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Your ideal opportunity to start a successful blog from scratch. I will literally give you one to one mentor ship & guidance on how to start a ,successful blog from scratch until you make your first $100/month & start receiving more than 10,000+ monthly visits to your blog.

I will be your mentor until you start making $100+/month & when your blog start receiving more than 10,000+ monthly visitors within 2-3 months. You can bet on me because I have more than 6 years blogging experience on my belt and I too failed so may times before figuring out this blogging thing but you don’t have to go through that path as well.

You don’t have to wait for years to make money blogging if you have the right mentor on your side willing to guide & show you the way. The reason why 95% of aspiring bloggers quit within their first six months isn’t because they can’t do it but because they don’t have the right mentor or guide to guide & show them the way.

Blogging has so many moving parts to it you need to know. Its so sad that blogging is portrayed as a get rich quick scheme by most blogging gurus out there who are just after your money with the snake oil courses the aggressively promote to your as a key to unlock instant riches in your life.

With me on your side, you won’t fall for these snake oil courses which false portray blogging as an easy thing to do when the reality is blogging is just like any other offline business which requires time, handwork & some investment on your part .Yes, these popular blogging gurus won’t tell you these hidden costs which come with blogging.

They won’t tell you blogging comes with a steep learning curve especially if you are a complete newbie to this blogging thing. There are just so many technicalities you need to familiarize yourself with to build a successful blog but this must not scare you as I will be on your side on every step on your blogging journey until you start making your first $100/month & star getting your first 10,000 monthly visits within 2-3 months of your blogging journey

All you need to do to take advantage of this rare & unique offer you won’t find elsewhere is purchase your Ipage hosting at 75% off for new customers through this special promotional link or by simply clicking the lovely banner below to get started

After successfully purchasing your hosting, kindly send or forward me your Ipage receipt purchased via my special promotional link to get started in no time to take advantage of this rare offer to most blogging gurus won’t offer to you who are just after your money & will leave you on your own after getting what they want from you i.e the quick buck they want from you when you purchase their affiliate products via their affiliate links but I won’t leave you alone in the blogging jungle to figure out things on your own.


  • Free premium mentor ship on your blogging journey until you start getting more than 10,000 monthly visitors to your blog & after you start making $100 per month within a 2-3 months time frame which is more than enough for you to achieve that goal if you commit.


  • Access to free premium blogging consultations on your blogging career & anything concerning blogging, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, keyword research & much more.


  • Will help your blog succeed and achieve the promised goals of 10,000 monthly visits & $100/month income in your chosen niche within the promised time frame. All you need to do on your part is be willing to put in the work required to succeed. I will guide you along the way.


  • Free blog recommendations & tips on how to build a successful blog so that you are not among the majority 95% of bloggers who quit blogging within 6 months of their blogging career when they truly see the harsh realities of blogging.

If you have any questions about this offer, feel free to email me at for more details. You don’t have to be among the 95% of people who quit blogging within 6 months of their blogging career. I want to change your life so that one day you can look back on this rare opportunity as the best decision you made in your life. Be blessed.

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