20 Short Christian Quotes To Hep You Live A Better Christian Life


Today in this post, you will discover 20 short Christian quotes which will inspire you to live a better and a more purposeful meaningful Christian life.

Sometimes in life, we lose motivation and strength to carry on with life when we get confronted with difficult situations.

If you are such a person whose motivation levels has run low, I have prepared the top 20 inspirational Christian quotes to strengthen and give you purpose no matter how low you may feel right now.

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These short Christian quotes are from famous Christina authors and faithful servants of the Lord who endured a lot of trials as well.

With that said, let’s dive into the top 20 short Christian quotes I have prepared just for you which will help you live a meaningful and happy life.

20 Inspirational Christian Quotes And Sayings

Here are 20 inspirational Christian quotes and sayings to motivate and encourage you to live a life of purpose and meaning with the little time you have been given here on earth.

1. I had rather be in hell with Christ than be in heaven without him. Martin Luther.

Brief Explanation.

One of the best Christian quotes by Martin Luther who said that it’s better to suffer from Christ than to have all the good things and comforts this world has to offer without Christs.

That Christian quote by Martin Luther encourages us to abide in Christ as life without Christ is vanity and meaningless regardless of how rich you maybe but without Christs, you are nothing.

2. No religion in this world can save you or make you ready for heaven. Only having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will qualify you to enter heaven when all is said and done. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

What will take you to heaven when all is said and done with your earthly life is not being religious or practicing religion?

But only by having a personal relationship with Christ is what will qualify you for heaven when you die. If you haven’t yet received Christ as your personal savior, please what the video below by The Endless Love of Jesus Ministries.

3. Nothing shall be lost that is done for God or in obedience to him. John Owen.

Brief Explanation.

The above quote is among the best short Christian quotes you can ever come across which admonishes that what we do for the Lord is not in vain and will never get lost.

So, don’t be discouraged to work for the Lord as your labor is not in vain in the Lord. In contrast, the world won’t give you anything in return if you live & work for it.

4. Going to church on Sunday or Saturday doesn’t make you a saint but by living a godly Christ-like life free from sin and all the pollutions of this wicked world is what will qualify you to enter heaven. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Similar to the short Christian quote I mentioned in Number 2, this quote also tells us that going to church on Sunday or on the Sabbath as some religious people want to call it won’t take anyone to heaven.

It’s only by living a godly life free from all sin and the pollutions of the present evil world on a daily basis is what will make you eligible to enter heaven, period.

5. Being a Christian isn’t about having money or acquiring material things but it’s about serving the Lord wholeheartedly especially when things are not convenient. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

True indeed, being a true Christian isn’t about having money or material things as most people suppose and think.

Being a true Christian is about serving the Lord with patience and longsuffering as true Christianity isn’t as easy as most people think or presume.

There are trials you need to endure, a race the Lord has set before you to finish and a good fight you need to fight as well as keeping the faith until the end as most people will give up midway.

6. As long as you are living, you will face problems but you serve a God who solves problems. John Hagee.

Brief Explanation.

The above quote by John Hagee is one of the best inspirational Christian quotes for you to meditate on and remind yourself of when you face difficult times.

As long as you are alive and breathing here on earth, you will face trials and tribulations but be of good cheer because you have and serve a God who solves all problems.

7. People including friends come and go in life just like seasons do but the Lord will always be on your side if you put all your trust and confidence in him. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Yes, dear reader out there, you hear me? People including friends, besties or buddies come and go in life just as seasons do.

Even if they have promised a million times that they will not leave you, they will all eventually leave you when you least expect it.

But don’t worry as there is a friend that can never leave you nor forsake you when you need him most and that is the Lord. All you need to do is to put all your trust and confidence in him as well as obeying and keeping his word.

8. Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion. It is like a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ. Billy Graham.

Brief Explanation.

Indeed, being a truly born-again Christian is more than just a conversion at repentance but a daily process where you need to grow and imitate the life of Christ.

You need to grow and develop spiritually every day and you can do by doing quiet time and reading your bible every day so as to be grounded in his word.

9. Sometimes, God needs to remove certain people out of your life who will hinder you from living your purpose or serving him for him to accomplish what he brought you in this world for. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

This is one of the best short Christian quotes I can give you in this post if you are having trouble in understanding why God has removed certain people out of your life through unexplained circumstances.

But remember, God sees everything and only he knows the right people who should be in your life at any given time.

If God doesn’t remove those people you are clinging to who longer help you grow, he won’t accomplish what he wants to accomplish with your life.

10. Long-lasting eternal happiness, joy, and contentment in life is only found in Jesus and nowhere else. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

If you want long-lasting happiness, joy, and contentment in your life, you need Christ in your life as he is the only one who can give you that.

Remember, nothing here on earth be it material things, earthly accomplishments or other people can give you long-lasting happiness. Only Christ can.

Amazing Christian Quotes For Purposeful Living

In this subsection of our main topic, you will now be introduced to the other remaining 10 amazing Christian quotes to help you be happy & live a purposeful life.

11. When all you have is God, you have all you need. Dennis Fisher.

Brief Explanation.

When you have God on your side, you will have anything you need and what your heart desires through the unsearchable riches of the Lord.

The Lord is indeed our sufficiency as his dear children. If you lack anything, don’t let your heart be troubles as all you need to do is ask from the Lord whatever your heart desires as he will give it to you according to his will.

12. The only way to be truly happy in life is to stop trying to please everyone and only live your life to please the Lord who is much simpler to please than people. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

If you want to be truly happy in this life and beyond, you need to stop trying to please everyone who doesn’t even care about you anyway.

Living a life that is pleasing and glorifying unto the Lord is the only sure way you will be genuinely happy in this life as pleasing the Lord is much easier and less stressful than pleasing people.

13. The Christian life consists of faith and charity. Martin Luther.

Brief Explanation.

Another excellent Christian saying by Martin Luther which tells us that Christian life consists of faith and love.

If you don’t have these two basic components of a true Christian, then your Christianity is fake and leaves much to be desired.

14. It takes more courage to be humble than it does to be prideful. Matthew Hagee.

Brief Explanation.

Being humble in the heart takes courage and a Christ-like character. While being pride, on the other hand, is very easy to do due to the sinful nature we are all born with.

Pride is from Satan who fell as a result of it. So, don’t follow Satan’s footsteps by embracing his prideful spirit in your life which eventually leads to destruction. Embrace humility as all times.

15. It doesn’t take much effort to do what everyone else is doing. A dead fish can float downstream. It takes a live one to swim upstream. It’s easy to be common. The pressure comes when you decide to be uncommon. Joel Osteen.

Brief Explanation.

When it comes to short Christian quotes to live by, Christian quotes by Joel Osteen are one of the favorites I meditate on in my life and the above quote is no exception.

To stand out and be different from the crowd take a lot of courage as it requires you to be live and self-consciousness just as it requires a live fish to swim upstream.

On the flip side being like everyone else or doing what everyone else is doing doesn’t require you to swim upstream just as a dead fish ca easily swim downstream.

Just know that when you decide to stand out and embrace your uniqueness, you will need to swim upstream against the tide of conformity.

16. Putting your trust and confidence in man is a surefire way of getting disappointed in life. Only trust the Lord with all your heart and might as he is the only one who can never disappoint or fail you. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

The above Christian quote tells us putting your trust and confidence in a fallible human is an express ticket to being disappointed in this life.

Any human being regardless who that is a best friend or not is capable of letting you down or disappoint you which is why you hear betrayals being done by a close friend.

If you don’t want to have disappointments in this life or blood pressure (BP) which comes by trusting humans, you must only trust the Lord only as he is the only one who will never fail or disappoint you ever.

17. Only God has your best interests at heart. So, don’t let anyone decide what’s best for your life or what will bring happiness in your life. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

You shouldn’t’ allow other people to dictate what they subjectively think is best for your life as they don’t know or understand you better than yourself or.

Remember, only the Lord knows what is best for you & what will bring joy in your life as he is the reason why you are here on earth. Only God knows you better than anyone even your own self.

18. Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? Corrie Ten Boom.

Brief Explanation.

The above Christian quote is indeed a wakeup call for most so-called Christians who only pray when things get patchy in their lives.

Most people only consider prayer when thing go ballist5inc in their lives but when things are smooth sailing, prayer is useless to them.

For such people, prayer is simply a spare tire they use or run to when thinks become difficult instead of being a steering wheel to use all the time.

19. When all is said and done with your earthy life, all that will matter is whether your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Of all the short Christian quotes discussed so far, this is the quote I want to have at the back of your mind and stick in your bedroom wall.

At the end, when your earthly life comes to an end all that will matter is whether your name is written in the book of life. So ensure that your name is written in heaven before you die.

Otherwise, you will tell me how deeply & bitterly you will regret on the other side of the shore once you crossover.

To have your name in in the book of life, just give your life to Christ if you haven’t done that yet by watching the video below by The Endless Love of Jesus Ministries.

20. Life isn’t for the swift, highly educated, agile, intelligent, the wise or people of understanding but life and chances happen to everyone regardless of social status. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation.

Finally, this short Christian quote tells us that life isn’t for the intelligent highly educated, the wise or men of good understanding but life and chances happen to all of us.

Regardless of your social or educational status, we all get second chances and different opportunities in this life.

The above quote also reminds us that it’s not about being smart or agile in life which will make you will this race of life but how we utilize the chance life offers to us is what truly matter in the end.


Well, that’s all the top 20 short Christian quotes I had to share with you in this post for you to live by in this brief life we have here on earth.

My prayer is that the short Christian quotes about life you have read in this article will help you live a happy, and purposeful fie you will proudly look back on when all is said and done.

On the flip side, if you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. Sharing is caring indeed. Cheers and have a blessed life all the days of your life.

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