45 I Love You More Quotes [To Spice Up Your Love Life]


Below is a list of 45 I love you more quotes and romantic I love you quotes to help you be more loving and affectionate to your other half.  Love between two people can only be truly enjoyed if expressed in the right way in line with the love dialects both parties have as the romantic I love you quotes below will show you. May the 45 I love you more quotes below help you express love to your other half more romantically and affectionately.

45 Romantic I Love You Quotes.

1. I will always love you more than anything as long as I breathe, for better or for worse. Samuel Zulu.

2. Loving you unconditionally is what finally helped me understand the meaning of true love from Christ’s perspective. Samuel Zulu.

3. I love you more than you ever think and I will always do so till death do us part. Samuel Zulu.

4. Loving you my darling is the best thing and blessing that has ever happened in my life. Samuel Zulu.

5. You are the reason why I believe in true love and for that, I will always love you, sweet darling. Samuel Zulu.

6. I love you more than my tongue can ever tell and I do so from the depth of my heart and not just mere words. Samuel Zulu.

7. Though the world comes crashing down, my love for you will never fade as it’s founded on Christ’s selfless and sacrificial love. Samuel Zulu.

8. Though others give up on loving each other but I won’t follow that bandwagon because for better or for worse, I vowed to be with you till you die. Samuel Zulu.

9. Loving you is what makes my understanding of true love complete. Samuel Zulu.

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10. As days go by, my love for you darling just keeps on increasing daily. Samuel Zulu.

11. When God takes out the trash, don’t go digging back through it. Trust Him. Amaka Imani Nkosazana.

12. I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars. Steve Maraboli.

13. There is no reason for us to be together without love. J.R. Rim.

14. I felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone. James Dashner.

15. You know I love you, right?” The urge to kiss her goodbye was so strong that I almost broke our rules. Richelle Mead.


16. A true friend doesn’t have guts; they beat you up and later plead with you to beat them back. Michael Bassey Johnson.

17. Today, I love you more than ever: tomorrow, I will love you even more. I need you more than ever, I want you more than ever. Cecelia Ahern.

18. No amount of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I trust you make it true when it isn’t. Maya Banks.

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19. The little I have, I share with you; the little you have, you also share with me. Together we all have a full share of everything. Israelmore Ayivor.

20. Leave me alone”, is not good news! “Let’s be together” is not bad news. We were made to be each other’s keepers. Let love lead. Israelmore Ayivor.

21. One word can end a fight; One hug can start a friendship; One smile can bring Unity; One person can change your entire life. Israelmore Ayivor.

22. God created everyone to love and to be loved; If you will not take care of people, just leave them as they came. Don’t scratch them with your actions. Israelmore Ayivor.

23. Never underestimate the power of the words ‘I love you or the comfort of a simple hug. Grow your love daily. Elizabeth Bourgeret.

24. I’ll wait until we’re both old and grey, chasing you around the retirement home while pushing my walker if that’s what it takes. Ann Mayburn.

25. The “I love you”s are exchanged excessively under our roof. Cancer teaches you how critical that is. Comic Strip Mama.

26.  For better or for worse, darling, you will forever be mine and no one will ever take you away from me. Samuel Zulu.

27. With the love of Christ, I will always love you selflessly as Christ selflessly loved Her church and gave up her life for it. Samuel Zulu.

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28. To me my love is not just mere words but I will always prove it through my action and how I treat you. Samuel Zulu.

29. I love you is just a word that most people can just toss around at their convenience but not so with me, darling. Samuel Zulu.

30. Thanks be to the Lord for blessing me with a lovely soul mate like you. such a priceless jewel darling that’s hard to find. Samuel Zulu.

31. With you in my life, my understanding of true love is now fully consummated and now complete. Samuel Zulu.

32. You may have flaws but your good character far outweighs all your flaws darling that is why I will forever love you. Samuel Zulu.

33. You may not be perfect my lovely darling but you are perfectly meant for me. Samuel Zulu.

34. I thank God for you because I have someone I can annoy for the rest of my life in a good way without fear of retribution. Samuel Zulu.

35. When someone says they love you, watch their action, not their words as there are many fake lovers out there. Samuel Zulu.

36. Since I love you, darling, no sacrifice I ever make for you is too much or a burden to me. Samuel Zulu.

37. With dark raven paper and twinkling white ink, I wrote my heart in the night’s sky. Shannon L. Alder.

38. It is not what they say, but the reaction that tells you everything you need to know. Shannon L. Alder.

39. But it was all true. I love you more than my own life. More than anyone can humanly love anyone else. Jordan Deen.

40. I love you more than these things with a love that doesn’t bend and if there is eternity, I’d love you there again. Bob Dylan.

41. If I love you more than you love me, I’m as good as dead. Yet, I can’t make myself take it back. Rachel Vincent.

42. Seriousness is too boring to the playful human condition. A heart of stone that has a long face can never express love. Michael Bassey Johnson.

43. It’s not the end if you’re too shy to say ‘I love you.’ It’s only the beginning; because you’re first meant to show it anyway. Criss Jami.

44. Regardless of what language it is said in, “I love you” stays beautiful, and two hearts beating together make the same sound. It is the language of Love. Christina Engela.

45. I love you like a guitar loves hands. The strings of my heart will never sing without your touch. Debasish Mridha.



I hope the 45 I love you more quotes will help you be more loving and affectionate to your significant other you vowed to share your life with till death do you part. Take care.

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