25 Fake Family Quotes For Dealing With Fake Family Members Gracefully.


Looking for fake family quotes, fake family members quotes or quotes about fake families to help you deal with troublesome fake family members in your family? Look no further.

We all have to deal with fake family members or fake families at some point in life disguised as friends who are just there to give you heartaches and drama.

Fake family members are often disguised as your friends; give you fake hugs, smiles, and kisses especially uncles, in-laws and relatives who are the major culprits.

Without wasting your precious time, here are the top 25 fake family quotes you will ever need to deal with fake families or fake family members in your family graciously and firmly.

Fake Family Quotes For Dealing With Fake Families.

1. Fake families and family members are like mist. When they disappear from your life, your life becomes so much clearer like a bright sunny day. Trialsandtests.com.


Very true indeed. Your life becomes much better and has more clarity when fake family members disappear from your life.

With fake family members in your life, your life is like a cloudy day clouded with their toxic childish never-ending drama & it’s such a relief when you distance yourself from them.

2. All that fake and jealous family members can give you are lies, drama and jealousy. Trialsandtests.com.


The above fake family quotes ring true for most fake families out there with jealous family members in it with their toxic jealous and envy they have against other family members.

Indeed, all that fake family members have to give you is jealousy, drama and lies to your face which is sad indeed. There is nothing really good about them which shouldn’t be the case.

3. Fake family members are more dangerous than standing armies. Trialsandtests.com.


The above quote is one of the best fake family quotes you will come across which indeed highlight the danger fake families possess to an individual.

And this danger is more potent than standing armies because, in your family, it’s difficult to spot who your real enemy is behind those fake smiles, kisses & hugs.

4. Fake families pretend all is well outside when nothing about them is well at all but falling apart. Trialsandtests.com.


Yep, all is well outside with fake families when in actual reality nothing about them is well at except fake social media profiles they post on social media where salt can look like sugar.

They do so because they have an image and false identity to maintain in front of the audience while real families where love & harmony thrives simply don’t care or fake themselves.

5. A fake family unit is made up of fake family members who pretend to love you on the outside but inside are filled with all manner of hate, jealousy, bitterness, & resentment against you for no reason. Trialsandtests.com.


Indeed, fake families are made of fake people in the form of fake family members pretending to love you on the outside but inside they are boiling with hate like water in the pot.

But that’s not your problem anyway. Just keep shining and glowing in love, joy & happiness while their anger eats and consumes them inside. Remember, good always overcomes evil.

6. Honesty and integrity is the best revenge you can give to fake family members in your family. Trialsandtests.com.


Similar to the earlier mentioned fake family quote, the saying above is among the best solutions you can use to deal with fake family members in your family.

Most of these fake family members think they are punishing you with their deceit when in fact they are just troubling and putting themselves to shame and disrepute.

7. With fake families, everything about them has to be forged or faked as there is nothing real about them. Trialsandtests.com.


This couldn’t be further from the truth when dealing with fake families obsessed with pleasing their neighbours who don’t even care about them at all.

Fake family members go to extraordinary lengths to portray a fake identity about them to win the praise of other people or to get special treatment from others.

8. When fake family members act the way they do in your family, don’t be surprised. What you are seeing is the mask finally falling off. Trialsandtests.com.


True indeed because a tree is always known by the kind of fruit it produces and not the attractive beautiful leaves it may have outside.

The same goes for fake family members who act the way they do. When they do, don’t get surprised as it’s just the law of nature manifesting itself in front of your eyes.

9. The best way to expose fake family members is to let a major even occur in that family especially where the money is concerned. Trialsandtests.com.


Where money is concerned, you can rest assured that fake family members are just around the corner and uncles, in-laws and relatives are guilty of this.

Just look at when the breadwinner of the family dies and how families get torn apart just because of money and inheritance issues which they didn’t even work for after all.

10. So, you want to sniff out fake family members or imposters in your family? Just put money in the equation and see what happens. Trialsandtests.com.


The above quote is one of the best quotes about fake family members and how to spot them in your family under the veil of fake smiles & hugs fake family members give outside.

Indeed, money is the real acid test you can employ if you want to expose fake family members especially relatives or uncles who are the main culprits.

11. Fake families don’t want to see you happy and successful in life above them which makes them feel less important, ashamed of themselves & insecure about themselves. Trialsandtests.com.


Of all the fake family quotes disused so far the above quote is what you should have at the back of your mind when family members become jealous of your happy & successful life.

Their jealousy stems from their insecurities and shame about their own lives as your success reminds them of where they screwed up in their lives. Just keep succeeding, anyway.

12. Fake family members rejoice in seeing you falling in life. The moment you become successful and surpass them, it’s trouble. Trialsandtests.com.


Yes, fake family members don’t want to see you succeed in life and surpassing them and when you do so, you open a can of worms but if you fail, ah, you are good friends indeed.

This causes all sorts of drama, jesting, envy and jealousy on their part because you have achieved what they didn’t achieve in their lifetime and that is a thorn in the flesh to them.

13. Just as you can’t have fire without heat, where fake family members are, the drama is always close by. Trialsandtests.com.


True indeed, the drama is always close by when fake family members are around and a day can’t go without their toxic drama polluting the whole family.

To deal with such family members, it’s wise to distance yourself from them to avoid any issues with them or resenting them altogether. Just leave them in peace & mind your own business.

14. With fake and jealous family members, your failure is their happiness and your success is their unhappiness as your success reminds when of where they fell short in life. Trialsandtests.com.


When you succeed, fake family members become jealous of your success and progress in life which they never had in their lifetime.

Your success reminds them of where they fell short in life and seeing you surpassing them makes them feel ashamed of themselves inside and try to hide it in the form of jealousy.

15. It’s well known that some people are best loved from a distance and fake family members are on top of that list on the billboard. Trialsandtests.com.


The above saying is one of the best fake family quotes to apply to fake family members in your family who are giving you headaches with their childish drama.

Indeed, fake family members or fake families are better loved from a distance if you want to stay clear of their destructive toxic behaviour and drama.

fake family members quotes

16. Don’t worry about fake family members. They usually expose themselves in due time under the right circumstances. Trialsandtests.com.


Indeed, fake family members will always manifest their true colours when the time is right as a tree will always be known by its fruits and fake family members can’t hide from that.

No matter how fake family members may want to appear just know in due time, they will show their true colours. So don’t even bother in trying to spot them.

17. Fake family members are like chameleons. They turn green i.e. friendly when you have something to benefit them & turn red i.e. against you when you are no longer useful to them. Trialsandtests.com.


Yep, especially uncles and relatives who are unusually good and friendly to you giving you fake smiles, fake kisses & fake hugs when you are benefiting them in some way.

When you no longer benefit them in some way especially financially, you are nothing but trash to them and will throw you out of the window when the opportunity presents itself.

18. It’s ok to distance yourself from fake family members & their drama out of respect and love for the sake of peace & harmony. Trialsandtests.com.


Similar to the above quotes about fake families, earlier discussed, the above quote reminds you once again that distancing yourself from them is better for the sake of your sanity.

You have to distance from them at times for the sake of peace if being around them brings all sorts of drama and unnecessary childish confrontations.


19. It’s better to spend quality time with your pet than fake family members who are just there to degrade & bring you down with their jealousy and unending drama. Trialsandtests.com.


Spending time with your pet in peace and harmony is way better than being too toxic family gathering which is full of drama and toxicity around them.

As your pet won’t give you trouble or drama. Rather than wasting your time in these fake & toxic family gathering, just spend time with yourself and your lovely pet by taking walks.

20. Fear not your outside enemy you know but fear fake family members who give you fake hugs and kisses but ready to backstab you when the opportunity arrives. Trialsandtests.com.


The above quote couldn’t be further from the truth as fake family members are deadlier than the enemy you know outside.

With fake family members, you don’t know who your real enemy is as they are green serpents lurking in green grass waiting to strike you at the right time.

21. It’s in your best interests to distance yourself from fake family members & their toxic drama for the sake of your sanity and wellbeing. Yes, you can still love and influence them positively from a distance. Trialsandtests.com.


Yes, you can still show love to fake family members peradventure through your exemplary character and behaviour they will change and come to their senses.

But it doesn’t mean that you must be caught in their mayhem as you can do it from a distance to avoid their drama and for the sake of your wellbeing.

22. The only way fake family members can change is by praying for them peradventure their heart can be softened to make them realize that what they are doing isn’t right. Trialsandtests.com.


Praying for fake family members in your family is one of the best things you can do to them rather than forcefully trying to change them.

Remember, you are responsible for your own choices in life and there responsible for theirs and it’s not your job to change them as change is a personal choice one needs to make.

23. Fake family members create their storms in their families and quickly blame you for them which is funny. Trialsandtests.com.


Funny indeed. Fake family members indeed create their storms in their families and you are a scapegoat for them happening in their families.

They even pretend with fake empathy and use blame game to make you look like you are the source of all the family drama going on when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

24. Fake families hate you when you are real but will love you with fake love when you are fake and conform to their wishes. Trialsandtests.com.


Fake families love fake people and the reason for this is because birds of the same feather flock together as simple as that.

Built if you are real and authentic, you are the black sheep of the family as you don’t have the same feathers of fake hood they have on their backs but don’t mind.

25. Sadly, you will have to cut off certain toxic and fake family members in your life for you to move forward & progress in life if they refuse to change for the better. Trialsandtests.com.


Lastly, that fake family quote above is something you may need to act on if all you have tried to reconcile and make peace with them fails.

Remember, life is simply too short for unnecessary drama. If they refuse to change their toxic behaviour, just respectfully move forward with your life to avoid any issues with them.


These are all the 25 fake family quotes and fake family members quotes I had to share with you in this post and hope you learned something valuable from them to apply in your life.

Fake family members can indeed be frustrating to deal with but remember, you don’t have to be part of their drama and falsehood nor allow their jealousy to affect your livelihood.

Just be you and live the toxic, jealousy and troublesome fake family members alone to be dealt with by the law of karma.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with everyone you know having trouble in dealing with fake family members at it will help them, too. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

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