77 Believe Quotes [To Help You Believe With Discernment]

believe quotes.

Below is a list of 77 believe quotes and quotes on believing in yourself to remind you not all beliefs in life must be taken as gospel truth and why self-belief is crucial in life. May these 77 believe quotes give you the wisdom you need to help you not believe whatever you hear.

77 Quotes On Believing.

1. All is possible to those who believe. Samuel Zulu.

2. Believe in your abilities because no one will do that for you on your behalf. Samuel Zulu.

3. Even fools are considered wise if they believe that all things are possible in life. Samuel Zulu.

4. Not all things in life must be believed as there is too much deception out there. Samuel Zulu.

5. He who believes in anything will soon stray off from his intended path. Samuel Zulu.

6. Believe in the possibilities of life it has to offer to you. Samuel Zulu.

7. Stand for what you believe in even if it means losing everyone. Samuel Zulu.

8. Always hold firm to your convictions regardless of who tries to criticize them. Samuel Zulu.

9. Believe you can and all the success you want in life will materialize. Samuel Zulu.

10. Believe in yourself even if no one else does. Samuel Zulu.

11. Self-belief is key to accomplishing anything you want in your life. Samuel Zulu.

12. When everyone is doubting you is when you must look within yourself. Samuel Zulu.

13. Trust that everything will be ok in the end. Samuel Zulu.

14. God can do whatever you want in your life if you only believe. Samuel Zulu.

15. Faith is believing in the unseen and knowing in due time it will come to pass. Samuel Zulu.

16. Test all things before believing them with your heart. Samuel Zulu.

17. If you say yes to anything, you will be susceptible to deception. Samuel Zulu.

18. Be careful what you believe before you find yourself in a ditch tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

19. A person who says yes to anything is the easiest to manipulate with lies. Samuel Zulu.

20. To those who know not the truth, even lies will seem like truth to them. Samuel Zulu.

21. He who knows the true won’t believe any lies however convincing they may be. Samuel Zulu.

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22. He who believes whatever his heart tells him to do will be led astray. Samuel Zulu.


23. Not all suggestions of the heart must be believed. Samuel Zulu.

24. Stand for what you know is right regardless of who leaves you in life. Samuel Zulu.

25. Stand for the truth even when everyone around you is compromising. Samuel Zulu.

26. The day you stop believing in yourself is the day you start losing yourself. Samuel Zulu.

27. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing that you can do it. Samuel Zulu.

28. If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it. Roy T. Bennett.

29. Be brave to stand for what you believe in even if you stand alone. Roy T. Bennett.

30. If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will. Steve Maraboli.

31. People who fit don’t seek. The seekers are those that don’t fit. Shannon L. Alder.

32. Believe in your dreams even when they seem lost. Hayley Williams.

33. We each come to create the reality we believe we deserve. Steven Redhead.

34. I want to believe there’s a God. Because I sure as hell know there’s a devil. Jodi Picoult.

35. The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it. Joseph Mengele.

36. The secret to discovery is to never believe existing facts. Bryant McGill.

37. Believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Stephanie Lahart.

38. May you never grow too old to believe in magic and fairy tales. Misty Dawn Seidel.

39. I think children want to believe that they can be heroes too. Eleonore Caron.

40. Dare to believe that good things are possible when you follow your heart. Bryant McGill.

41. To live a normal life, you just have to believe nothing is normal. M.F. Moonzajer.

42. Love is the bee that carries the pollen from one heart to another. Slash Coleman.

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43. But I believe that music can change a life, because it changed mine. Charlotte Eriksson.

44. Sometimes, life gets weird. Hang in there, it gets better. Tanner Patrick.


45. Believe that there are no limits. Manifest your best reality. Truth Devour.

46. All things can be believable but it doesn’t mean they are true. Samuel Zulu.

47. Believe not the devil though he seems to have good intentions. Samuel Zulu.

48. Crocodile tears must not be believed regardless of how legit they may look. Samuel Zulu.

49. Even fools are considered wise if they believe in a wise cause. Samuel Zulu.

50. Easy to believe God but hard to live by His ways except by Grace. Samuel Zulu.

51. Anyone believes in love but not all are willing to live by it. Samuel Zulu.

52. To him who has faith, all things are possible. Samuel Zulu.

53. He who has faith like a mustard seed shall do great exploits in life. Samuel Zulu.

54. If you believe you are a failure, you will like remain so in life till death. Samuel Zulu.

55. Faith is believing in the unseen, yet knowing that it will come to pass. Samuel Zulu.

56. Once a liar tells one lie, all his subsequent truths will be hard to believe. Samuel Zulu.

57. Not all that is seen must be believed with your naked eye. Samuel Zulu.

58. If you don’t have values in life, all will be believable to you. Samuel Zulu.

59. There is power in prayer for those who believe in it by faith. Samuel Zulu.

60. Believe what everyone says about you and you will never know your true self. Samuel Zulu.

61. Opinions of others must not make you stop believing in yourself. Samuel Zulu.

62. Just because you believe in something doesn’t make it true. Samuel Zulu.

63. Believe you deserve to be happy and happiness will come looking after you. Samuel Zulu.

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64. You are the missing piece of my heart and soul. United we are now whole. Truth Devour.

65. We will never have an expiration date. Our love is destined to exist forever. Truth Devour.

66. Forever present, always knowing that you are the only one for me. Truth Devour.


67. Let every hindrance to joy become the soil out of which joy blossoms. Elizabeth George.

68. The way religion makes thousands believe is itself a miracle. M.F. Moonzajer.

69. Expect it, believe it, trust yourself and the process, and allow it to come to you. Mike Basevi.

70. The man who loves is easy of belief. Italian Proverb.

71. If a man believes in a stone, that stone will serve him well. Arabian Proverb.

72. Easy to believe in heaven’s law, but so hard to keep. Chinese Proverb.

73. You can worship a sardine’s head if you believe in it. Japanese Proverb.

74. Who knows most believes least. Traditional Proverb.

75. A vain belief, unprofitable. English Proverb.

76. A day you believe is not bad, is the one that becomes bad. African Proverb.

77. It is the belief in roses that makes them flourish. French Proverb.


Hope these 77 believe quotes will inspire you to believe in yourself and not to just believe anything you hear as not all beliefs are true. Peace.

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