21 Christian Quotes On Leadership To Help You Be A Good Leader

christian quotes about leadership

Today, in this article, I will give you the top 21 Christian quotes on leadership to help you be a good spiritual leader of the flock.

Secondly, the Christian quotes about leadership which will be discussed here will help you distinguish a true leader of the flock and an imposter which is just looking for personal gains.

Becoming a good leader requires you to have good leadership qualities on your part if you want to lead others in every area of this life be it spiritual or in the secular.

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And the spiritual leadership quotes mentioned in this post will help you become that vibrant leader who inspired and motivate others to do better.

With that said, let’s look at the top 21 Christian quotes on leadership to help you become a good leader who leads others in the right path and not astray.

21 Spiritual Leadership Quotes

Here are 21 spiritual leadership quotes for you to meditate upon in you aspire to be a leader who wants to lead others to greatness.

1. The chief occupation hazard of leadership is pride. John Stott.


Pride is a major obstacle to being a good leader which precedes the downfall of proud and haughty leaders like Saul in the bible.

Most leaders can’t be where they want to be because of a prideful and arrogant spirit reigning supreme on the throne of their hearts. Avoid pride if you want to be a good leader.

2. If you want to be a leader or lead others to greatness, you should have an Eagle’s mentality and not the mentality of chickens who scramble for cover when trouble comes. Trialsandtests.


Good leaders who lead others to greatness have an Eagle mentality and don’t abandon their post when trouble comes.

Rather, they are brave and courageous and encourage others to do the same in difficult times. Leaders with a chicken mentality can never lead anyone to greatness. Be like an Eagle if you want to be a good leader.

3. The follower is as important as the leader. Jack Hyles.


When it comes to Christian leadership quotes, the above quote is very important to take note of as a leader to remind you that followers are just as important as you who leads them.

Without followers, you won’t have anyone to lead. So, as a leader, don’t despise your followers who are the reason why you are able to be their leader to lead them.

4. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. John C. Maxwell.


As a leader with a vision, you need to first understand that your followers will first buy into you before committing to your vision.

If people, don’t buy into your vision, then, you won’t have anyone to support that vision of yours which will just waste away in your head as tiny images or fantasies.

5. Leadership is an influence. John C. Maxwell.


A good leader with good leadership qualities has a huge positive influence on others to become better versions of themselves.

To be a good vibrant leader, you must be influential to your followers in a positive way and not a negative way which is common with most leaders of nowadays.

6. Leadership always has to be learning. John C. Maxwell.


One of the best Christian quotes on leadership telling all aspiring leaders out there that as a leader with good leadership qualities, you must always be learning new things.

On the flip side, if you think you have all the answers, you won’t be a good leader who motivates and inspires others in a positive way as you will have a shallow outlook on things.

7. People with a spirit of timidity like sheep can’t lead others or their own home they live in. as being a good leader requires you to be bold and firm like a Lion. Trialsandtests.


As a leader leading the sheep, you can’t afford to have a spirit of timidity if you expect to lead others to greatness.

A good leader who wants to lead others to greatness and have a positive change on others must be bold & firm as a lion not to run away from challenges which come along the way.

8. Faith never knows where it’s being led but it loves and knows the one who is leading. Oswald Charles.


To have faith, you don’t need to know where you are being led but must be confident in the one who is leading.

The above Christian quote on leadership tells us to fully trust the Lord to lead and guide our paths as well as helping us to lead others the Lord has placed under our care.

9. A true shepherd leads the way. He does not merely point the way. Leonard Raven hill.


True indeed, as a true shepherd of the flock you are leading, you must lead the way for your flock to follow and walk in and not just pointing the way to them.

Secondly, a true shepherd of the Lord doesn’t lead the flock astray or cause them to stumble but leads them in the right path in accordance with the will of the Lord.

10. I have always believed leaders don’t ask others to do what they are unwilling to do. Mike Huckabee.


True leaders don’t ask or force others to do what they don’t want to do or infringe on the free will of others to follow them.

If you are in a leadership position, don’t force or coerce others to do what they don’t want. If your followers truly support you, they will willingly do what you tell them on their own accord.

Christian Quotes About Leadership

In the remaining subsection of this posit, you will now be introduced to the remaining 11 Christian quotes about leadership which will help you recognize a true leader of the flock.

11. True leaders and prophets come from God and the only way to distinguish a true leader and a prophet of God is by the fruits they produce. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Of all the Christian quotes on leadership discussed so far, this is the quote I want you to pay attention to remind yourself that true leaders and prophets come from God.

With so many false prophets nowadays who are busy leading others astray, it’s important to know how to distinguish a true prophet from an imposter who is just after money.

And the only way you will distinguish a true prophet or leader of God from a fake one is by the fruits they produce as a tree is known by the quality of its fruits and not beautiful leaves it has.

12. A spiritual leader will first and foremost have a calling from God. His works will not be his profession but his calling. Zal Poonen.


A true spiritual leader from the Lord has a calling from him just like the prophet Jeremiah was called by the Lord in the Old Testament.

Nowadays, there are so many self-professed spiritual leaders who haven’t even been called by God and are just after to exploit the little flock for their financial gain. What a shame indeed.

13. Real leaders have a sharp Eagle like vision for themselves and the flock they are leading to be where the flock and they want to be. Trialsandtests.


If you claim to be a true leader, you must have a clear well defined Eagle like vision for yourself if you are to lead your flock to greatness.

Sadly, most young leaders of this current generation have no vision and are just filled with pride and arrogance which is sad indeed.

14. A leader is one who knows the way goes and shows the way. John C. Maxwell.


True leaders will not only tell you which way to go but will also show you the right way to go to attain Excellency.

On the other hand, fake leaders or imposters masquerading as true leaders of the flock will do nothing but just lead you astray.

15. When it comes to qualities of an excellent spiritual leader with a clearly defined vision, Paul in the bile is a perfect example to follow or learn from. Trialsandtests.


Paul in the New Testament is a perfect example to follow if you want to be a strong and influential spiritual leader of your flock.

During the early church, Paul had a great impact on the flock he was leading. You too as well must draw inspiration from Paul if you want to be an influential leader in every area of your life.

16. Jesus is the greatest spiritual leader who has ever lived here on earth who taught aspiring leaders to be servants of the flock and not to serve their own interests. Trialsandtests.


Of all the spiritual leaders who have ever lived here on earth, Christ is the best of them all who teaches & shows any aspiring leader of what it means to be a leader of the flock.

Christ taught all aspiring spiritual leaders who want to lead the flock to be a servant of the flock and not otherwise to serve their own interest or exploit the weak.

17. True greatness, true leadership is found in giving yourself in service to others not in coaxing or indulging others to serve you. J. Oswald Sanders.


You must serve others if you want to be a true leader instead of forcing others to serve your own self-interests which benefits you alone.

So, if you are a leader out there leading others in some way as you are reading this, serve others and not yourself.

18. The problem with most leaders of nowadays whether in church or politics is that they are too selfish to care for the little flock placed under their care. Instead, they abuse their positions of authority to enrich themselves at the expense of the flock. Trialsandtests.


Sad but true, leaders of nowadays are too selfish, corrupt and self-centred to even think about the flock under them for a second.

Instead, they are busy enriching their pockets at the expense of the little flock they vowed to take care of before coming to power. What a shame. Don’t be such a leader.

19. A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. Max Lucado.


At times to lead others, you must tune out the critics around you who are telling you things which are contrary to your vision.

Leaders who are too obsessed with what others will think about them when they want to make certain decisions, don’t do anything significant in their lives. Ditch the crowd if you want to lead your orchestra to greatness

20. As far as heaven is concerned, a good leader must be a servant of others and not enrich his or her selfish desires. Trialsandtests.


Similar to the Christian quotes on leadership discussed earlier, the above quote also reminds us as good leaders, we must be servants of the flock by serving and caring for the little flock.

As a spiritual leader, you must not serve your own self-interest at the expense of the flock the Lord has placed under your care.

21. As a leader. Don’t aim to be popular or to be liked by everyone but be firm and do what’s right even when the majority of the people are against you. Trialsandtests.


Finally, of all the 21 Christian quotes on leadership in this post, this is the quote I want you to stick in your bedroom because it’s the most vital.

Most people have failed to be leaders of influence because of trying to please everyone and due to the fear of what others will think about them.

But if you want to be a leader who makes a difference in other people’s lives, sometimes, you must do things others might not agree with as long as it’s the right thing to do.


That’s all the 21 Christian quotes on leadership I had to share with you in this article and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

My prayer is that the Christian quotes about leadership discussed in this post will help you become a better leader who will serve others just as Christ did.

If you ever find yourself leading the flock in any area of your life, serve them and put their interests above your own.

When you do so, the flock you serve will never forget the good things you did for them during your leadership tenure of office.

 leadership quotes.

In conclusion, if you found this beneficial to your soul, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. Sharing is caring cheers and be blessed.

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