150 Exotic Short Happiness Quotes About True Happiness To Live By


This post you are about to read contains a collection of 150 short happiness quotes, true happiness quotes or simply happiness quotes you will ever need to live happily.

Happiness is an integral part of anyone’s life if that person is to enjoy his/her life here on earth. Ironically, most people in this world are unhappy and miserable, nevertheless.

Why is that you may ask? The simple answer to that question is that most people can’t differentiate between real happiness and excitement.

If you are such a person, let not thine heart be troubles as the short happiness quotes you will discover in this post will give you a new understanding of what real happiness is.

Why These Short Happiness Quotes?

Well, these cute happy quotes or short happiness quotes will help you unlearn the lies you have been fed with by the society that you need something external to be happy.

Secondly, you will also know the clear cut difference between being excited and being genuinely happy as most people confuse the two. They are not the same, please.

Furthermore, by the end of this post about short happiness quotes, you will now know that you deserve to be happy and you don’t need to ask permission for your happiness.

With that said, let’s dive into the 150 short happiness quotes you will ever need for you to live happily ever after all the days of thy life.

150 Soothing Short Happiness Quotes For Your Soul

Here are the short happiness quotes you desperately need of you want to be truly joyful and happy in your lifetime and beyond.

1. It is love that gives joy to happiness. Rumi.

2. Come sit with me, let us drink the holy wine of happiness. Rumi.

3. The more we are grateful, the more happiness we get. Rumi.

4. When you do things for your soul, you feel the river of joy within you. Rumi.

5. Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you. Rumi.

6. You are the bird of happiness in the magic of existence. Why do you let yourself be chained or caged? Rumi.

7. People want you to be happy. Don’t keep serving them your pain. Rumi.

8. Patience is the key to joy. Rumi.

9. Genuine happiness isn’t a feeling but a state of mind. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

10. Real happiness isn’t a pursuit or something that can be chased and hunted down because real happiness comes from within you and not outside. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

11. Happiness and sadness can’t co-exist just as light and darkness can’t mix. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

12. Happiness and excitement are two different things in that the former is internal while the latter is external. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

13. No one can be happy on your behalf. It’s your responsibility to embrace happiness in your life and it’s no one else’s. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

14. Like everything else in life, happiness is a choice that only you can make. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

15. If you expect someone to make you happy in this world, you are indeed the most disillusioned person here on earth as no none can do that for you, unfortunately. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

16. The reason why no one in this world can give you long-lasting happiness is that happiness is an inside job. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

17. For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

18. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi.

19. You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Albert Camus.

20. Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. Dalai Lama.

21. No medicine cures what happiness cannot. Gabriel García Márquez.

22. Take responsibility of your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands. Roy T. Bennett.

23. Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money but with you. Buddha.

24. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Buddha.

25. There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path. Buddha.

26. Too much happiness brings tears in our eyes. African Proverb.

27. Happiness is like a perfume; you cannot pour it all on others without allowing a few drops to fall on yourself. African Proverb.

28. Happiness often sneaks through your door when you left the door open. African Proverb.

29. One happiness scatters a thousand sorrows. Chinese Proverb.

30. Happiness is not perfected until it is shared. African Proverb.

32. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation. Chinese Proverb.

33. There is one happiness in life, to be loved and to be loved. Portuguese Proverb.

34. Seeking happiness is a straight way to misery. English Proverb.

35. He is not happy who does not realize his happiness. Latin Proverb.

36. The memory of happiness makes misery woeful. Latin Proverb.

37. Misfortunes make happiness sweeter when it comes. Latin Proverb.

38. He who has a bad wife can expect no happiness that can be so-called. Spanish Proverb.

39. Happiness is not a horse; you cannot harness it. Russian Proverb.

40. True happiness lies in giving it to others. Indian Proverb.

41. Patience attracts happiness; it brings near what is far. Swahili Proverb.

42. Happiness is as good as the food. Maasai Proverb.

43. There are two kinds of men; those who could be happy and are not and those who search for happiness and find it not. Arab Proverb.

44. Happiness is like a sunbeam, which the least shadow intercepts, while adversity is often as the rain in the spring. Chines Proverb.

45. Happiness does not give, it only lends. Danish Proverb.

46. For some of us, happiness comes while we sleep. French Proverb.

47. Happiness opens the arms and closes the eyes. German Proverb.

48. The happiness you pay for is to be found everywhere. Gypsy Proverb.

49. Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach. Japanese Proverb.

50. Where there are laughter happiness likes to be. Japanese Proverb.

Exotic True Happiness Quotes

A collection of true happiness quotes to remind you that true happiness comes from within you and from above and not outside you or in another person.

51. Happiness automatically becomes a mirage in your life if you are not content with what you already have. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

52. Real happiness and excitement can be likened to the sun and the moon. The former needs nothing outside it to give out its radiant light you see while the latter needs something external to shine and is less bright than the former. So is the difference between real happiness and excitement which is temporal. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

53. The sun will always outshine the moon. Similarly, true happiness will always outshine excitement in your life which is fleeting in nature. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

54. Real happiness like the sun never stops shining and illuminating your soul because real happiness isn’t fleeting, unlike excitement. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

55. Those who believe happiness is fleeting have been misguided by society and have a faulty understanding of what real happiness tastes like because they haven’t experienced it themselves in the first place. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

56. If you have Jesus in your life, you don’t go looking for happiness as happiness is what comes looking for you on its own accord. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

57. The happiness and joy found in the Lord shine brighter than the sun which makes your soul, body and spirit shine as well like the sun in its full strength in mid-day surpassing anything in this world falsely labelled as happiness. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

58. The moment you stop expecting anyone to make you happy is the day you discover what real happiness is. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

59. If you are the person who makes you happy, you need no other to make you happy just as the sun does not need light from other stars to make it shine in its glorious mesmerizing light you see and bath from. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

60. It’s important to know that Satan also has his own version of happiness found in this world which is a pirated version of the real happiness which is found only in Jesus and not in this world. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

61. Those who say that they are pursuing happiness are chasing the wind as real happiness isn’t a pursuit in the first place because how can you pursue something that is already within you? It makes no sense. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

62. If you say you are pursuing happiness, just know that you are pursuing fool’s gold and not real happiness. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

63. Everyone wants to be happy in this life but not everyone is willing to find the authentic source of that happiness they are looking for which is found in Jesus only and no one or anything else in this world. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

64. The Devil too can give you an illusion that you are happy by manipulating your emotions which only excite you temporarily. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

65. The best way of differentiating real happiness which comes from God only from its imposters is by checking its source as real happiness from God is 3 dimensional in nature which affects your soul, body and spirit. While fake happiness from Satan has no dimensions and only affects your emotions. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

66. It is said that happiness is the greatest success you can ever have in life but I say unto you that real happiness fused with joy and godly contentment which is great gain is the ultimate success one can ever have and has no rivals. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

67. Real happiness and excitement are two different things most people confuse as the latter only affects your feelings while the former is 3 dimensional in nature illuminating your soul, body and spirit with luminous light real happiness comes with. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

68. I am not happy because I have everything in life. I am happy because my name is written in heaven, my real home I will go to when I leave this troublesome wicked world. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

69. The genesis of real happiness in life is by first starting to embracing godly contentment with what you do already have. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

70. If money bought happiness, then only rich people would be the happiest people here on earth. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

71. Sometimes, all you need is clarity in life to be happy. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

72. Filling and cluttering your life with material things you don’t even need won’t but will have the opposite effect as real happiness is found only within us and not in material possessions or money that everyone is chasing. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

73. Real happiness is always accompanied by godly contentment. Anything short of that is nothing but fool’s gold. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

74. Happiness also means willing to let go of toxic people in your life who want to pollute your happiness with their toxic energy due to their jealousy. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

75. With real happiness, comes fake happiness just as there are counterfeit products for every genuine product on the market. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.


76. You don’t chase real happiness because real happiness never goes away and is always within you. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

77. Finding your true calling in life is the first step to living a happy and joyful life. For without that critical component, happiness is nothing but a pipe dream and a mirage. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

78. He who delights in the Lord and shuns all evil is the happiest person on earth. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

79. Real happiness is virtually impossible in life without finding your God-given purpose here on earth for your life. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

80. Just as you can’t have thunder without lightning, real happiness is always accompanied with inner joy and godly contentment. Anything short of that is nothing but a paper tiger. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

Parallel Articles To This One.

81. Embrace happiness and joy in your life as the Lord delights seeing you happy and joyful too as he himself is the definition of real everlasting happiness and joy. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

82. Excitement can be bought with money but not real happiness. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

83. Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control and some things are not. Epictetus.

84. The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. Socrates.

85. Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole and not that of anyone class. Plato.

86. Where there is fear, happiness is not. Greek Quote.

87. He who would be happy should stay at home. Greek Proverb.

88. Happiness comes from peace. Peace comes from indifference. Naval Ravikant.

89. Think of all the beauty around you and be happy. Anne Frank.

90. Happiness springs from doing good things and helping others. Plato.

91. Happiness is a state of activity. Aristotle.

92. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi.

93. Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height. Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance. Osho.

94. Only laughter makes a man rich, but the laughter has to be blissful. Osho.

95. Real happiness comes with bliss just as lightning is accompanied by thunder. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests

96. A happy person is indeed a blessed person on earth even though that person has little. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

97. Real happiness is like an ocean that never runs dry. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

98. He who depends on God for his or her happiness is like a tree planted by the riverside which never dries up all year round. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

99. Cloudy no matter how thick they are; they can’t completely block the light from the sun. In like manner, true happiness can’t be silhouetted by difficulty circumstance in your life which may try to block the powerful rays of happiness emanating from your soul. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

100. Real happiness is the greatest wealth one can have far surpassing silver and gold. Samuel Zulu, trialsandtests.

Soothing Cute Happy Quotes.

A list of soothing cute happy quotes which will fill your immaculate precious soul with benevolent joy from above which surpasses all human understanding.

101. Happy people are not men pleasers or society pleasers as they understand that happiness is a personal thing. Trialsandtests.com.

102. Real happiness also means that you must get rid of toxic people in your life who are just there to contaminate your pure joy with their toxic energy. Trialsandtests.com.

103. If you allow yourself to be happy without needing any validation from outside, it’s a sign that you love and value yourself as happy people love themselves and appreciate who they are. Treialsamdtests.com.

104. Happiness is one of the best medicines and cures for depression and any other low states you may currently be having. Trialsandtests.com.

105. If you know that you deserve happiness in your life, depression will have no place in your mind. Trialsandtests.com.

106. When God is the source of all your joy and happiness in your life which surpasses all human understanding, you are truly a blessed soul indeed. Trialsandtests.com.

107. Let Jesus be the source of your happiness and joy in your life and you will never have to look for happiness shout side yourself, in things or in another person. Trialsandtests.com.

108. Learn to be happy and embrace happiness in your life as happiness is good for the wellbeing of your soul. Trialsandtests.com.

109. Happiness is simple in that it needs nothing outside you to exist. Trialsandtests.com.

110. With happiness, comes positive energy which radiates from deep down your soul whose brightness & radiance is that of the sun which illuminates everyone around you with the sweetness and aroma positive energy has. Trialsandtests.com.

111. Being happy is a choice. So, is being unhappy as well. Trialsandtests.com.

112. He who chooses happiness loveth his soul. Trialsandtests.com.

113. Happiness too is a virtue just as love is. Trialsandtests.com.

114. Let joy and happiness be the mantra you live by in your everyday life. Trialsandtests.com.

115. Now is the time to be happy in your life because when you go to the grave, it will be too late to be happy. Trialsandtests.com.

116. Don’t postpone your happiness to tomorrow which you don’t even know of. Start being happy right now as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Trialsandtests.com.

117. Postponing your happiness in future is utter foolishness because you don’t even know if today is your last day to be alive here on earth. Trialsandtests.com.

118. You don’t need approval from anyone to be happy. So, start being happy now and stop asking for permission to be happy. Trialsandtests.com.

119. Where real happiness thrives, there is zero-tolerance for toxic people as happiness and toxic energy can’t co-exist. Trialsandtests.com.

120. Let happiness be your lifestyle, live it, breathe it, exhale it and eat it. Trialsandtests.com.

121. If everyone understood that real happiness within us and not outside, depression will be virtually non-existent in our society full of depressed people from all walks of life. Trialsandtests.com.

122. You can’t be happy and be depressed at the same time. Trialsandtests.com.

123. Happy people are not depressed people. For these two energies can’t co-exist. Trialsandtests.com.

124. You deserve to be happy as far as heaven is concerned. So, never allow depression, sadness and unhappiness to reign in your life and control you. Trialsandtests.com.

125. My greatest source of joy comes from the fact that the Lord is the source of all my happiness & joy which can never run dry or affected by the law of familiarity. Trialsandtests.com.

126. To be happy, you must have the heart of a little child. Trialsandtests.com.

127. May you are happiness shine so bright like the sun in its full strength at midday that anyone who comes in contact with you is encouraged to do the same as well. Trialsandtests.com.

128. To be happy or be unhappy with your life is your personal decision to make. Trialsandtests.com.

129. You can’t be happy if you have to be happy. Trialsandtests.com.

130. Let happiness, joy and godliness with contentment which is great gain be the mantra all the days of your life. Trialsandtests.com.

131. Happy is he whose source of joy, happiness, bliss, abundance and contentment is the Lord. Trialsandtests.com.

132. The road to real eternal happiness surpassing all human understanding is a narrow road that only a few will find both in this life and in the world to come in eternity. Trialsandtests.com.

133. He who seeketh happiness only in this is unwise and will eternally regret in the life to come when all is said and done with this earthly life. Trialsandtests.com.

134. Happiness is neither for the rich nor for the poor. Rich because real happiness can’t be purchased with a piece of paper and poor because real happiness can’t be gained through acquiring material things or money but real happiness is for everyone that desireth it. Trialsandtests.com.

135. Happiness is more than just feeling good on a good day because feelings come and go like the wind. Trialsandtests.com.

136. The way of the truth, righteousness and holiness is the only path to everlasting happiness which can’t be found in this world. Trialsandtests.com.

137. Dwell in happiness from above and let happiness dwell in your, too. Trialsandtests.com.

138. Enter ye into the straight gate and highway which leads to everlasting happiness found only in Jesus which is narrow and only few will ever find in their lifetime. Trialsandtests.com.

139. To be happy, you must also be willing to unsubscribe from anything which can contaminate it. Trialsandtests.com.

140. Real happiness is pure and delicate as it can easily be contaminated with negative and toxic energies which comes from negative and toxic people in your life circle. Protect your happiness by distancing yourself from such people. Trialsandtests.com.

141. Abide in happiness, joy, and contentment for they only can satisfy your soul. Trialsandtests.com.

142. Let happiness be the sweetheart of your immaculate precious soul for she will make your life beautiful inside out. Trialsandtests.com.

143. Most people chasing happiness outside themselves are like a native Indian Deer which doesn’t know that its fragrant smell comes from its own body and not carefully hidden somewhere in the bush. Trialsandtests.com.

144. You can’t chase happiness because happiness will always run faster than you. Let happiness herself seek and find you. Trialsandtests.com.

145. May your precious soul shine luminously like the sun with joy and happiness all the day of thy life for you and for others. Trialsandtests.com.

146. The secret to real happiness in life is being contented with what you currently have right now no matter how little. Trialsandtests.com.

147. Happiness begins when you start showing godly gratitude in the little things in your life. Trialsandtests.com.

148. With happiness, also comes godly gratitude and contentment in everything in your life just as lightning is accompanied by thunder. Trialsandtests.com.

149. You can’t be happy if you are not grateful with what you already have in your life and are always on a wild goose chase for more stuff. Trialsandtests.com.

150. Each day of your life is an opportunity for you to be happy no matter the circumstances in your life, good or bad. Trialsandtests.com.


These are all the 150 short happiness quotes I had to share with you in this post today and I hope you enjoyed them and got a new perspective of what true happiness is.

Remember, life is simply too short not to be happy and joyful and may these short happiness quotes or true happiness quotes remind you of that.

Let happiness be the air and oxygen you breathe in your daily life for without lit life is less enjoyable and meaningless.

In conclusion, kindly share this post on happiness quotes with everyone you know if you found if beneficial. May the Lord richly bless your life with joy, happiness and abundance. Cheers