77 Hurt Quotes To Remind You What Really Matters.


We all get hurt in life in one way or the other by others as the 77 hurt quotes and the quotes about hurt and pain below will illustrate either through disappointments or betrayals.

Sometimes, the people who love you the most are the ones who will hurt you most in ways you never thought possible.

Being hurt by someone you love can be very devastating especially if it was unexpected but one thing you must understand that we are all humans and we all make mistakes.

In such situations, reading a few quotes about being hurt can help you alleviate the pain caused by others who have done nasty things to you.

With that said, here are the 77 hurt quotes to help you see hurt and pain in a new light and use it for the greater good.

77 Quotes About Hurt.

1. Some people are really good at hurting other people’s feelings. Trialsandtests.

2. Hurt people will always hurt others to find some solace. Trialsandtests.

3. It’s the people you love the most that will always injure you the most. Trialsandtests.

4. You can hurt and be bitter at life but life goes on anyway. Trialsandtests.

5. Don’t let your past pain be the reason you don’t move forward in life. Trialsandtests.

6. Wounds heal but scars will always remain as a reminder. Trialsandtests.

7. Some people just enjoy seeing others miserable in life. What a shame. Trialsandtests.

8. No greater pain than that of realizing you never lived at all. Trialsandtests.

9. My life has all been a lie is the most painful realization most have late in life. Trialsandtests.

10. The most emotional pain one can have is that of regrets. Trialsandtests.

11. You hurt me but you pretend as if nothing happened. Trialsandtests.

12. Your pain and misery is someone else’s pleasure. Trialsandtests.

13. It hurts to suddenly realize at the end that the life you had known was a lie. Trialsandtests.

14. Being betrayed by your besting stings you to the core of your being. Trialsandtests.

15. You can heal past wounds but you will never remove the scars left. Trialsandtests.

16. Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Mahatma Gandhi.

17. Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far. Theodore Roosevelt.

18. I still own my heart, which I know because it hurts so much. Emilie Autumn.

19. I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject. Jeanette Winterson.

20. When someone stabs you it’s not your fault that you feel pain. Louise Penny.

21. People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. Dan Pearce.

22. You’ll stop hurting when you stop hoping. Guillaume Musso.

23. It hurts too much so I don’t want to talk about it. Alex Flinn.

24. You decide for yourself when it will hurt. Per Petterson.

25. Sometimes even stuff you expect to happen can still hurt. Jennifer Brown.

26. Emotional wounds are the most grievous and painful. Samuel Zulu.

27. Some people come into your life to hurt you. That’s it. Samuel Zulu.

28. Sometimes, it pains so much that you would rather keep it to yourself. Samuel Zulu.

29. Only fake love hurts but true love heals. Samuel Zulu.

30 If you have been hurt by love just know that love was fake. Samuel Zulu.

31. If you don’t want someone, be honest with them and don’t play mind games. Samuel Zulu.

32. Better to be alone than being miserable with the wrong person for a lifetime. Samuel Zulu.

33. Sometimes, you have to keep going even if it’s uncomfortable. Samuel Zulu.

34. People will injure you anyway. Don’t take it personally as we are all human. Samuel Zulu.

35. Those who cause pain to others must not complain when karma revenge. Samuel Zulu.

36. Pain held too long leads to vengeance. Samuel Zulu.

37. Being hurt can bring the ugliest nature in us we never knew existed. Samuel Zulu.

38. Self-hate is what will make you do hurtful things to yourself if not dealt with. Samuel Zulu.

39. Haters hate you when you move past them but its’ their problem not yours. Samuel Zulu.

40. Your success and happiness is someone else’s pain. Samuel Zulu.

41. The dead do not hurt you; only the living do. Tess Gerritsen.

42. How can I love you if I don’t know what hurts you? Julius Lester.

43. The lessons of life amount not to wisdom, but to scar tissue and callus. Wallace Stegner.

44. Our spirit is mightier than the filth of our memories. Melina Marchetta.

45. I won’t tell you about my past until I see you in my future. Faraway.

46. The price of having a soft heart is feeling the world’s pain. J Lynn.

47. So much was said in the unsaid. Bridget Devoue.

48. One day, you will wake up and find out that you have outlived the pain. Faraway.

49. Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you. Rupi Kaur.

50. Sad birds still sing. Faraway.

51. If love can fade so can pain. Faraway.

52. It is better being the victim then the victimizer. Marlene Thornton.

53. What a person did when they were in pain said a lot about them. Veronica Roth.

54. It’s not other people that hurt us, but what we feel about them. Joseph Fink.

55. Nothing hurts you unless you let it. Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

56. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, only distance can lessen the sting of them. Shannon Alder.

57. It’s hardly ever that I am hurt by something in only one dimension. Ashly Lorenzana.

58. Any sentence that combined “I love you” but could not be good. Lauren Myracle.

59. I wish you could have made me love you. Toba Beta, M.

60. How shameful it is to hurt those who love us. Wayne Gerard Trotman.

61. Fake love causes more pain than real hate will ever do. Trialsandtests.

62. I am tired of you playing with my feelings. Trialsandtests.

63. People can only cause you emotional harm if you let them. Trialsandtests.

64. Better an honest enemy and a fake frond who backstabs you. Trialsandtests.

65. Being hurt by an enemy is better than being hurt by a fake friend. Trialsandtests.

66. People will be mean for no reason. Don’t take it personally. Trialsandtests.

67. The true character of someone is only revealed when in pain. Trialsandtests.

68. Being hurt can turn you into a monster if unrestrained. Trialsandtests.

69. Hurt people are more dangerous than a sleeping lion. Trialsandtests.

70. Being injured emotionally is like awakening the sleeping dragon. Trialsandtests.

71. Don’t allow anyone to turn you into an emotional mess. Trialsandtests.

72. You may have hurt me but I am not broken. Trialsandtests.

73. Hurting someone who loves you wholeheartedly is nothing but madness. Trialsandtests.

74. Never mess with a wounded buffalo if you don’t want to be a casualty. Trialsandtests.

75. A hurting person can do more damage to you than a standing army. Trialsandtests.

76. He who messes with a wounded lion asks for trouble. Trialsandtests.

77. Mess with a snake and it won’t hesitate to bite and posing you to death. Trialsandtests.


I hope these 77 hurt quotes will help you heal from any past hurt you have and have closure. Peace.

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