45 Christian Inspirational Quotes And Sayings For Purposeful Life Living

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Today in this post, I will give you the top 45 Christian inspirational quotes and sayings you will ever need to live a happy and fulfilled Christian life in this present world before you die.

This world is indeed a jungle full of hardships, trials and tribulations we must all face, overcome and endure as a man born of a woman is of a few days which are full of trouble.

In such situations, it’s easy to lose hope and motivation to live and to fight on. However, the Christian inspirational quotes in this post will recharge your batteries and review your strength.

Not only that, the Christian inspirational quotes mentioned here will give you a new sense of hope, the reason to live, purpose and meaning to your life.

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You deserve to be happy and joyful in life despite what you are going through. So, don’t lose hope and think of suicide as your life is simply too precious and priceless to just waste like that.

Yes, you may be going through tough times which might tempt you to just take your life as an escape from all the troubles of this life but please don’t make this fatal mistake.

With that said, lets’ dive into these 45 Christian inspirational quotes and saying which will inspire and motivate you to live a happy, joyful and purposeful life.

45 Soothing Christian Inspirational Quotes.

1. Everything may not be perfect. There are things that may need to change but you have the grace to be happy today. Joel Osteen.

2. Great moves of God are usually preceded by simple acts of obedience. Steven Furtick.

3. Every second you spend wishing God would take away a struggle is a forfeited opportunity to overcome. Steven Furtick.

4. If God always met our expectations, he would never be able to exceed them. Steven Furtick.

5. If we have the audacity to ask, God has the ability to perform. Steven Furtick.

6. All through the day, there are two voices that compete for your attention, the voice of faith and the voice of defeat. Tune in to the voice of faith because it is the voice of victory. Victoria Osteen.

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7. Basically, there are two paths you can walk, faith or fear. It’s impossible to simultaneously trust God and not trust God. Charles Stanley.

8. Helping someone come to the saving knowledge of Christ is the greatest achievement possible. Charles Stanley.

9. The bottom line in Christian life is obedience and most people don’t even like the word. Charles Stanley.

10. As you walk through the valley of the unknown, you will find the footprints of Jesus both in front of you and beside you. Charles Stanley.

11. Faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looked out the window which hope has opened. Charles Spurgeon.

12. Jesus who never helped could never wipe away my tears. Charles Spurgeon.

13. The Lord gets his best soldiers out of the highlands of affliction. Charles Spurgeon.

14. Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter. Charles Spurgeon.

15. There is hardship in everything except eating pancakes. Charles Spurgeon.

Inspirational Christian Quotes And Sayings

16. Christ is all you will ever need to be happy, joyful and content in this life. Trialsandtests.

17. God is the only one who will always be present with you during the greatest storms of your life even when everyone you counted on including your besties suddenly abandons you without any warning to fend for yourself. Trialsandtests.

18. You can’t trust a human being with all your heart because just as Satan was once a sweet beautiful and marvelous angel full of love, people change without warning and turn their back on you when you least expect it. The Lord is the only one worthy of your trust as he will never abuse your trust, ever like humans do. Trialsandtests.

19. Put all your trust in a fallible and unpredictable human being, disappointments and heartbreaks are a sure thing. Trust God and you rest assured that you will never be disappointed or experience any betrayals and heartbreaks as it is the case with humans. Trialsandtests.

20. Man will disappoint you when you least expect it without any warning like an ambush but God will appoint you and bring laughter to your soul. Trialsandtests.

21. The genesis of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in this life is by fearing the Lord and obeying and reading his word. Trialsandtests.

22. Putting all your trust and confidence in a human being is like building a house on sand which will inevitably collapse when storms come. But trusting and confiding in the Lord is like building your house on a solid rock which cannot collapse when raging storms of life come in all directions. Trialsandtests.

23. Jesus is the greatest and faithful best friend you will ever have in this life and beyond who will always be on your side. Trialsandtests.

24. Trials and tribulations in your life give God an opportunity to prove himself that he is well able to deliver you from every trial you will ever face in life. Trialsandtests.

25. God uses trials and hardships in life to filter and weed out fake friends or imposters in our lives pretending to be real friends who are of no use but are just there like termites and leeches to bring us down or just to get something from us which only benefits them. Trialsandtests.

26. Genuine happiness which shines brighter than the sun and has no end can’t exist in your life without Christ reigning in your life. Trialsandtests.

27. If the Lord is on your side, fear has no place in your life because he is your protector and your sufficiency. Trialsandtests.

28. God is the only source of all goodness such as love, joy, and happiness which surpasses all human understanding. Anything claiming otherwise is an imposter. Trialsandtests.

29. Without God, we can’t know what love is and what it tastes like. Trialsandtests.

30. All human beings whether best friend or not will fail and disappoint you one day when you least expect it. The Lord, on the other hand, is the only person who will never fail you in this life. Trialsandtests.

Inspirational Christian Quotes To Warm Your Soul.

31. Eternal life found only in Jesus is the most precious and priceless treasure you will ever have here on earth and beyond. Trialsandtests.

32. Nothing here on earth can equate to the value of your soul which God value dearly above anything else. Trialsandtests.

33. God should always be a priority in your life and not an option if you want to receive the very best from him that most people can only wish or imagine in their minds. Trialsandtests.

34. Without God, you can’t have any real hope both in this life and beyond. Trialsandtests.

35. Sometimes, you must stand still in order to get to where God wants you to go. D.A. Mc Bridge.

36. We need never shout across the spaces to an able God, he is nearer than our own soul, closer than our most secret thoughts. A.W. Tozer.

37. Only God knows your true value and self-worth which can’t be measured by cheap opinions of others and by what others think or say about you which is none of your business, anyway. Trialsandtests.

38. Outside Christ, I am weak. In Christ, I am strong. Watchmen. Nee.

39. The happiness you find in this world is fake and an imposter masquerading as real happiness which is only found in Christ, Jesus. This real happiness that most people will never experience in their life and beyond time shines and radiates with intense luminous intensity, radiance, and brightness which surpasses the sun and affects your soul, body, and spirit which never goes away under all situations. Trialsandtests.

40. The love of God is radiant and shines brighter than the sun, penetrating the depth of your soul, body, and spirit, affecting everyone around you. Trialsandtests.

41. Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord and our heart is restless until it rests in thee. Augustine.

42. As God’s children, we are the light and hope of the dying world which we shouldn’t be ashamed of displaying for all to see so that they can glory the Lord through our good works, love, and kindness we show to others. Trialsandtests.

43. If God called us to a task, he will then qualify us for the job. Jack Hyles.

44. True Christianity isn’t’ by mere words but by deeds and the fruits we produce. Trialsandtests.

45. The greatest choice you will ever make in this life before leaving this troublesome wicked world is ensuring your name is written in heaven, in the lamb’s book of life. Trialsandtests.


That’s all the 45 Christian inspirational quotes I had to share with you in this post and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

Use the above inspirational Christian quotes to inspire you to live a happy, joyful, purposeful and meaningful life that will bless others as well in this difficult world we live in.

I encourage you to pick two or three inspirational Christian quotes and saying you have read here to meditate and act on in your daily life.

You don’t need to memorize all the Christian inspirational quotes you have read here. Just choose three or four Christian sayings to stick in your bedroom which resonate with your soul.

With that said, if you enjoyed this post, kindly show some love by sharing it with everyone you know for them to benefit as well. Sharing is caring. Be blesses and live happily.