21 Famous Christian Quotes From Famous Christian Authors

famous christian quotes

Today in this post, you will discover 21 famous Christian quotes from famous Christian authors about life to help you live a better & purposeful Christian life.

Reading famous Christian sayings by famous Christian authors who have lived before us inspires us to become better versions of ourselves.

As a Christian myself, I really love and enjoy reading inspirational Christian sayings by famous Christian authors who have lived before me to inspire met to be e better Christian.

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This is why I have prepared this post about famous Christian quotes about life just for you to inspire you to live a life of meaning and worth remembering both now and beyond.

Without wasting much of your precious time, let’s look at the top 21 famous Christian quotes to motivate you to be a better Christian who will add value to other people’s lives.

21 Famous Christian Sayings To Live By

Here are the top 21 famous Christian saying you will ever need from famous Christian authors to inspire you to live a vibrant meaningful life.

1. Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of this is to see what we believe. S.T Augustine.

Brief Explanation.

The above quote by Augustine is one of the most amazing Christian quotes you can meditate on in your life talking about faith and why it’s important to Christians.

True faith is indeed a substance of things hoped for and evidence of them not seen. Always remember, God faithfully rewards those who have unwavering faith in him.

2. Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will. A.W Tozer.

Brief Explanation.

As a Christian, you shouldn’t settle for an average and mediocre life. Aim higher and freely allow your heart to soar high like an Eagle in flight.

Your prayer as a Christian is that the Lord plant your feet on higher ground and not to dwell in places where fears, mediocrity, doubts, and dismay arise.

3. Thorough knowledge of the bible is worth more than a college degree. Theodore Roosevelt.

Brief Explanation.

Knowledge obtained from the bible is far more valuable than all the college degrees in this world you can ever get combined regardless of the field as it has eternal life you can’t find elsewhere.

The above saying also tells us bible wisdom and knowledge is far more superior and any earthly knowledge you can ever get which won’t even matter in the end by the way.

4. If you have God on your side, you need no other to believe in your abilities or what you can do. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Of all the famous Christian quotes out there, this is the quote I want you to stick in your bedroom to remind yourself that you don’t’ need anyone to believe in you if God is on your side.

Sometimes, we doubt ourselves or our God-given abilities and allow the opinions of others to hinder us from doing what we want to do.

If you are such a person dealing with self-doubts or the fear of what others think, just remember, you don’t need those people doubting your abilities to believe in you as God already believes in you even before you were born.

5. God never said that the journey would be easy but he did say that the arrival would be worthwhile. Max Lucado.

Brief Explanation.

When it comes to famous Christian sayings out there, the above quote reminds us that God didn’t promise us that we will have an easy life which the best part.

What he tells us in that the difficult journey will be worthwhile, rewarding and fulfilling in the end where you will gladly say you fought a good fight and have finished your race by the grace of the Lord.

6. In this life, there are only two destinations you will arrive at the end of your life which are heaven or hell. So, choose wisely by the way you live your life and by the choices you make in your life. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

There are only two destinations we will all arrive at when all is said and done with our earthly lives regardless of what most spiritual gurus may want you to believe.

Heaven and hell are the only two destinations you will either arrive at depending on how you live your life here on earth and the choices you made.

So live wisely and make wise choices with your one and only dear life which won’t cost your soul eternally and lead to everlasting sorrow and regrets.

7. Christ literally walked in our shoes. Tim Keller.

Brief Explanation.

The above Christian quote reminds us that Christ walked in our shoes and felt what we feel when we face difficult situations in our lives.

Every time when you face trials in your life, just remember Christ also faced those trials in his earthly life and don’t lose faith and trust the Lord knowing that he will help you overcome all your trails you may be currently facing.

8. If God is your partner, make your plans big. D.L Moody.

Brief Explanation.

If you have God on your side, you must think outside the box and dream big because as a Christian, you save a God with no limits.

Unlike human being who are limited in their thinking and understanding capacity, the Lord isn’t constrained by those limits as his understanding is infinite with limitless possibilities.

9. Finding your true God-given calling in life is one of the greatest things you will ever do in this life after you are born. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

After birth, the other most important thing you will ever do with your one and only dear life is finding your true calling in life.

Without that, your life will be wasted in pursuing useless things without any eternal significance which will just eventually lead to bitter regrets in the end. So, ask the Lord for divine guidance to help you find your true calling in life.

10. Only God has a final say in who you can become in life and how far you can go. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

No one other than God has a finals say in who you can become and what’s truly possible with your life.
Very often, we limit ourselves and abilities by other people’s opinions and perceptions of us. Don’t allow anyone to dictate what’s possible with your life.

11. Your Value and self-worth are independent of what others think about you. Only the Lord knows your true value & worthiness of your life. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

The above quote is one of the best famous Christian quotes I can give you if you are too obsessed with what others think about you.

Remember, your self-worth and value aren’t determined by what others think about you or their subjective opinions or perceptions of you. Only God knows your true worth and value.

12. God does not give us everything we want but he does fulfill his promises leading us along the best and straight paths to himself. Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Brief Explanation.

As a Christian on your Christian journeys, you will realize that God won’t always give you everything you want or ask for but will always give you what you truly need.

Always remember, the Lord never breaks his promises and will always lead and direct our paths to himself to even if we don’t understand his ways at times.

13. Your potential is the sum of all the possibilities God has for your life. Charles Stanley.

Brief Explanation.

True indeed, as a child of the Most High, your true potential is the sum of all possibilities the Lord has for your life and not the limitations other people set on you.

So, don’t ever let anyone impose their limitations on you on what you can or cannot do with your life because if the Lord is on your side, you can do all things through him.

14. Money will never give you eternal life. Fame will never give you eternal life. Only Jesus Christ will give you eternal life. Matthew Hagee.

Brief Explanation.

Of all the famous Christian sayings you will ever come across this is the saying you should have written on the table of your heart to remind you that no amount of money of fame can give you eternal life.

So many people are so obsessed with making money and getting worldly fame which won’t even mean anything on their death bed or in eternity.

Eternal life which is found in Jesus only is what will help you make it for heaven when all is said and done with your earth life.

Stop chasing money and fame which won’t mean anything in the end by the way and start pursuing things of eternal value by receiving eternal life from Christ.

15. You have God and an army of holy angels in heaven on your side cheering for you. So, don’t mind if people you counted on suddenly leave you without any warnings. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

The above saying is for you especially if people you really counted on suddenly left you or turned against you for no reason.

In such situations, always remember, that as a Christian, you have God and an army of angels in heaven on your side even if no one is there to support you in what you want to do.

16. The true beauty and spender of life lies in its simplicity as God is a God of simplicity and order not clutter or confusion. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Simplicity is the true beauty of life since the creator of this life himself he is of simplicity and order without any clutter or confusion.

Aa simple life is indeed a beautiful life in this world we live in which is full of clutter and confusion everywhere that most people are trapped in.

Embrace a life of simplicity by removing unnecessary stuff you don’t need in your life if you want to live a stress-free life full of joy.

17. You may have big problems but we serve a big God. Quit worrying, God is saying all is well. Joel Osteen.

Brief Explanation.

If you are currently facing big problems or hardships in your life which can be financial or health-related, don’t worry as you serve a God of all possibilities.

Just continue having faith in the Lord as he will deliver you from all your problems and give you the breakthrough you are currently waiting for.

18. Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has. Billy Graham.

Brief Explanation.

When it comes to famous Christian quotes from famous Christian authors, Billy Graham has some of the best Christian saying to help you live a better Christian life.

The above quote by him is no exception which tells us that our world was enriched through adversity and not in comfort and prosperity without the sweat.

19. God knows how to take you to your destiny. Trust him and follow him to it. John Hagee.

Brief Explanation.

The Lord knows the path you need to take to arrive at your destiny even when you face doubts and uncertainties sometimes in your life’s journey.

All you need to do is trust him no matter how difficult things may be just remember that the Lord will make sure you accomplish what you were meant to do here on earth before you die.

20. If God didn’t allow trials and difficult times in your life, you never be able to discover his goodness and faithfulness. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

True indeed, if we just had a life of ease with nothing to test us, we wouldn’t appreciate or discover the goodness of the Lord.

The Lord is glorified in our trials which he uses as an opportunity to showcase how good and faithful he is showing us that he is not a fair-weathered friend, unlike humans.

21. If Jesus is the source of all your joy and happiness, you need no other person or anything to make you happy and joyful just as the sun needs nothing outside itself to shine in its mesmerizing light and glory we all see and benefit from. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Finally, of all the 21 Famous Christian quotes discussed so far this is the quote I want you to stick in your bedroom to remind yourself that you need nothing outside yourself to be happy if Jesus is the source of your joy.

So many people are disillusioned that happiness is found outside such as in material things or in another person.

 inspiring christian quotes

These people don’t realize that really happened and joy in life is only found within you in Christ which reflects externally to the world around you.

If Christ is in your life, you will shine with radiant joy like the sun which doesn’t need anything outside itself to shine in its beauty and glory we all see.

Wrapping Up.

That’s all the 21 famous Christian quotes I had to share with you in this post from various famous Christian authors for you to meditate and act on in your life.

I hope and pray that you found these famous Christian sayings inspiring and beneficial to help you live a better Christian life and to become a better version of yourself.

With all said and done, if you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well, sharing is caring. Cheers and be blessed.