50 Exotic Godly Living Quotes To Help You Live A Godly Life


In this post, today, I will share with you top 50 exotic godly living quotes which will help you live godly in this present evil world and prepare you for eternity.

Living a godly Christian life in this polluted world can indeed be very challenging especially when you are alone. The temptation to follow the crowd to do evil is always around the corner.

But one thing you should remember is that we are living in the last days where evil is on the increase every day as prophesied in 2 Timothy chapter 3:1-6.

And the godly living quotes I have prepared for you in this post will remind you to do just that and to hold fast to your crown of life till Christ comes.

Why These Godly Living Quotes?

These quotes on godly living will remind you of what it means to be a true Christian in a world which is full of prosperity gospel preachers and imposters masquerading as Christians.

You should remember that not every religious person who goes to church and carries their bibles in their hands is a saint fit for heaven as there are so many hypocrites in church nowadays.

So many people will be disappointed on the day of judgement when they find out that they didn’t make it for heaven. Don’t be that unfortunate soul, please I beg of you dear reader.

Having said that, let’s look at the 50 godly living quotes which will help you live a genuine Christian life and show you the amazing joy found in living a godly life which glorifies God.

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50 Godly Living Quotes.

Here are 50 godly living quotes to prepare you for the world to come in eternity as this world isn’t your home by the way as you are just passing by as a pilgrim here on earth.

1. Curiosity is an enormous challenge to godly living. Max Anders.

2. If Jesus is not enough to motivate you to godly living, you don’t know Jesus. Paul Washer.

3. Living a godly life isn’t easy in this present evil world but it’s a majestic thing. Trialsandtests.

4. Nothing in this world can compare to a godly life which is full of divine joy, happiness and contentment from God himself and that alone should compel you to live for Him. Trialsandtests.

5. Living a godly life isn’t about making money or having your best life now but it’s about preparing you for the world to come as you are just a pilgrim here on earth. Trialsandtests.

6. This world isn’t your home. So, invest your life living for Christ and winning souls for his kingdom because in the end, only what you did for Christ will matter in eternity. Trialsandtests.

7. God’s word is not just to be heard and repeated; it is to be breathed, lived, and emulated with each action. Steve Maraboli.

8. Those who think godly living makes them invulnerable to trouble are living in a fantasy world. Ray C. Stedman.

9. Persecutions are part of the package of living a godly life because as a truly born-again Christian whose name is written in the book of life you don’t belong to this world. Trialsandtests.

10. The reason why you get persecuted by the world when you live a godly life free from the pollutions of this evil world is that you are not of this world which hates you as it hated Jesus. If you were, the world wouldn’t have a problem of embracing you with open arms. Trialsandtests.

11. Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 2 Timothy 3:12.

12. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. Colossians 3:2.

13. Now godliness with contentment is a great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 1 Timothy 6:6.

14. Godly living is all about serving the Lord and not serving things pertaining to self. Trialsandtests.

15. Godliness is like oxygen to a truly born again Christian which you need to live a holy life free from sin. Without it, living a godly life pleasing unto the Lord who is holy is impossible. Trialsandtests.

16. Just as a good tree bringeth forth good fruits and bad tree bad fruits, a truly godly Christian will also produce good fruits pertaining to godliness. While a hypocrite or fake Christian will produce bad fruits of hypocrisy. Trialsandtests.

17. I find joy in everyday not because life is always good but because God is. BibleGodquotes.com.

18. The more you believe and trust God, the more limitless your possibilities become for your family, your career for your life. Rick Warren.

19. When you trust God, you will never feel unworthy or secluded because trusting God is everything. It is a feeling of comfort, protection and joy. Praisy.

20. Our lives should not be entrusted to anyone. God Almighty is the only one you should trust and direct your life. Cart Mathis.


21. We are the bibles the world is reading; we are the creeds the world is needing; we are the sermons the world is heading. Billy Graham.

22. If you want to live a godly life, then choose to put the things into your mind that lead to living a godly life. Elizabeth George.

23. There is nothing more blessed fulfilling in this world than to live a godly life. Trialsandtests.

24. It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. In the same vein, godliness is as a result of the holiness of and purity of heart. Trialsandtests.

25. It is well known that an apple can’t fall far from its parent tree. In like manner, where there is godliness, there is no sin or uncleanness but only holiness because the two can’t mix just as light and darkness cannot coexist. Trialsandtests.

Quotes On Godly Living

Quotes on godly living to encourage you to live a life of holiness which is the only ticket to heaven in this perverse generation defiled by sin.

26. Living a godly life here on earth is the greatest investment you will ever make for eternity. Trialsandtests.

27. To live a godly life is to say no to sin and the pollutions of this world and yes to holiness and purity of heart with glories & delights the Lord, your master. Trialsandtests.

28. Living a godly life will automatically make you an enemy of God because it is ruled by Satan who hates God and everything pertaining to holiness. Trialsandtests.

29. Don’t be ashamed to live a holy and godly life in this present evil and adulteress world because great is your reward in heaven if you do so. Trialsandtests.

30. Having a form of godliness on the outside isn’t enough and won’t qualify you for heaven but living a holy life which is pure inside out is what will qualify you for heaven on that final day when the final roll call is called. Trialsandtests.

31. Anyone who wants to live godly in this adulterous generation we live in must be willing to deny self and bear the cross of Christ daily. Without denying self, you simply can’t live a godly life at all. Trialsandtests.

32. The day you decide to live the world behind to pursue godliness, you officially make yourself an enemy of the world. Trialsandtests.

33. Let all that you do in life glorify God and let not your life be about making money and achieving mundane successes of this world which won’t even matter in eternity. Trialsandtests.

34. Just as there can’t be smoke without fire, you can’t live a godly life without having a pure and transformed heart first. Trialsandtests.

35. Self will have no place in your life if you want to live a Christlike life which will glorify the Lord. Trialsandtests.

36. You can’t claim to live a godly life if you are still living in sin because the two can’t coexist. Trialsandtests.

37. Anyone telling you that you can’t live a holy life free from sin is a gullible liar and the truth isn’t in that person because holiness is a requirement from God if we want to enter his kingdom which consists only of righteousness. Trialsandtests.

38. Saintly walk in this corrupt world which will one day pass away. Trialsandtests.

39. Hold fast to the eternal life which Christ has given you until he comes to take you home. Trialsandtests.

40. Don’t defile your white robe of holiness by indulging in the evils and lusts of this world which will one day pass away with this evil and adulterous generation. Trialsandtests.

41. People always tell me, judge not lest ye be judged. I reply, twist not scripture lest ye be like Satan. Paul Washer.

42. Be careful not to turn other’s lives into the mould for your own. We have a God who is a creator and not a duplicator. Francis Chan.

43. You never know that God is all you need until God is all you have. Rick Warren.

44. God give strength to the weak. God’s grace is the power for godly living. Lailah Gifty Akita.

45. Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter unless it’s about loving God and loving the people he has made? Francis Chan.

46. A godly life is as radiant as the sun shining and illuminating light to lost souls lost in the darkness around it through its conduct and its godly fruits it produces which are visible for all to see. Trialsandtests.

47. Living a godly life is the greatest privilege you can ever have with great eternal rewards beyond human comprehension. Trialsandtests.

48. Choosing to live godly in this perverse world means you must be willing to be the black sheep of the society and suffer persecution for Christ’s sake which most people aren’t willing to do as they want to fit in. Trialsandtests.

49. If you are not willing to be persecuted, then living a godly life definitely isn’t for you, period. Trialsandtests.

50. In the end, choosing to live a godly live of self-denial over enjoying pleasures of sin for a season is the greatest decision you will be eternally grateful for when you depart from this present evil world and welcome eternity when all is said and done with your earthly life. Trialsandtests.


That’s all the 50 godly living quotes about living a godly life I had to share with you in this post today and I hope you enjoyed them.

The world we are living in is becoming more evil every day and so many people are giving up on their Christian race which has been set before them like what Demas did.

It’s my prayer that the quote on living a godly life you have read here will renew your strength so that you finish the Christian race God has set before you.

Be like Paul who proudly said I have finished the race and kept my faith when he was about to be executed as he was departing from this troublesome wicked world.

Even when everyone around you gives up on their Christian race, don’t ever give up on yours even if that means walking alone.

If you don’t give up your Christina race I can promise you that you will be eternally grateful for that decision when all is said and done with your earthly life.

You won’t have any regrets in eternity like what most people are going to have when you cross over from this life to the next one. Hang in there and don’t faint.

With that said, kindly share this article with everyone you know as they will benefit as well and be encouraged to live godly as well. Sharing is caring. Cheers and be blessed.

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