel Zulu.

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40. Sometimes, a boring and relaxed life is more fulfilling than a stressful fast life. Samuel Zulu.

41. Boredom isn’t always bad. It can be an ideal time of soul searching and self-discovery. Samuel Zulu.

42. If you love your life, you will rarely find it boring. Samuel Zulu.

43. Life without diversity is destined for boredom and an unhappy existence. Samuel Zulu.

44. When growth leaves any relationship, boredom takes the throne of that once happy and fun relationship. Samuel Zulu.

45. It’s good to be bored sometimes as it shows you things that don’t inspire you that need to be let go of. Samuel Zulu.

46. Where there is no change and growth, boredom thrives big time. Samuel Zulu.

47. Don’t chase for instant excitement in life as you will eventually get bored with all those fleeting adrenaline rushes. Samuel Zulu.

48. The less exciting things in life are the one that prove not to be boring over time. Samuel Zulu.

49. Writing is a defense against boredom, but it’s also a cure for melancholy. Bohumil Hrabal.

50. Boredom is restlessness of the soul. It is an internal message reminding you that you’re better than the stagnancy you’ve settled for. Steve Maraboli.

51. There is absolutely no worse death curse than the humdrum daily existence of the living dead. Anthon St. Maarten.

52. I always like routine. I suppose I never found boredom very boring. John Green.

53. Restlessness is usually a sign of changes needing to be made, boredom, or loss of significance. April Mae Monterrosa.

54. Patience is the ability to enjoy the calm of boredom. Jakub Bozydar.

55. Never fail to know that if you are doing all the talking, you are boring somebody. Helen Gurley Brown.

56. Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored. Wayne Dyer.

57. Life can be boring unless you put some effort into it. John C. Maxwell.

58. When you are unemployed, weekends are seven days long. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

59. Whosoever possesses a camera should never know boredom. Wayne Gerard Trotman.

60. Boredom is the Devil’s delight. Lindsey Rietzsch.

61. When your life is boring, every hour that passes by sounds like eternity. Samuel Zulu.

62. A boring soul is indeed an uninspired soul in most of the cases. Samuel Zulu.

63. You may be boring to one person but still be the funniest person to someone else. Samuel Zulu.

64. In the midst of boredom, is where the devil attacks his victims with evil thoughts. Samuel Zulu.

65. If you find your life too boring, eventually, the devil will give you evil suggestions to make it fun. Samuel Zulu.


Hoe these 65 boredom quotes have helped understand what boredom is all about and where it stems from so that you can properly handle it if you struggle with this issue. Peace.

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