77 Education Quotes To Help You Succeed In Life.


Below, you will find a list of 77 education quotes and quotes about education and success to help you see the value of education. Education is important in life as, without it, there can be no development both at the personal and national level. May these 77 education quotes help you see the importance of having the right kind of education in life which can be the difference between success and complete failure in life.

77 Quotes About Education.

1. Being wrongly educated in life is worse than being illiterate. Trialsandtests.

2. Education only makes sense if it’s relevant and applicably in your life. Trialsandtests.

3. It’s only the ignorant in life who think they know it all. Trialsandtests.

4. Doing what is right and doing what is expected are two different things. Trialsandtests.

5. Having good grades in school doesn’t mean you will be successful in life. Trialsandtests.

6. Education is more than just a piece of paper. Trialsandtests.

7. He who let a piece of paper defines his value will never be truly successful. Trialsandtests.

8. It’s the so-called education ones who have done great damage to humanity. Trialsandtests.

9. The school of life is the most important school you will ever go to in this life. Trialsandtests.

10. Being a college dropout is better than being a drop out in the school of life. Trialsandtests.

11. It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. Albert Einstein.

12. Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much. Francis Bacon.

13. It’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning. Claude Bernard.

14. School prepares you for the real world which also bites. Jim Benton.

15. If you are not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master. Jordan B. Peterson.

16. My education was neglected, yet I was passionately fond of reading. Mary Shelley.

17. The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet. Aristotle.

18. Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of the vessel. Socrates.

19. Those who know, do: those that understand, teach. Aristotle.

20. Only the educated are free. Epictetus.

21. Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men. Pythagoras.

22. He who opens a school door, closes the prison. Victor Hugo.

23. The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. Plato.

24. It’s better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one. Socrates.

25. Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn. Greek Proverb.

26. When the old man dies, the library burns to the ground. African Proverb.

27. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation. African Proverb.

28. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. African Proverb.

29. Education is learning a lot about how little you know. African Proverb.

30. To get lost is to learn the way. African Proverb.

31. Thinking you know it all is the beginning of all manner of illiteracy. Samuel Zulu.

32. Ignorance is the mother of all illiteracy. Samuel Zulu.

33. Even fools are considered wise if they are willing to learn from others. Samuel Zulu.

34. He who thinks has all the answers shows how illiterate he is. Samuel Zulu.

35. Education without God is as good as nothing. Samuel Zulu.

36. Not all successful people are literate and not all literates are successful. Samuel Zulu.

37. Sadly 95% of what we learn in schools will never be applicable in real life. Samuel Zulu.

38. Learning what you won’t apply later on in life is worse than being illiterate. Samuel Zulu.

39. Learning what’s irrelevant to your life is nothing but a waste of time. Samuel Zulu.

40. Education isn’t everything in life as there so many educated illiterates, too. Samuel Zulu.

41. Being an educated illiterate is the worst kind of illiteracy in existence. Samuel Zulu.

42. A wise illiterate is better than an educated fool who think they know it all. Samuel Zulu.

43. In thinking you know it all is how you end up being illiterate in life. Samuel Zulu.

44. It’s better to fail in school or college than to fail in the school of life. Samuel Zulu.

45. Being educated rightly is what will keep you from being an educated fool. Samuel Zulu.

46. All of life is a constant education. Eleanor Roosevelt.

47. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm S.

48. It is the mark of a truly educated man to know what not to read. Ezra Taft Benson.

49. An education is not so much about making a living as making a person. Tara Westover.

50. Learning is not compulsory neither is survival. W. Edwards Deming.

51. Art is a process, not a product. Maryann kohl.

52. I drink a cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself. Debasish Mridha.

53. Education is the movement from darkness to light. Allan Bloom.

54. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Mandela.

55. No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. Nelson Mandela.

56. To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect. Oscar Wilde.

57. Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man. Swami Vivekananda.

58. The learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot. Audre Lorde.

59. Those who trust us educate us. George Eliot.

60. To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday. John Burroughs.

61. To know how to suggest is the art of teaching. Henri Frederic Amiel.

62. Segregation shaped me; education liberated me. Maya Angelou.

63. Great poetry needs no interpreter other than a responsive heart. Helen Keller.

64. Our children are only as brilliant as we allow them to be. Eric Michael Leventhal.

65. Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers. Harry Truman.

66. Education is only power if it’s the right kind and relevant to you. Trialsandtests.

67. Being educated wrongly is worse than being illiterate. Trialsandtests.

68. Sadly, most people aren’t as educated as they appear to be. Trialsandtests.

69. Without proper literacy, no nation can develop. Trialsandtests.

70. Having proper literacy is key to fighting poverty. Trialsandtests.

71. Education isn’t about going to school and reading books. Trialsandtests.

72. Having the right education is what leads to enlightenment. Trialsandtests.

73. Being educated wrongly is as good as living in the dark. Trialsandtests.

74.  To be a free thinker, you must unlearn the lies society has taught you. Trialsandtests.

75. The school of adversity is the greatest university you will ever go to. Trialsandtests.

76. No education in this world can surpass what you get from adversity. Trialsandtests.

77. You can have PHDs in education and still be an educated failure. Trialsandtests.


Hope these 77 education quotes will help you see the value of having the right kind of education in life and inspire you to be educated rightly. Peace.

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