70 I Am Affirmations Quotes [To Help You Manifest Abundance.]


Below is a list of 70 I am affirmations quotes and short positive affirmations to help you live your best life. Positive affirmations have the power to change your life for the better and I hope the 70 I am affirmations quotes below will do just that as you affirm them in your heart. Enjoy.

70 I am Affirmations For Abundance.

1.  I am success and success easily comes to me.

2. I am who God says I am, special and loved.

3. I am always protected and guided by the Lord into greener pastures so that I don’t get lost.

4. I choose to be love because, without love, you are nothing.

5. I am abundance and that abundance effortlessly and naturally comes to me.

6. I am happy and I choose to be happy all the days of my life.

7. I am me and that there will never be another me and that’s my secret power.

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8. I am compassionate and I choose to be loving and compassionate to others.

9. I am an eagle destined for greater heights and not a chicken with small dreams.

10. I am loved and that’s the most blessed feeling I have.

11. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

12. I am patient and I choose patience over hastiness of heart that leads nowhere.

13. I am and I choose to be courageous in my life.

15. I am blessed with so many things in my life and I decided to bless others, too.

16. I am that matter of my life and my fate. Only I have the final say on my destination.

17. I am worth and valuable and no one can take that away from me.

18.  I am always myself and will always be so for all the days of my life and beyond.

19. I am the master of my thoughts process and I decide what I allow in my mind.

20. I am the author of my reality and I choose to define my reality.

21. I am free and I will not let anyone take that freedom from me with their fears.

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22. I am bold and other people’s fears and insecurities of me are not mine.

23.  I am growth and I choose to embrace it daily in my life.

24. I am the person who I chose to become out of my free will and not by cohesion.

25. I am limitless and infinite and other people’s limitations aren’t mine.

26. I am limitless in potential and I can achieve anything I set my mind and heart to.

27. I am strong and brave and fear doesn’t define or scare the hell out of me.

28. I am fearfully and uniquely made and that there will never be another like me.

29. I am wealthy and prosperity and that they come easily to me because I work for them.

30. I am bliss and I choose to live that truth all the day of my life.

31. I am flexible and adaptable to change as, without change, there can be no growth.

32. I am rich and I say no to the spirit of poverty and want in my life.

33. I am special just as every other unique soul on this planet is.

34. I choose to listen to my inner voice and not to the opinions of others.

35. I am complete just as I am and I need nothing outside me to make me feel whole.

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36. I am unstoppable and nothing can spot me from achieving my dreams.

37. I am always protected and guided and no devil will make me stray from my path.

38. whatever I choose to become, that’s what I become.

39. I choose to forgive as I know holding grudges just hurts me not the offender in the end.

40. I choose life by following after righteousness and all that is good.

41. I am tolerant of others, yet firm and principled at the same time when needed to.

42. I am accepting of others but that doesn’t mean I accept the wrongs of others.

43. I am joyful and I choose to live that truth all the days of my life.

44. I am unlimited and I can do anything in my life.

45. I am positive and I choose to radiate positive energy only.

45. I choose positive vibes only because it doesn’t cost a dime to be positive in life.

46. I am valuable and I choose to be of use and service to others.

47. I am the author of my own blessed story and no one can write my storyline.

48. I am growth and I choose and welcome it in my life daily.

49. I choose to enjoy my life to the fullest and nothing less than that.

50. I choose to forgive myself and others for their mistakes.

51. I am positioned for success and failure is just a stepping stone to my success.

52. I am peace and I choose to be a peacemaker to others as well.

53. I am positivity and I let it shine in my life like the sun.

54. I choose to walk away from situations that no longer serve or help me grow.

55. I choose to resonate with what’s only good and I say no to negativity.

56. I am fearless and I choose not to let fear intimidate me.

57. I am good enough the way I am and I don’t need any add-ons to be complete.

58. I love myself unconditionally as I can’t love others if I don’t love myself first.

59. I am worthy of all the joy and happiness life is offering me.

60. I choose to be a good person as it costs nothing to be good to others.

61. I choose to be a winner and not a loser as I am born to win not to lose.

62. I choose and take ownership of my feeling and how I feel about myself.

63. I am radiant and I choose to shine that pure truth to others.

64. I choose to learn from my mistakes and let them not define.

65. I am not my past mistakes as my past mistakes were just lessons needed for my evolution.

66. I am my dreams and I choose to unapologetically live that truth.

67. I am secure in my authentic self.

68.  I am infinitely brilliant.

69. I am becoming more loving and enlightened each day.

70. I am the architect of my own life.


I hope the 70 I am affirmations quotes above will help you realize the infinite potential and capability you have secretly hiding within you.

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