How To Live A Godly Life – [12 Godly Living Tips]


Here is how to live a godly life in this present world of sin if you are such a person who is desiring to live righteously and godly in this world of sin and corruption.

Living a godly life in these last days is indeed challenging as temptations are everywhere because Satan knows his time is short and quickly running out.

But it’s possible with the grace of the Lord to live holy, pure and unspotted from this perverse world as holiness is the only licence which will enable you to make it for heaven.

Without holiness, you can’t make it for heaven and don’t listen to those who say that it’s impossible to live a holy life in this present evil world. Godly living is the way to Heaven.

Yes, it’s possible to live a holy life in this present world as God has promised it through his grace as he can’t ask something we can’t do.

With that said, here are 12 things you need to know and do if you want to know how to live a godly life in this present world.

12 Godly Living Tips For Godly Living

Here are the 12 godly living tips to implement in your life in order to live godly in this present evil world as godliness is what will enable you to make it for heaven.

  • Ensure That You Are Truly Born Again
  • Abstain From All Appearances Of Evil
  • Dedicate Your Life To Holy Living
  • Avoid Bad Company
  •  Ready Your Bible & Pray Every Day
  • Guard Your Thoughts
  • Pray For Sanctification
  • Avoid Immoral Girl Friend & Boyfriend Relationships
  • Flee All Youthful Lusts & Pursue Holiness
  • Flee Fornication
  • Avoid Worldliness
  • Seek Counselling If Struggling With Sin Or Addictions

1. Ensure That You Are Truly Born Again.

To live a godly life, you must be genuinely born again and have your sins washed away by the Blood of Christ who died for your sins on the cross of Calvary.

If you are not truly born again, living a godly life will become virtually impossible no matter how hard you try as it’s by grace a truly born again Christian overcomes sin.

So, if you are struggling to live godly, kindly check your salvation and ensure that it’s not fake because there are a lot of fake coverts out there claiming to be saved.

But on the other hand, they deny their master, Jesus by their lifestyles and their deeds. In short, these people are nothing but hypocrites masquerading as real Christians on the surface.

If you are such a person, you need to repent from your hypocrisy as you are just deceiving yourself and if you are not yet saved, kindly read this post on how to be saved.

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2. Abstain From All Appearances Of Evil.

In order to be godly and spotless from the filth of this world, you need to abstain from all appearances of evil whether on the internet or on T.V

With modern technology we have now like T.V & internet, evil is everywhere and if you are a careless Christian, it’s very easy to defile yourself with these evil vices.

Things like internet pornography or explicit T.V shows or movies are some of the greatest weapons Satan is using in these last days to draw may into perdition.

There is just so much filth in this world and there is no shortage of T.V commercials or ads without at least a nudely dressed lady.

But as a Christian, you need to abstain from these evil appearances that most people defile themselves with if you want to make it for heaven as nothing unclean will get there (Rev 21:27).

If you don’t abstain, you will be defiled and be unfit for heaven. If you are addicted to any evil vices earlier mentioned, you need to ask the Lord to forgive you and give you the grace to deny all ungodliness and worldly lusts (Titus 2:11).

3. Dedicate Your Life To Holy Living

You need to be willing to live a holy life if you want to be godly in this present evil world and say no to sinful living most people are involved in including those who claim to be Christians.

Godly living requires that you deny any sin in your life or the love of sin which may be hidden in your heart as you can’t serve two masters.

The reason why most people struggle to live a godly life or a life free from sin and addictions is because of the love of sin in their hearts, period.

People simply love their sin like no man’s business which is why they say no one can live a holy life which is a lie from Satan of course as the bible says you must be holy as he is holy (1 Peter 1:15,16).

Yes, it’s possible to live a holy and unspotted life in this present world because the Lord has promised that through his grace which teaches us to deny all ungodliness and filthiness of this world.

All you need to do is ask Jesus to cleanse you from all your unrighteousness and promise him never to return to your vomit and he will faithfully do that for you.

4. Avoid Bad Company

Avoiding bad company is one of the best tips I can give you if you want to know how to live a godly life in an ungodly world as bad company corrupts good character (1 Cor 15:33).

If you think you can’t be corrupted, you are deceiving yourself as there as so many Christians who thought like that, too but now they are fallen into sin.

Therefore, you need to avoid bad and sinful friends who want to lead you into sin. It’s better to be alone and go to heaven than to have sinful friends who will lead you into perdition through their sinful lifestyles.

And if you value your salvation and what Christ did for you on the cross, you will surely allow anyone to be it friends or family members to rob you of that precious salvation you have in Christ, Jesus.

Your sinful friends didn’t die for your sins and can’t love you the way Christ loves you which is why you must not conform to their evil lifestyles.

You won’t stand before your sinful friends or family members on judgement day but you will stand before Christ alone. So, keep away from evil friends.

5. Ready Your Bible & Pray Everyday

Praying & reading your bible every day is important if you are aspiring to live a holy life as that prepares you to overcome any temptations you will come across during the day.

Remember, you are engaged in spiritual warfare as our weapons as Christian aren’t carnal. So, prayer full equips you to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy which he has prepared.

If you don’t pray, you will be spiritually weak and susceptible to any temptation the devil throws at you. You won’t be able to overcome even the slightest temptation Satan brings along the way as you didn’t prepare.

The reason why most Christians fall into temptations when they come is that they don’t prepare adequately for the day ahead by having their quiet time early in the morning.

Most Christians just wake up from their bed like animals not realizing that Satan like a roaring lion is patiently waiting on the other side for any weakness to exploit.

No wonder Christ told us to pray so that we enter not into temptations. So, practice the habit of reading your bible and praying every day so that temptations don’t overtake you.

6. Guard Your Thoughts.

Your mind is the battlefield which is why you must guard it with all diligence by being careful with the thoughts you allow your mind to meditate.

Satan will always attack your mind first if he wants to bring you down because sin starts and is conceived in the mind first.

Therefore, you must not entertain evil thoughts of sexual immorality, nudity, murder, hate etc. remember, you can commit sin without first conceiving in in your mind.

The reason why people do all sorts of evils you see is that what there are doing was first conceived in their minds after being drawn away by their own lusts (James 1:14-16).

For instance, those people who watch pornography or indulge in sex before marriage first conceived those dirty thoughts or images of sleeping with someone in their minds before carrying out those acts.

So, keep evil thoughts far from your mind to avoid being defiled and instead mediate of things which are good and pertaining to godliness.

7. Pray For Sanctification

Sanctification is important for a consistent godly living if you don’t want to be rising and falling all the time. Without it, consistent godly living becomes difficult.

The reason for this is that sanctification deals with the Adamic sinful nature we all have which causes us to desire sin or lust after sin in our hearts.

When you get sanctified, the Adamic nature is dealing with and uprooted and replaced with the desire for holiness and righteousness.

In short, the love of sin is completer replace with the love for righteousness. Implying, you no longer desire your old sins or your old sinful lifestyle. You will hate the sin but love righteousness.

For example, if you were addicted to drugs, alcohol or porn, you will no longer desire to do those things which will now be disgusting in your sight.

So, if you are struggling with sin, it’s very likely you are not sanctified and you can be sanctified right now by simply asking the Lord to do so & give you the heart to love him.

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8. Avoid Immoral Girl Friend & Boyfriend Relationships

If you are a Christian lady or gentleman desiring to live godly, you can’t afford to have a sinful boyfriend or girlfriend as your friend. For what?

Immoral boyfriend and girlfriend relationships or careless association with the opposite sex is the reason why so many so-called Christian youths are involved in fornication.

All that is in those relationships is lust and not love. You should avoid careless association with the opposite sex or any forms of cohabitation if you are not married.

Remember, cohabitation is wrong and not the lifestyle anyone aspiring to be godly must pursue. This may sound nuts to many but you must not follow the multitude to do evil.

Just because these immoral relationships are acceptable in society doesn’t make them right. As a Christian, you must wait till courtship or marriage to be with the opposite gender.

So, don’t associate with the opposite sex in the closest or be with the opposite sex in your apartment. Don’t give provision to the flesh as you must flee all youthful lusts.

9. Flee All Youthful Lusts & Pursue Holiness

The above tip on how to live a godly life in this polluted world is similar to what we have just discussed in number 8.

Youthful lusts consist of anything immoral or sinful which pleasures the flesh but leads a lot of young youths into sin especially the sin of fornication or sex before marriage.

Immoral boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are a perfect example of youthful lusts at work as these immoral relationships are very common amongst youths or teens.

This is why there are some any abortions and early unplanned pregnancies all because of youthful lusts of the flesh. Brother, sister, learn to control your voracious sexual appetite, please.

Instead, pursue holiness and righteousness as they are profitable for the wellbeing of your soul. Youthful lusts will just lead you to eternal ruin if you don’t repent of them.

And if you have been a victim of youthful lusts in any category such as drinking, drugs or fornication, you can still repent now and the Lord will be more than willing to forgive you.

10. Flee Fornication.

I have to include this because so many people who claim to be Christians are victims of this deadly disease called fornication.

Fornication is everywhere, in the church and outside the church especially among the youths and young adults filled with lust in their filthy hearts.

There is just so much lust among the youths in the church especial in the church choir as most join the choir these days not to sing but because they admire a certain sister or brother in a lustful way of course.

A lot of sisters in the church are carelessly unveiling themselves and spreading their legs wide open to any brother who comes to them who won’t even be their husbands anyway. This ought not to be so.

Why not wait before marriage to enjoy the gift of sex God has granted to married people only instead of doing shortcuts. You need to flee fornication at all costs.

Fornication has robbed so many brothers and sisters of their great destinies who were once strong in the Lord who are now nothing but a shell of their former self. So, avoid it at all costs.

11. Avoid Worldliness

Worldliness is another common trait found on so many people who claim to be Christian nowadays especially in the area or dressing.

But if you are truly born again Christian in pursuit of godly living, worldliness has no place in your life as friendship with the world is enmity with God (James 4:4).

Especially when it comes to dressing amongst the girls or ladies nowadays who were very short and tight skirts or pants which expose their thighs or undergarments when they sit down.

Surprisingly most of these worldly sisters claim to be Christians. As a lady or girl, you need to dress in a feminine manner in a long dress which won’t expose your geometrical body shape or undergarments when you sit down as shown below.

Source: Vintage Red Rose

When you try to confront these sisters, they justify themselves that God only looks at the heart and not outside but the truth of the matter is what’s in the heart is what manifests outside.

If you are truly born again sister on your way to heaven, there is no way you will dress like the people of the world. So, let worldliness be far from you both sister and brother. Be separate amount the heathens as you are not of this world.

12. Seek Counselling If Struggling With Sin 

Lastly but not least, you must seek godly counselling from mature and true servants of God to guide you on how to overcome sin in life. It’s that important.

Mature servants of God have experience and insight which you can’t find anywhere by merely reading an article as their advice and counselling will be tailored to your unique situations and challenges you may be having with sin.

This is especially true if you are battling some forms of aggressive addictions such as drugs, narcissism, pornography, alcohol or fornication.

The above-mentioned sins will sometimes need professional counselling and prayer from mature servants of God to break all the demonic chains & strongholds Satan may have on those involved in any forms of addictions.

Don’t feel ashamed to go for counselling if you feel the need to do so as those servants of God are just there to help you in your Christian journey with the Lord

You should never allow any sinful addictions to eat and consume you alive from the inside and eventually lead you to eternal ruin. Seek counselling as early as possible of you are struggling with any addictions. You will be glad that you did.

Closing Remarks.

These were all the 12 tips on how to live a godly life in this polluted world of sin I had to share with you and hope they will help you to shun evil and live godly for Christ.

Remember, it’s possible to live a godly life free from sin and addictions which you might be plagued within your life as you are reading this.

All you need to do is ask for the grace of the Lord to help you abstain from all appearances of evil and sin by asking him to wash you with his precious blood which cleanses all sin.

But you also need to do your part by not going back to the same sins or vomit you are repenting from. You need to forsake your sins, too.

The reason why most people struggle to live a sin-free life is due to the love of sin in their heart. A lot of folks out there love their sinful lifestyle which is why they say you can’t be holy.

Of course, you can live a holy life if you want to and in closing, kindly share this article if you found it useful to others as well. Sharing is caring. Be blessed and pursue righteousness.

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