12 Traits Of A Truly Born Again Christian

traits of a born again christian

Today in this post, you will discover 12 traits of a truly born again Christian which distinguishes true Christians from hypocrites masquerading as Christians.

Everyone nowadays claims to be born again and to be a follower of Christ but what you need to understand is that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a saint.

Remember, only saints will be raptured and enter heaven and saints are people who are truly born again living a life pleasing unto Christ, their Master.

You can claim to be a Christian but the fruits you bear will tell it all as a tree is known by its fruits and not the beautiful green leaves it may have.

With that said, let’s now look at the 12 traits of a truly born again Christian which separates the wheat from the tares and the sheep from the goats.

12 Characteristics Of A Truly Born Again Christian

Here are the 12 characteristics of a truly born again Christian en route to heaven you will ever need to know whether you are a true Christian or a hypocrite.

  • Shuns worldliness
  • No love for the world or the things in it
  • A desire for holy living
  • Dead to sin
  • Flees all forms of fornication
  • Will love God more than anything
  • Flees from all forms of lust
  • Reads bible & prays daily
  • Has all 9 essential fruits of the Spirit
  • Shows selfless Christ-like love to all
  • Easily forgives others
  • Desire to fellowship with other Christians

1. Shuns Worldliness

A truly born again Christian will have nothing to do with the world or love the world and the things of the world like fashions, dressing styles and many otherworldly things not befitting a true Christian.

Worldliness is anything that is worldly or sinful which is not compatible with a life of a truly born again Christian. As a Christian, you must remember, that you are not of the world as our master Jesus Christ isn’t of the world.

Therefore, if you claim to be a follower of Christ, you need to get rid of all forms of worldliness in your life which can be ungodly dressing, artificial beautiful of yourself with artificial makeup, and anything worldly not befitting a Christian.

Sadly, most so-called Christians still display worldly tendencies and you can’t differentiate them from the actual people of the world.

But remember, friendship with the world is enmity with God (James 4:4) and no one who is a friend of the world will enter heaven as you can’t serve two masters at the same time.

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2. No Love For The Word Or The Things In It

If you are a truly born again Christian with genuine salvation experience, you will surely not love the world or the mundane things in it because you know this world isn’t you home and you are just passing by.

And this is what so many so-called Christian doesn’t understand which is why they have one foot in the world and the other in Christianity.

But hey, dear brother and sister out there in the Lord, it doesn’t work that way. You are either of the world or of the Lord. Remember, this world is temporary & will one day pass away.

Therefore, all those who claim to be Christian and are still in love with the world are just merely deceiving themselves & no one else.

Moreover, we are encouraged not to love the world or the things of the world (1 John 2:15-17) and if you love the world, definitely the love of God isn’t in you as you can’t serve two masters at the same time.

3. A Desire For Holy Living

When you become a genuinely saved Christian, you will thirst and hunger for holiness and righteous living and will have no desire for your past sinful lifestyle whatever it may be.

Holiness is what you will breathe and live by every day. It will be your oxygen you just can’t live without and your passion.

You can’t say you are born again if you don’t want to forsake your sinful lifestyle to follow after righteousness and holiness. If you don’t desire to live holy, it means your salivation is fake.

So, let holiness be your lifestyle if you want to make it for heaven on the last day as holiness is the only passport you need to enter heaven. Without it, you can’t enter (Hebrews 12:14).

And if you are wondering whether it’s possible to live a holy life, know that it’s possible with God’s grace (Titus 2:11-14) if you are truly saved and not a false covert which most so-called Christians are.

4. Dead To sin

If you are truly born again, you will become dead to sin especially your old sinful lifestyle and you will no longer desire to return to it (Romans 6:11).

For instance, if you used to smoke, sleep around, drink alcohol, watch pornography or do any other sins, you will no longer desire to do all those filthy things of the flesh which bring death.

Bear in mind that to be truly born again, you agree that you are now alive in Christ and now dead to sin which is why we get baptized after getting saved to symbolize that new birth experience in Christ.

You can’t say you are saved if you are still indulging in your old sins and if that’s the case, you need to go before the throne of grace to ask of real genuine salvation experience which will make you free from your old sins or addictions once and for all.

Genuine salvation is an experience and not a feeling which is accompanied by the fruits of repentance which being dead to sin is among them. Without that, your conversion is fake.

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5. Flees All Forms Of Fornication

This one is a big one which most so-called Christian struggle with and has caused so many Christians who were once strong in the Lord to be now shells of their former glorious self.

As a truly saved Christian, you need to flee fornication at all costs be it sex before marriage or porn lest you destroy your destiny as other Christians have done or like Samson.

Yes, you are a Christian but you are not a robot and you have feelings which is why you need to avoid careless association with you opposite gender especially you ladies and men also.

For ladies out there, please don’t unveil yourself or carelessly open those two legs of yours to a cheap man who won’t even be your husband anyway.

And men out there, don’t plant your seed in the wrong garden which you won’t even nurture. Fornication is a serious thing unlike other sins it involves sinning against your own body which is why you must flee it at all costs (1 Corinthians 6:18).

6. Will Love God More Than Anything

Yes, if you are a truly born again Christian washed in Christ precious blood, you will have this new fervent love for the Lord which you didn’t have when you were a sinner.

Loving the Lord, your maker who created you in His own glorious image is very critical to a Christian as it’s the greatest commandment given to all true disciples of Chris (Matthew 22:36-38).

Sadly, most Christians, love other things especially worldly things more than their maker. God is an option and not a priority in the lives of these so-called Christians.

But if you are truly a disciple of Christ, you will love him more than anything in this world be it your family, spouse, children, job etc. Nothing will take his first place in your life.

If you don’t love the Lord the way you need to love him, ask him to give you a new heart and a new spirit to love him & to cleanse you from all your idols lurking in your heart (Ezekiel 36:22-32).

7. Flees From All Forms Of Lust

The lust of the flesh is the major reason why so many people constantly fall into sin be it the sin of fornication, nudeness, womanizing, drinking or pornography.

If you become genuinely born again with a renewed life in Christ, you will be free from all these filthy lustful desires of the flesh leading may to hell & won’t desire to do them at all.

Remember, a person is tempted when is drawn away by this or her own lusts which give birth to sin which results in spiritual death and damnation of the person practising it.

And if you are still struggling with lust or uncontrolled sexual desires for the opposite gender, you need to ask the Lord to deliver you with a sincere heart and he will do that for you in no time.

As truly saved Christian, you are to flee all youthful lusts like porn, drugs, women, immoral girlfriend & boyfriend etc. which has trapped so many careless Christians.

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8. Reads Bible & Prays Daily

As a real born again Christian, it’s essential that you do your regular quiet time early in the morning before you start your day so that you don’t fall into temptations.

Remember, while you are sleeping at night, Satan was still awake devising various schemes& devices to trap you for the next day through temptations.

This is why you must pray and read your bible daily as that prepares you for the day and equips you with the strength you need to overcome any temptation of the day Satan has prepared.

If you don’t pray, you will be weak and easily susceptible you any temptations Satan brings across and it will only take a small temptation from him to bring you down and before you know it, you have fallen into sin already faster than you can say, “what really happened.”

So ensure you have your regular quiet time early in the morning because Satan doesn’t sleep or slumber neither should you slumber spiritually as a soldier of Christ.

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9. Has All 9 Essential Fruits Of The Spirit

If you are a truly born again Christian, you will certainly display all the 9 essential fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22,23. They are that important.

Without them, you can’t really say you are truly born again but a false convert instead and there are a lot of such people in church sadly.

As a Christian who claims to be born again, you need to show the marks of true conversion because the tree will always be known by its fruits and you can’t deceive God who knows the true state of your heart. Yes, you can deceive others or yourself but not him.

So, if you are lacking certain fruit s of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22,23, like meekness, humbleness etc., all you need is to ask the Lord to grant you a new heart and a new spirit and remove the sinful and stubborn heart you may currently have.

Remember, genuine salvation is an experience and not a feeling which is always accompanied by all the nine fruits of the Spirit and repentance. Without them, you are merely deceiving yourself.

10. Shows Selfless Christ-like Love To All

A truly born again Christian will exhibit selfless love to everyone including enemies because love from above is selfless and has no ulterior motives.

This is what separates Christ’s love from human love as human love is selfish and has ulterior motives hidden in it because human love is all about what you can get rather than what you can give..

For most people, love is all about what they can get from you rather than what you can give which is why there are so many betrayals today even amongst brothers and sisters in the church who claim to love each other.

But this ought not to be so if you claim to be born again because if you are, you will love unconditionally as God loved you and not conditionally.

If you want to know what true love is, kindly check 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 which summarizes everything about what true love is which you must have as a professing Christian.

11. Easily Forgives Others.

Forgiveness is not an option but a must and commandment any professing Christina must do to others just as Christ has forgiven us and it should be unconditional.

Yes, people will do horrible or say, mean and extremely hurtful things to you which will deeply hurt your feelings but you must not aloe that to go into your head.

And in such situations, forgiveness is very difficult to do as humans because we want to revenge but we are encouraged to liberally forgive others no matter how deeply they have hurt us. Remember, vengeance is of the Lord and he will surely repay without fail.

So, if you are harbouring any grudges or beef against your offenders who may have offended you in the past, just let go of them and leave it to the Lord in prayer and ask him to give you the grace to forgive and let go. You will be glad how freeing forgiveness is.

Pray for them so that God changes their hearts and realize what they are doing is wrong and don’t wish evil to come upon them. Remember, Christ, prayed for his enemies and so you are to do the same as his disciple.

12. Desire To Fellowship With Other Christians.

If you become a true Christian, you will desire to fellowship and congregate with your fellow brothers or sisters in the Lord which is strongly encouraged (Hebrews 10:25).

Fellowshipping with other Christians strengthens and encourages you to continue in the Lord which might be difficult if you are alone considering how challenging the Christian race is.

You won’t desire to fellowship will your past sinful friends who are just there to lead you into eternal destruction with them in hell. It’s better to be alone with Christ that to be friends with sinners who will just lead you to eternal destruction in the end.

And if you still have sinful friends in your life who are being a stumbling block in your life, you need to distance yourself from them as they might corrupt you with their evil manners and tempt you to go back to your old sinful lifestyle.

Remember, the evil company will always corrupt good morals and not vice versa. So, ensure that your best friends are your fellow brothers or sisters in Christ and not sinners who just want to corrupt you with their evil & pernicious ways bringing upon themselves swift destruction.

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Closing Remarks

These are all the 12 traits of a truly born again Christian I had to share with you and I hope they will help you examine your life and your salvation if it’s sound.

If you are not saved yet or are still doubting your salvation after reading this, kindly watch the video below which will show you how you can be saved from sin to have eternal life.

Source: Watchman on the wall 88.

Remember, tomorrow isn’t promised and if you die today in your sins without Christ, you are lost for all eternity. Now is the day of salvation and the Lords is eagerly waiting for you to make that greatest decision you will ever make while here on earth.

And if you are truly saved, continue in the Lord up to the end for great is your reward awaiting you if you endure to the end for your work in the Lord isn’t in vain.

In conclusion, if this post benefited you in some way, kindly share it with everyone you as they will benefit, too. Sharing is caring. Be blessed & continue in the Lord till the end.

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