45 Compliments Quotes [To Help You Make Others Smile.]

It’s good to get compliments when you do something good and the 45 compliments quotes below will help you compliment yourself and others to uplift them. But you must never rely on them like a drug as the 45 quotes about compliments below will tell you why. Enjoy.

45 Quotes About Compliments.

1. A simple positive compliment can make one’s day. Samuel Zulu.

2. It’s good to have others compliment you but when you become addicted to them, it can be a problem. Samuel Zulu.

3. It’s good when others say good things about you but don’t rely on that like a drug. Samuel Zulu.

4. Never forget to compliment your significant other when they do small good things to you as it makes them feel appreciated. Samuel Zulu.

3. The best way of making your other half feel appreciated is by commending them for the nice things they do to you instead of constantly criticizing their flaws. Samuel Zulu.

4. Don’t be a compliment addict. With or without compliments that must not affect how you feel about yourself. Samuel Zulu.

5. Make someone’s day good by giving them nice compliments where needed and deserved. Samuel Zulu.

6. With or without compliments from others, you must feel good about yourself regardless. Samuel Zulu.

7. The best compliment you can ever have will always come from yourself. Samuel Zulu.

8. Never forget to compliment yourself as it’s that important for your self-acceptance. Samuel Zulu.

9. Don’t rush to say good things about other people while you can’t even say one good thing about yourself. Samuel Zulu.

10. If you can’t say good things about yourself, how are you going to do the same to others? Samuel Zulu.

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11. Compliment yourself also when you do good things for yourself as that boosts your inner self-confidence. Samuel Zulu.

12. Endeavor to say good things about yourself, too and stop the self-hate that you aren’t good enough for anything because you are. Samuel Zulu.

13. I will be generous with my love today. I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go. Steve Maraboli

14. Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. In any relationship, they are the applause that refreshes. Steve Goodier.

15. exaggeratedly complimenting someone is known as flattery, and flattery will generally get you anything you want. Lemony Snicket.


16. Pay it forward with free compliments. They are returned in due time. David Chiles.

17. Leaders learn more from blames than praise. Praises make them know what’s already done well; blames show them what’s yet to be done well. Israelmore Ayivor.

18. People who praise a leader even when he is doing the wrong things are the main reasons why his fall is near. Israelmore Ayivor.

19. Much of someone’s real character lies in what they don’t say about themselves. Joyce Rachelle.

20. You can always tell when someone deserves the praise and recognition they receive because it humbles them rather than inflating their ego. Ashly Lorenzana.

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21. It is so much easier for most people to ignore an insult than it is for them to ignore a compliment. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

22. Compliments were like food for him and he couldn’t live without being praised anymore. Mustafa Donmez.

23. A mere compliment has been the seed of some people’s downfall. Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

24. Ninety per cent of those who are successful today were the people who had little or nothing, but were pushed and encouraged by their families. Michael Bassey Johnson.

25. People who are quick to pay compliments, baby-baby, are also quick to withdraw them. Chika Unigwe.

26. Let other people praise you on their own accord and don’t lobby for it. Samuel Zulu.

27. Too much reliance on the praises and compliments of others leads to disappointments. Samuel Zulu.

28. Always aspire to compliment others when they do good rather than seeking it for your self-ego. Samuel Zulu.

29. Fake compliments are worse than hate comments because at least heat comments are honest. Samuel Zulu.

30. Better an honest hate comment than a fake compliment with hidden motives. Samuel Zulu.

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31. Sometimes, the people who call you saviour will be the first ones to crucify you when the change to do so present itself. Samuel Zulu.

32. At times, the people who compliment you in public are the very ones secretly trying to destroy you by saying bad stuff behind your back. Samuel Zulu.

33. Praise or no praise from others, always do what you know is the right thing to do. Samuel Zulu.

34. Compliment others by magnifying their strengths and good rather than constantly focusing on their flaws. Samuel Zulu.

35. Better to keep your mouth shut than to give a backhanded compliment to others that are fake. Samuel Zulu.

36. Just because the devil is saying good stuff about you doesn’t mean you must believe him. Samuel Zulu.

37. I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my feelings. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

38. The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. Norman Vincent Peale.

39. The praise that comes from love does not make us vain, but more humble. James M. Barrie.

40. Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always are. That is the difference between the sexes. Oscar Wilde.

41. Don’t compliment me in the middle of an argument. It won’t make me stammer or blush, and it just makes you look desperate. Suzanne Enoch.

42. The biggest compliment I get is that I don’t sound like anybody else. I think I value that as the highest compliment. Burton Cummings.

43. It’s such a thrill when an adult comes up to me and says, ‘I read your book as a child and loved it.’ That’s a tremendous compliment. Katherine Paterson.

44. When people compliment my cooking, it’s like somebody telling me that they like my music. And it’s great to be known for something else. Trisha Yearwood.

45. Most people are such fools that it is no great compliment to say that someone is above the average. W. Somerset Maugham.



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