45 Cheating Wife Quotes (Showing Why Cheating Is Dumb)

Below is a list of 45 cheating wife quotes and quotes about cheating wives to remind women out there why cheating is dumb. If you cheat on your husbands, it just shows how cheap you are as a woman as the 45 cheating wife quotes will elaborate more on this pressing issue. Enjoy.

45 Quotes About Cheating Wives.

1. Only cheap and moraless women cheat on their men for temporary pleasures. Samuel Zulu.

2. A wife who betrays her husband doesn’t truly love her husband as she claimed in her marriage vows. Samuel Zulu.

3. Women cheat for several reasons and one of them is a sin or lack of emotional support or attention from their man. Samuel Zulu.

4. If you are a cheating wife, just know that you are a cheap woman without any value. Samuel Zulu.

5. Men who marry for the sake of beauty instead of virtue and character end up with cheating wives who don’t respect them. Samuel Zulu.

6. Lack of emotional support or attention from your man is still not a justifiable reason as to why you must be unfaithful to your man. Samuel Zulu.

7. If a woman doesn’t truly love you with all her heart, she will see no reason as to why she can’t spread her legs wide open to another man. Samuel Zulu.

8. Sadly, most women have only outward beauty to offer to their men but not virtue, respect, or love. Samuel Zulu.

9. You can have all the beauty in this world but that doesn’t make you a chaste woman inside. Samuel Zulu.

10. Chastity has nothing to do with outward beauty but has everything to do with your inner character as a woman. Samuel Zulu.

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11. A woman who would steal your love when your love was all you had to give was not much of a woman. Stephen King.

12. A wife who discomforts you with truth is better than a mistress who massages you with lies. Matshona Dhliwayo.

13. In modern times couples are more concerned about loyalty than love. Amit Kalantri.

14. If it’s true that men and women can be ‘just friends’ then how come all cheaters first start as ‘just friends? Oliver Markus Malloy.

15. Love cannot be hidden; it is like light. If you are hidden knowledge that you are with the darkness. Khuliso Mamathoni.


16. You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future. Steve Maraboli.

17. Why wait to forgive and let go only after you have sufficiently wallowed in your despair? Why not forgive and let go now? Kamand Kojouri.

18. The one who has developed a habit of taking a lot of respect from others relish pride, will get cheated. Dada Bhagwan.

19. But I was still determined to protect her. It might be the one good thing I would ever do in my life. I wondered if God would even notice. Steven Ramirez.

20. Her voice was small and distant like she’d already left the room. Steven Ramirez.

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21. We are born. We die. Somewhere in between, we live. And how we live is up to us. That’s it. Steven Ramirez.

22. She played me with a bad hand, and I fell for it every time. Steven Ramirez.

23. She smiled at him like a freshman invited to the senior prom. It made my blood boil. Steven Ramirez.

24. It’s not about winning, it’s about doing what’s right. And yes, we will do what’s right. Steven Ramirez.

25. The sound of him drinking was indescribable like dirty runoff down a storm drain. Steven Ramirez.

26. If you are not faithful to your hubby deal woman, who do your thing you will be truly faithful to in life? Samuel Zulu.

27. All cheating wives cheat by choice though the circumstances of each wife are different for doing so. Samuel Zulu.

28. If you aren’t faithful to your husband, you will never understand what true faithfulness and loyalty are at all. Samuel Zulu.

29. It’s better not to marry if you can’t be faithful to your marital vows rather than breaking your sacred marriage vows due to your selfish momentary pleasures. Samuel Zulu.

30. Cheating is all in the mind as it first starts with the imagination and obsessing with someone before the actual action happens. Samuel Zulu.

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31. You will never see a wise and chase woman of value carefully spreading her legs wide open to every Jim and jack that comes her way. Samuel Zulu.

32. If you open your legs to someone else rather than your husband you vowed to only show your nakedness too, then, you have no substance as a woman. Samuel Zulu.

33. Once you allow another man other than your husband to see your nakedness, then your dignity is no more. Samuel Zulu.

34. Only women who disrespect themselves will allow any man to see what’s under their skirt. Samuel Zulu.

35. If any strange man can see what you are hiding under your skirt as a woman, then you have nothing of value in you, oh dear woman. Samuel Zulu.

36. If you don’t quit your cheating habit, your sin will surely find you and end you in eternal destruction in hellfire. Samuel Zulu.

37. She who sleeps around with any man other than her husband lacks understanding and destroys her soul. Samuel Zulu.

38. Cheating wives out there, repent and turn away from your infidelities lest your sin soon catches up with you and runs your soul to hellfire. Samuel Zulu.

39. Don’t allow few moments of pleasure to ruin what you have built for years. Samuel Zulu.

40. A woman who would steal your love when your love was all you had to give was not much of a woman. Stephen King.

41. Marriage to the groom does not mean that his heart belongs to the bride. Dennis E. Adonis.

42. In your mind you are cheating somebody, but in reality, you are cheating yourself. Cyc Jouzy.

43. Just because we want to make ourselves happy, it doesn’t mean we must be cheating on others. Remember, “Feeling”. Anne Idris.

44. If you are stupid enough to cheat, then definitely dumb enough to get caught. Aman Jassal.

45. Relationship is only two on board. It has to sink when there is one extra passenger. Farid F. Ibrahim.



I hope these 45 wife cheating quotes will help you not cheat on your husband for ladies out there because if you truly love your man, you won’t cheat on him, no matter what. Take care.

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