Here Is What Life Is All About


This post today will show you what life is all about as a lot of people these days seem to be lost in life without any sense of purpose or direction in their lives.

If you such a person, you have come to the right place as this post will show you the things you must focus on in your life & the things you shouldn’t

It’s so easy to get lost in the expectations of society and of others of what life should be about and get preoccupied in trying to meet these endless expectations societies & others impose on us on how to live our lives.

But remember, you are not here to live according to any one’s expectations or society’s. You are here to do your own thing and live your purpose & not someone else’s.

With that said, let’s look at the 12 things which will educate you on what life is all about and what you must focus on.

12 Things Showing What Life Is About

1. Not About Making Money

True indeed your life isn’t about making money at all but the moment to come when you leave this troublesome wicked world.

It’s so sad that most people’s lives revolve around money as if they will take the money with them when they die. What a tragedy indeed.

Remember, money is just a piece of paper and special chemical added to it and it can’t be compared to the value of your life.

Don’t allow money to control your life but let money be your servant and not your master such that your life is completely dependent on it.

Many rich people have died and have left all their millions behind which they in vain put their trust & hope in. don’t let money be the god of your life. Be the one that dictates what money should do for you & not the other way round.

2. Not About Competing With Others

This is another important fact you must know about life if you want to live a meaningful life with the little time you have been allocated here on earth.

If you make your life about comparing and competing with others, you will never leave a meaningful life because there will always be someone who will do better than you.

So, competing with others with this one life you have is pointless as we all take different paths in life and are on different lanes running this race of life at different paces.

You need to stop competing with others because this isn’t why you were put on this world. You were put on this world to live your purpose and not to compete with anyone.

Live your life and let others live their own lives and run their own races in their own way in their own times which you must do as well.

3. Finding Your True Purpose

Knowing your true purpose in life is indeed what life is all about for without purpose, life as you know it is totally meaningless so to speak.

Purpose is what gives life its substance and meaning. It’s what makes life worth fighting and living for. Outside, that, life has no meaning.

You need to find your true purpose in life if you want your life to mean something here on earth and most importantly in the world to come when all is said and done with your earthly life.

Otherwise, you will also be one of the many suicide victims who take their own lives because they think their lives have no meaning and not worth living and fighting for.

Lack of purpose in life is what is causing many people to take their own lives but don’t be that person. Find your purpose and you will be glad how your life will change for the better. Remember, you are not here by accident. The sooner you realize that, the better.

Source: Success Secrets TV (Highly Recommended)

4. Living To The Fullest

Learning to live to the fullest is the essence of life and what this life is all about as we are only here for a brief moment. Therefore, we must endeavour to make the most of our lives before death comes to collect its dues.

If you haven’t ’been living to the fullest as you are reading this, now is the time to start doing so because you don’t know when your last day here on earth will be. It may be today, tomorrow, next month or next year. You don’t know, I don’t know & nobody knows.

Start doing so by first finding your true purpose in life as earlier discussed as finding your true calling in life is what will empower you to live your life to the fullest and make the most out of it.

Without purpose, you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest. Stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow and start living in the present moment.

Learning to live in the present moment is the first step you must take if you want to live fully instead of worrying about the future you have no guarantee of.

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5. Doing What You Know Is Right

Yes, this is what you need to start doing now before you look back on your life with deep regrets for not doing what you knew is right for you for the fear of what others or society will think of you if you did what you are scared of doing right now.

You must understand that there is a big difference in doing what you know is right for you in the long run vs doing what is expected of you by others or society. You are here to live your life and not the life you are expected to live by others or society.

Other people or society can’t live your life on your behalf and when you leave this world, the only thing which will matter is whether you did what you really wanted with your life with the little time you were given.

Of course, you will receive a lot of flak and criticism for doing what you wholeheartedly believe is right but that’s not your problem.

Stop letting others decide what’s best for you as you are the only person who knows that and goes wholeheartedly in doing that which you know is right regardless of what others may say or think about your decisions. You are accountable to you and not them or society.

6. Taking Full Responsibility Of Your Happiness

If you want to know what life is all about, this is one of the best advice on life, I can give you that you need to start making your happiness your responsibility now if you haven’t done so.

Remember, no one can be happy on your behalf as happiness is a personal choice one has to make on his or her own and if you don’t do so, no one will do that for you.

You need to stop expecting others to make or keep you happy because no one can ever do that for you and start being that person that makes you happy without relying on others or things to do so.

Learning to be responsible for our happiness is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life and if you expect some stranger to suddenly come & give the happiness you desire, you are gravely mistaken, dear.

Take charge of your happiness now and stop letting others or things dictate your happiness. You are the one to be that happiness you desire to see in your life.

7. Learning From Your Mistakes

If you are not learning from your mistakes, then you are not growing and as Albert Einstein said, “A life spent making & learning from your mistakes is better than a life spent on doing nothing.”

It’s through our mistakes we learn to be and do better next time. You should never let your past mistakes define you. I myself have made a lot of mistakes in life and these mistakes are what have helped me to be where I am today.

There is no successful person in life who has never made mistakes in his or her life to be where they are in life today. No, not even one.

In fact, it’s the mistakes they made from their past failures which helped them do better next time and this what made them succeed in life not that they never made mistakes in life.

They just learned to use their mistakes to their advantage and not to their disadvantage. You too must learn from your past mistakes and vow to do better next time rather than letting those mistakes define your future.

8. Love & Compassion

Compassion and love are the very things life is all about and revolves about and without them, life is meaningless and hopeless.

Therefore, learn to be loving and compassionate to everyone you meet even though those people maybe mean to you because you don’t know how far your simple act of kindness & compassion you show to someone will go a long way in impacting that person’s life.

The love you show to someone may be the reason why someone hurting out there once again believes in love and that is worthy of love.

There is so much hate in this world and a lot of people are hurting out there and the world is in dire need of loving and compassionate people who will show unconditional love to all to give hope to lost humanity.

The question is are you going to step up on the plate and be one of the few kind souls who will impact others with your kindness? Only you can answer that question.

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9. Being Your Authentic Self

Your authenticity is one of the most priced assets you have been divined bestowed with from above and without it, you are essentially nothing.

It’s so sad that a lot of people are forsaking their uniqueness in order to fit in with the expectations of others or society all for that sake of wanting to be liked or accepted by them.

But friend, you were not put into this world to be like anyone else. You were put here to do you, & be you and not someone else.

Never surrender your blessed gift of authenticity for that sake of pleasing others. Remember, you can’t please everybody which isn’t your business by the way.

Start being and living your authentic self before it’s too late. Otherwise, if you don’t do so, it will be one of the biggest regrets you will ever have in this lifetime and beyond when all is said and done & you will wish you had never been born into this world.

10. Giving Out Of A Generous Heart

In this world which is full of selfish and self-centred people, it’s very hard nowadays to find people who will give you something from a genuine heart be it, love, without expecting anything in return.

Most people these days will only give you something or lend a helping hand if they know there is something they will get in return.

But that’s isn’t truly giving. True giving gives from a generous heart without expecting anything in return. How I wish most people understood this.

This is why a lot of relationships nowadays don’t last & end in nasty breakups as everyone these days is all about me and not the other.

But don’t be most people and learn to give whatever you have, be it love or anything out of a generous heart to because you expect something in return because this is what life is all about as there are more blessings in giving than receiving.

11. God & His Will For Your Life

This may sound weird to some non-religious folks out there but just remember, God is the reason why you exist and breathing right now as you are reading this post.

Without him, this life you take for granted as you know it wouldn’t exist at all. It’s so sad a lot of ignorant folks out there are antigod and don’t want anything to do with God in their lives.

But hey, you must remember that God is the essence of life and he is life himself without him, your life is pretty meaningless no matter how successful and accomplished you may look in the eyes of society.

This is why so many rich people commit suicide and are depressed as money can never solve man’s biggest problem, sin. You need to seek God’s will & purpose for your life if you want to know what a happy and meaningful life means.

In my humble request, I beg you to involve God & give him a chance in your life and I can promise you that your life will have a new sense of purpose and meaning you never knew before, I promise.

12. Defining What Success Means To You

Lastly, this is another important thing you will ever do in your life if you want to be successful in life and enjoy that success and not resent it because you feel it’s not for you.

It doesn’t matter how successful you may appear to be in life in the form of others or society, if that success isn’t what you want, you will never be truly happy in life.

Only you can define what success means to you individually as success is a personal thing and not a collective thing as we all have different goals and aspirations in life.

When it comes to success, there is no one size fits all solution which will work for all. So, don’t get trapped into the societal definition of success in life or allow others to dictate what success means to you.

Success isn’t about getting that 60k a year prestigious dream job or being highly educated in life but it’s about living your best self in what you were destined to do in life.

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Closing Remarks

These are all the top 12 things on what life is all about I had to share with you in this post and I hope you have learnt some major lessons to apply in your life.

Let what you have learnt and read in this post be part of your life if they haven’t as life is short and you only live once.

Don’t get caught up in the rat race of trying to acquire more stuff or trying to compete with others to see how fast they are moving in relation to you in life.

Compare and compete with no other. Live your life and let others live theirs and decide their own fate. Life is not about competing with others but being the best version of yourself than you were yesterday.

Stop trying to live up to the Jones. That life is trash but lives a meaningful life which will add value to yourself which will, in turn, add value to others and impact others in a positive way.


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