10 Positive Quotes About Life To Help You Live Happily & Positively

positive quotes

In a world full of negativity and distress all over, it’s very easy to be discouraged and give up on life due to trials and tribulations we go through.

Indeed, life can be very hard at times and very often, we need some positive quotes which will strengthen and rejuvenate your life in this tough and harsh African Savannah of life.

positive quotes about life

If you a such a person experiencing severe discouragements, trials or tribulations in life, hers are 10 positive quotes about life which will help you brighten up your life and see the good in every situation you go through.

10 Short Positive Quotes For Positive Living

1. True positivity is counting it all joy in any circumstances you find yourself in and knowing that these circumstances are happening for you, not to you. “Trialsandtests.”


Indeed is amazing positive quote above admonishes you and me to see the good in any situation we found ourselves in whether good or bad.

You can’t say you are truly positive in life you are only happy and positive in good times. Life isn’t a movie, we all go through difficult and trying moment s in our lives which shake the very core of our being.

Despite all the hardships, trials and tribulations we all go through as human beings in life due to our fallen nature, we should see trials of life as the best blessings which can happen to us.

Remember, just as Gold can’t be brought into its pristine pure condition without heat, likewise, trials bring out the very best in us by baking and shaping us into people we were meant to be.

Understand that without trials and tests of life, life is essentially useless and meaningless or likened to clouds with the wind without rain. Empty and without any substance in short.

Adversity and life trials are what will make your life worth living and remembering both now and in the world to come in Eternity.

So, if you are going through many trials and difficult moment in your life as you are reading this, be thankful and count it all joy. And they are the necessary ingredients which you need to be the person you were meant to be.

2. I am thankful to all those who said no to me. It is because of them I am doing it myself. “Albert Einstein.”


This is one of the best positive quotes about success which talks about dealing with rejection and being thankful for it.

Remember, when one door closes, 10 more doors are wide open just waiting for you to enter. In life, we sometimes face rejection and disappointments as to why certain things didn’t happen as we hoped.

Rejection is one of the best things which can happen in your life as it acts as a guide to help us find our true calling in life. Remember, rejection is simply redirection.

One such good examples are is being rejected for a dream job you applied for, not getting a promotion you worked so hard for years or dropping out of college.

In these difficult situations, it’s very easy to be discouraged and give up on life thinking it’s the end of the world.

But you should bear in mind that every successful and great person who has ever lived on earth faced several rejections before seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

One such contemporary example, is Elon Musk, the founder of Space X and Tesla Motors. Elon faced a lot of earth-shattering challenges in his early years and at some point, both of his companies were at the brink of total bankruptcy or collapse.

Nevertheless, due to his determination, he managed to salvage both of his companies from total financial ruin and manage to pay back the loan he got in full plus interest in time.

I encourage you to read his entrepreneurship story and career and how he managed to save both of his companies for encouragement.

3. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and accomplishes the impossible. “Winston Churchill.”


Despite all challenges and seemingly impossible odds, a positive person or thinker see the solution to every challenge or problem they face in life.

As a result, such people accomplish great things in life which others deemed impossible in their small and limited minds.

On the contrary, negative people see the opposite that is they don’t see golden opportunities in difficult situations. All they know is to complain and whine about why life isn’t fair to them.

While in reality, it’s their negativity which is blindfolding them to the endless possibilities life and the universe are trying to show them.

Don’t be such a person. Always see positivity in every challenge or trial you go through in life as they are blessings in disguise.

Avoid any self-doubt and negativity in your mind if you want to accomplish something great or significant in your life worthy of remembrance.

4. Slow and steady wins the race. “English Proverb.”


This is one of my favorite positive quotes about life which implies that being the fastest or smartest person out there won’t necessarily make you win this race of life.

If you have read the famous Tortoise and the Hare race and how the Hare lost to a slow and steady feeble Tortoise, you know what this quote is trying to communicate to you right now.

In this fast-paced world, it’s very easy to compare ourselves to others to see how fast they are moving in relation to us not realizing that everyone runs the race of life at their own pace.

Those who win this race of life are not necessarily the fastest, agile or smart but those who are steady and follow through their goals in life despite the difficulties they may encounter along the way.

Note that life isn’t for the swift, educated, intelligent or the wise but we all get different opportunities and second chances in life.

Kindly watch the Tortoise and Hare video below by Tiny Grads for you to better understand what this quote is trying to communicate to you. Video.

Everyone today is obsessed with how the neighbor is doing instead of focusing on themselves. If the neighbor buys a new house or car suddenly, they feel left behind and want to do the same as well.

As a result, they end up doing irrational things so as to keep up with the Jones instead of focusing on their important life goals and ambitions.

Remember, life is a marathon and not a sprint where you can see the finish line within 100 meters of the race and you are not competing with anyone, please. Run your race steadily and consistently at your own pace.

Don’t compare yourself to others who are running at a faster pace than you. Wait for your appointed time and everything will fall in place for you in due season.

5. Avoid negative people at all costs who try to bring you down or belittle you like the most deadly contagious disease ever known to man. “Trialsandtests.”


Indeed is one of the best positive life quotes I can give you in this post about straying clear of negative people who are only interested in bringing you down or belittling you.

We have all come across or encountered naysayers, negative or toxic people at one point in our lives who try to frustrate our efforts or progress in life.

These kinds of poisonous individuals will go to extraordinary lengths to frustrate your progress in life as they are afraid and threatened that they will become less significant if you succeed and move ahead of them in life.

Such people must be avoided at all costs like a deadly contagious disease ever known to man because these people will only bring you down and contaminate you with their negative toxic energy.

Letting go of negative people who are not aligned with your purpose and goals in life is indeed one of the best things you can do to yourself for your personal growth and development.

6. Positive energy is like medicine which nourishes and heals your soul from within and helps you overcome any obstacles and trials in life. “Trialsandtests.”


Positive energy is very essential in our lives for our own nourishment and well being of our soul. As you know, life is full of ups and down and not a straight line.

When you embrace positive energy or positivity in your life, no obstacle or trial in life will be too difficult for you to overcome and be victorious over.

Positivity in all situations is what will make you genuinely joyful when everyone is complaining about why life isn’t fair.

Unlike negative people who complain all the time why life seems to be hard or unfair to them, you, on the other hand, you will count it all joy even in the most trying moments of your life.

As you know and understand that life happens or is happening for you and not to you if you embrace positivity in your life.

You will know that every trying moment in your life is a blessing in disguise only there to teach you important lessons you need for your personal growth and development in your life.

For this reason, avoid associating with negative people in your life who don’t add any value to you as they may infect you with their negative toxic energy.

7. Life without adversity is worthless without any meaning and likened to clouds and wind without rain. “Trialsandtests.”


What an amazing positive quote indeed you need to have in the back of your mind. This quote is for everyone who likes to complain about life and want it the easy way.

Remembers, everything worthwhile in life doesn’t come without adversity, blood sweat and tears on your part.

Implying, adversity is what will make your life worth living and remembering here on earth and in the world to come. Your adversity is indeed your greatest advantage and blessing in life you can ever have.

Just like clouds without rain are meaningless, life without adversity or trials has no substance or meaning as you have nothing to write home about or remember.

Why if you ask? Well, you don’t need to look far. I am sure you have come across people in your life who were given everything and had every advantage in life be it money or education.

But when their first encounter with adversity or life setbacks, they completely fell apart into oblivion as they are ill-equipped to handle life’s challenges with a smiling face.

On the other hand, I am sure you have encountered people in your life who didn’t have every advantage in life be it money or education but achieved great things in their lives against all the odds.

That my friend is the amazing beauty of adversity as it opens you to greater opportunities and teaches you how to think outside the box or norms society has put in place.

This is why kids born in very rich families where everything was given to then have a very shallow understanding of what life is all about and horribly depressed and empty inside.

Reason being, life isn’t about making money or accumulating material possessions which you won’t take with you when you die.

8. Positive people also go through challenges just like any ordinary human being the only difference is that they handle difficult situations differently with a positive and grateful mind. “Trialsandtests.”


Everyone goes through trials and tests in life regardless of status including positive people but the major difference is they handle trying situations in their life with a joyful smile on their face.

They understand that genuine positivity and happiness in life isn’t dependent on circumstances they are in or found only when thing are good or smooth sailing in their lives.

You cannot have a complete, rewarding and fulfilled life without trying moments in your life to shape and mold you into the person you were destined to be in life.

Genuinely positive people understand that adversity and trying moment in their lives is essential for their personal growth and development.

On the contrary, people who are negative about everything in their life can’t see the amazing beauty and priceless lessons trying moments bring into their lives.

As a result, they settle for less than they can be if they are confronted with challenges of life which are just there to benefit them even though they don’t realize it.

9. Create a vision and never let the environment, other people’s beliefs or the limit of what has been done in the past shape your decisions. “Tony Robbins.”


One of the best positive quotes by Tony Robbins which encourages us never to allow anyone regardless of who that to distract us from building the vision we have for our lives.

It’s very easy to get trapped into trying to live up to other people’s expectations of us or of that of society and fail to realize the incredible greatness we all have by birth.

You should never allow other people’s opinions distract you from building your vision or accomplishing your life goals even though they don’t agree with them.

Remember, we are all different and we all have different goals, interest, and aspirations in life. So don’t let anyone dictate how to live your life or decide what’s best for your life.

Only you can decide how you want to live your life and only you and you alone can define what success and happiness mean to you personally.

Success is very subjective and there is no one size fits all definition of success for everyone at it means different things to different people.

10. You shape and set your own expectations yourself about life and what you want to accomplish with it or someone else will do it for you or give you theirs. “Trialsandtests.”


Similar to the above positive quote by Tony Robbins, this quote is encouraging you and me never to live our lives according to other people’s expectations.

Well, because really, no one has a final say into the person we can become or be in life. Therefore live your life on your own terms in humility and humbleness of heart.

If you don’t clearly define your goals and what you want in life, someone else will dictate to you how you should live your life and what you can achieve. You will also be a victim of the imposter syndrome.

In short, you will end up living someone else’s dream or idea of life and end up living a fake existence throughout your life which had nothing to do with who you truly are.

If you try to live up to other people’s expectation, this is the biggest regret you will ever have at the end of your life and in the time to come in eternity.

In fact, study, after study has shown that the biggest regret of people have with little time left, is living according to other people’s expectations instead of living the life that was true to themselves.

So, please, don’t be such a person who looks back on life wondering and bitterly agonizing about what-ifs and what could have been with your life if you lived true to yourself regardless of what everyone says.

Over To You

Well, that’s it the top 10 positive quotes about life you will ever need to start living positively. You don’t need to know all the positive quotes out there to live happily.

All you need are two or three positive quotes to meditate on or live by if you want to live a happy and positive life all the days of your life.

If you enjoyed this post about positive quotes, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. As you know, sharing is caring indeed. Cheers.

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