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Hi, today you will discover the 7 best blogging niches to make money blogging with your blog which has huge earning potential.

Finding a suitable blogging niche for your blog can be very challenging with so many options to choose from out there.

In this post, however, I will make easier for you to pick the best blogging niche for your blog as I will list 7 best blogging niches which are popular and ideal for bloggers.

Before looking at the 7 best blogging niches for you to choose from out there, first, let’s find out what a blogging niche is.

What is a blogging niche?

A blogging niche is simply a specific topic you blog or writes about on your blog. Before choosing a blogging niche, there are several things you need to consider.

As a newbie blogger, you need to know exactly which niche you want to blog about on your blog before you even think of starting a blog.

blogging niches

But choosing an ideal blogging niche isn’t straight forward as there are a lot of factors you need to consider before choosing your blogging niche.

In this post, I will help you choose the best blogging niche for your blog by discussing three major factors to consider before choosing a niche which are.

(i) Experience

Before choosing a blogging niche, you need to have some experience with that niche which will help you come up with unique content for your blog.

Choosing a blogging niche you have experience on will help you easily come up with blog post ideas and avoid a blogging burnout or running out of blog topics to write about which usually happens when you choose a niche you have little to no experience on.

Personally, I only blog about blogging, affiliate marketing, investing making money online, inspirational and positive living as these are topics I have real-life experience on.

Therefore, coming up with blog post ideas in these niches is easier for me due to my direct experience in these blog niches.

You will never find weight loss topics on this blog even if it’s one of the highest paying blogging niches out there as I have zero experience on how to lose weight.

As a result, coming up with new unique content consistently in the weight loss niche will be challenging for me due to limited knowledge and experience in this niche.

Secondly, when you choose a niche you have experience on, your content will be unique as it will be based on our real-life experiences.

Consequently, your content will stand out from millions of regurgitated content pieces which are now rampant in the blogosphere.

(ii) Earning Potential

The other important factor you need to consider when choosing your blogging niche in the earning potential for your niche.

If you plan to generate a full-time income online, you need to choose a niche which is capable of making you a good income online.

Not two different blogging niches are created equal. Some niches significantly pay more than others for the same amount of traffic.

In this article, I will show you the best blogging niches carefully selected for you with high earning potential if you plan to make a full-time income from blogging.

Unlike similar articles out there about blogging niches, in this post, however, I will also give you a list of recommended bloggers to follow in each blogging niche listed here.

(iii) Availability

By availability, I mean the niche you are choosing for your blog must be evergreen especially if you plan to make a full-time income with your niche blog.

An evergreen niche is a niche which will still be viable for years to come and these are the types of niches you want to consider if you plan to make money full-time online with your blog.

There is no point of choosing a niche which will get outdated sooner or later which will be just a waste of time and your precious resources.

All the 7 blogging niches listed here are all evergreen niches with high earning potential and you don’t need to worry about them getting outdated.

7 Blog Niche Ideas To Make $5000+ Per Month

1. Personal Finance

Personal finance is one of the best blog niches out there with very high earning potential. Blogs in this niche primarily blog about.

  • Saving money
  • Overcoming debt
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement saving
  • Investing

There are several personal finance blogs out there but one of the best personal finance blogs I have come across in my 5+ years of my blogging career is making sense of cents.

This amazing personal finance blog was created by Michelle Schroeder Gardner who shares a lot of inspirational stories on her blog on how she managed to par off her massive $40,000 student loan debts.

She also shares a useful and helpful tip on her blog on how to save money and how to avoid overspending which is the main reason why most people are in debt in the first place.

Her masking sense of cents personal finance blog brings her more than $100,000 per month and gets around 500,000 monthly page views mainly from Google and Pinterest respectively.

If you want to start a personal finance blog, Michelle is the mentor you will want to look up to for help and advice in this niche.

2. Health & Fitness

Fitness and Health one of the most popular blog topics as well among bloggers with one of the best-earning potential in the blogosphere.

The Health and Fitness topic is very popular on Pinterest which is much easier to get blog traffic from than Google which takes time.

One of the reasons health and fitness are among the best blogging niches to choose as a blogger is that it’s evergreen and people will always look for ways to become healthier.

Secondly, health and fitness is a billion-dollar industry and there are a lot of health and fitness bloggers who earn six figures every month with their blogs.

Essentially this blogging niche mainly talks about healthy living, healthy diets, and physical health of the body.

If you contemplate starting a health and fitness blog I recommend checking out Avocadu, a health and fitness blog created by Alex and Lauren.

Their blog essentially deals with healthy diets and recipes, physical body health and how to lose weight. Alex and Laureen make more than $50,000 per month from their health and fitness blog alone.

3. Making Money Online.

Of all the blogging niches listed here, making money online is the best and highest paying blogging niche in the blogosphere with numerous bloggers making six figures every month.

Being the best and most popular blogging niche out there with huge earning potential, this niche is also the most competitive and saturated niche out there.

The reason why this niche is highly competitive is that a lot of people now want to make money online and be financially independently quickly and leave the soul-sucking 9-5 jobs they hate.

To succeed in this fierce and highly competitive niche, you need to have an outstanding blog with unique and outstanding content which draw readers to your blog.

With so many competitive blogs out there about making money online, standing out in this niche is very challenging.

If you are determined to succeed in this niche I recommend you to follow create and go created by Alex and Laureen who make more than $100,000 per month with their two blogs.

They have one of the best and amazing blogging courses on how to make money blogging which I recommend you to check out.

When it comes to making money online create and go is my favorite out there as all their blog content is purely based on real-life experience on what works and what doesn’t.

The problem with most blogs in this niche is that most of their content is simply repackaged and regurgitated fluff copied from other blogs with no actionable tips and blueprint to follow.

This isn’t the case with Alex and Lauren’s blog as they share all their hardships and trials they endured during their first three years in their blogging career to be where they are.

4. Weight Loss Niche

Weight loss is another popular blog topic and niche out there with very high earning potential. The weight loss niche is also one of the most competitive niches online similar to the make money online niche.

Weight loss niche is a multibillion-dollar business as well with many weight loss bloggers earning six figures every month with their blogs. Everyone nowadays wants to lose weight and have a healthy body.

As a result, people are constantly searching for ways to lose weight via exercises or recommended healthy foods and diets.

This makes weight loss one of the best and evergreen niche out there which can never get outdated as weight loss related problems such as obesity will never end.

To succeed in this niche, you need to have some real-life experience if you want your content to stand out from the crowd.

Recommended blogging experts in this niche to follow is Avocadu created by amazing blogging geniuses by the name of Alex and Laureen who make six figures every month with their weight loss blog.

Avocadu is an amazing health and fitness blog which talks about weight loss and get more than 300,000 monthly visitors to their blog most of which is from Pinterest.

5. Food Niche

The food blogging niche is another popular high earning niche ideal for food bloggers who want to start a food blog.

There are several food bloggers out there who make six figures every month with their blogs which is an indication of how popular and lucrative the food blogging niche is as well.

This niche is very broad & similar to the weight loss niche as it has many sub-niches on which you can create a separate blog as well within the food blogging niche-like.

  • Vegan foods
  • Paleo diets
  • Food recipes
  • Food photography
  • Healthy foods
  • Weight loss diet or foods

Essentially, a food blogging niche is about anything having to do with food which can include food recipes, healthy foods, how to prepare your favorite meals e.t.c.

If you consider starting a food blog, I recommend checking out the pinch of yum, an amazing food blog created by Lindsay & Bjork.

These are one of the best guys to look up to if you are considering to start a food blog. Their blog gets more than a million monthly visits half of which is from Pinterest and the other from Google.

6. Personal Development

Personal development is another great blogging niche you may consider though not as popular as the other blogging niches listed above, you can make a decent income online as well in this niche.

Blogs involved in this niche are usually lifestyle blogs which talk about personal development, individual life experiences and positive living.

If you have a lot of inspirational content, stories, quotes, and tips to share with the world out there, this is the niche to choose.

Similar to other more popular blogging niches like the weight loss and making money online, this niche also has a lot of sub-niches within it and some of them are.

  • Motivational blogs
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Self-help
  • Positive living
  • Happiness
  • Religion

Recommended blogging experts to follow in the personal development blogging niche are the daily positive, your world within, Mark and Angel hack life and fearless motivation.

All those blogs are one of my favorite personal development blogs I regularly follow which have helped me a lot as well in my personal development journey.

I also recommend visiting their Youtube channels which have a lot of useful and helpful motivational videos which will help you deal with hard times like I did as well.

7. Investing

Investing is another interesting blogging niche for you to consider as well. The earning potential in this niche is good as well but not as high as all the popular blogging inches above.

This niche deals with how to invest in financial markets like the stock markets and other related financial markets like indices or currency markets.

Bloggers in this niche teach & share tips on how to invest in the financial markets with minimal risks and good returns for your invested capital.

I only recommend considering the investing niche if you have some experience with investing in financial markets to avoid misleading your readers due to the risks & uncertainties associated with investing in financial markets.

Personally, I also invest in financial markets on the side specifically, the currency and commodity markets to make some extra cash online while I blog full-time.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who specialize in this niche full-time to learn from. One of the best blogs I have come across in the investing niche is.

Final thoughts

That’s it, the 7 best blogging niches for bloggers which high earning potential you will ever need in your blogging career.

Remember, you don’t need a list of 100 subpar blogging niches with little earning potential to make money blogging.

To further help you choose the best blogging niche for your blog, here is a table below with important information you need to know on each niche.

All you need are two or three blogging niches with high earning potential which you have real-world experience on.

If you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. As you know, sharing is caring. Cheers.

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