52 Bad Friends Quotes To Help You Cut Off Toxic Bad Friends.


Looking for bad friends quotes or quotes about bad friends and toxic friendships to help you get rid of bad friends and toxic friends in your life? You have come to the right place.

We have all encountered bad and toxic friends who were just there to exploit us for their selfish gains and the quotes about bad friends here will help you remove them from your life.

Fake friends are up to no good and aren’t worth your time which is why you must only spend time with good friends who will help you grow and bring out the best in you.

With that said, here are the 52 bad friends quotes and quotes about bad friends and toxic friends to help remove these parasites from your life before they ruin you beyond repair.

52 Quotes About Bad Friends.

1. Fake friends are more deadly than standing armies. Trialsandtests.

2. Good friends are always happy with your success while bad friends become jealous of it. Trialsandtests.

3. Sandy, most people are only your besties if are a milking cow to them that can supply them with milk daily. Trialsandtests.


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4. To some people, you are nothing more than a dairy cow that they can milk daily as they please. Trialsandtests.

5. Toxic friends are more deadly than Cyanide as they are difficult to spot. Trialsandtests.

6. Fear not the enemy at a distance who can do you no harm but fear the enemy masquerading as your friend close to you. Trialsandtests.

7. It’s just that some people are hell-bent on trying to make you look bad in front of others no matter how innocent you are. Trialsandtests.

8. A jealous friend is a very bad friend you must avoid at all costs like a plague before their jealousy ruins you. Trialsandtests.

9. Keep away from anyone who secretly tries to destroy what you are building for yourself. Trialsandtests.

10. No everyone who smiles at you is your friend. Be careful with who you allow in your circle. Trialsandtests.

11. Sadly, most people you call friends are nothing but green snakes in green grass waiting to strike you at an opportune time. Trialsandtests.

12. Don’t allow anyone to drill holes in your board you are sailing. Otherwise, you will sink in no time. Trialsandtests.

13. To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals. Michael Bassey Johnson.

14. Sometimes, your dearest friend whom you reveal most of your secrets to becomes so deadly and unfriendly without knowing that they were not really your friend. Michael Bassey Johnson.

15. Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before they dig out the dream seeds you have planted. Israelmore Ayivo.

16. If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself. Aesop.

17. My dad once said, “Some friends are like “rubber wrappers”; they bind with you safely but get weaker when you stretch them too much. Israelmore Ayivo.

18. To leaders, one trusted friend is better than ten well-known betrayers. Israelmore Ayivor.

19. A bad friend secretly plots your downfall. Bangambiki Habyarimana.

20. Some bad friends are so crafty in such a way that by the time their mission is reveal, they have already executed portions of it. Israelmore Ayivor.

21. There are many good seeds in you. Therefore, you must avoid every bad soil in the world. Israelmore Ayivor.

22. You have to learn to see people for who they really are and not who they pretend to be. Samuel Zulu.

23. Losing fake friends who are secretly against your progress in life is like escaping a lion’s den. Samuel Zulu.

24. Like termites, bad friends will secretly destroy what you are trying to build by the time you discover the damage has already been done. Samuel Zulu.

25. Don’t keep company with caterpillars as they are up to no good. Samuel Zulu.

26. Don’t ever reveal your innermost secrets to anyone even to your bestie as people change without notice. Samuel Zulu.

27. Losing fake friends in your life is a blessing in disguise. Samuel Zulu.

28. Fair weathered friends are only with you in good times but vanish into thin air who you are in trouble. Samuel Zulu.

29. Some people are only in your life to leverage you for their selfish needs. Shame. Samuel Zulu.

30. Have no time for fake friendships that are only there to drain you. Samuel Zulu.

31. Anyone who tries to sabotage your dreams must be avoided like a plague at all costs. Samuel Zulu.

32. As time, goes by, you soon realize that some people are better left in the rearview mirror. Samuel Zulu.

33. In the end, some people aren’t just worth your precious time and are better left alone. Samuel Zulu.

34. Hard times are what reveal and smoke out any toxic friends and fake friends out of your life. Samuel Zulu.

35. Show me your friends and I will instantly know what kind of a character you are. Samuel Zulu.

36. When it comes to friendships, be advised that evil friends will corrupt you and not vice versa. Samuel Zulu.

37. Toxic friends are better left alone or otherwise, their toxic behavior will also pollute you also if you don’t remove then from your life. Samuel Zulu.

38. Some friends are only happy for you when you do better but not surpassing them. Samuel Zulu.

39. To have good friends in your life, you must first remove the bad friends in your life serving no purpose. Samuel Zulu.

40. It’s high time you started removing the bad eggs out of your life. Samuel Zulu.

41. Bad friends are nothing but dead plants that have outlived their usefulness in your life. Samuel Zulu.

42. When your bestie turns into a stranger tomorrow, it’s a sign that their part in your life is over. Samuel Zulu.

43. It’s so funny that the people you call besties today can turn into people you don’t recognize tomorrow. Samuel Zulu.

44. A close friend can become a close enemy. Ethiopian Proverb.

45. The tongue that belongs to a fake friend is sharper than a knife. Argentine Proverb.

46. Do not get used to other people’s things. African Proverb.

47. In times of poverty, you will know your friends. In times of plenty, your friends will know you. African Proverb.

48. Being alone is better than being surrounded by vultures who just show up when you have money. Trialsandtests.

49. Growing up also teaches you that the only true friend you will have is the one you see in the mirror. Trialsandtests.

50. In the end you realize that we are just all passerby’s with our own lives to live. Trialsandtests.

51. Friendship to most people means exploiting others to fuel their selfish gains which is sad indeed. Trialsandtests.

52. The person you see in the mirror will never turn your back only. That’s the bestie you need to give your utmost attention to. Trialsandtests.


I hope you enjoyed these 52 bad friends quotes and quotes about bad friendships. Let me know which one you like the most below. Take care.

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