20 Quotes About Trials In Life To Help You Be An Overcomer


Today in this article, you will discover the top 20 quotes about trials in life which will help you overcome every trial you face in your life joyfully.

We all go through various trials in our lives as human beings and no one is exempted from hard times regardless of that person’s social status.

And the quotes on overcoming trials in life which you will learn in this article will give you that extra strength you need to overcome any trials you may be currently going through.

The quotes about overcoming trials and tribulations mentioned in this post have also helped me overcome my own trials and tests in my own life.

With that said, let’s now look at the top 20 quotes about trials in life which you will ever need to overcome any of your life’s challenges.

20 Quotes On Overcoming Trials In Life

Here are 20 quotes on overcoming trials and challenges in life which will strengthen you and give you that extra strength you need to confidently face your trials you are currently going through.

1. Trials teach us what we are. They dig up the soil and let us see what we are made of. Charles Spurgeon.

Brief Explanation:

Trials and tribulations indeed reveal our true character and teach us who we truly are by exposing our unique strengths and weakness we all have.

Indeed, trials reveal what we are made of whether we are weak or strong. Most people show good character only when things are convenient until life punches them in the mouth.

Instead of staying strong, they crumble under pressure but those who stay strong and show great character during trials are the ones that manage to survive and grow.

2. Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. African Proverb.

Brief Explanation:

You cannot grow and develop in every area of your life without trials to test and mould your character.

Trials of life are like the gym which help you develop your mental muscles you need to overcome any life challenges you will face in this brief life which has been given to you.

Just as you can’t develop your muscles without going to the gym, your strength you need to overcome challenges in your life cannot be developed without trials.

Trials of life help us to develop the strength we need to overcome any life obstacle we face in our lives just as the gym help bodybuilders develop the strength they need to live heavy objects.

3. Adversity is indeed the greatest teacher and counsellor you will ever have in your life. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

The quote above is one of the most inspirational quotes on overcoming trials in life which tells us there is no greater teacher & counsellor than adversity in this life you will ever have.

Yes, indeed, the lessons which adversity and the trials in this life teach us are astronomically more valuable than what you will ever learn in school or college.

This is because the life lessons which adversity teaches you are practical and applicable in your own life, unlike school or college where over 95% of what you learn won’t even be applicable in the real world we live in.

4. Nobody is exempt from trials of life but everyone can always find something positive in everything even in the worst of times. Roy T. Bennet.

Brief Explanation:

Indeed, everyone goes through various challenges in their lives and no one is exempted regardless of social or education status one may have in society.

Even people that fake it on social media have their own challenges and insecurities they face or battling with which you can’t see with your two naked eyes.

Whenever you find yourself in hard times, just remember you are not alone and instead, use those trying moment in your life to your benefit.

5. God is bigger than any of life’s fires that we face. Julie Lavender.

Brief Explanation:

This is one of my favourite quote about trials in life which I use to remind myself when facing seemingly big trials in my life which I think are too much for me to handle.

God is indeed infinitely bigger than any of our life’s trials we go through which are just a speck of dust in his glorious sight and might.

Sometimes, when we face difficult trials in our life, it’s very easy to forget that God is in control and watching over us.

So, whenever you encounter trials which seem to be so overwhelming, just remember, God is bigger than those trying moment you are going through and he will help you overcome them.

6. When you face trials in life, don’t say why God is allowing this. Rather, ask God to give you the strength and courage to overcome those trials with a joyful smile. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

The above quote is one of the best life difficulty quotes to meditate on when you encounter trials in your life which will come in their truck loads.

Instead of complaining as to why God is allowing tribulations and difficult times in your life, you should instead pray for strength and grace to help you overcome adversity in your life with a joyful smile.

Most people complain and wonder why God allows difficult situations in their lives but don’t be most people.

Always remember that God allows trials in our life not to break us but to strengthen and develop us in all areas of our lives so that we can have a cause to glorify him.

7. Sometimes, God in His own infinite love and wisdom he has for us allows trials and tribulations in our lives to show us who our true friends really are. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

Similar to the above quotes about trials in life, sometimes God will allow trials and all hell to break loose in our lives so as to show who our true friends are.

As you will discover later on in life is that most people who pretend to be your friends when things are going well in your life are just mere imposters masquerading as friends.

No sooner you start facing difficult situations in your life than they will vanish into thin air especially when you need them the most. Yes, everyone can be your friend when things are going well in your life.

It’s during those trials you go through will you realize that God is the only friend you can trust wholeheartedly who will never leave you or forsake you.

8. My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its own perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. James 1:2-4.

Brief Explanation:

When we face trials and tribulations in life, we should count it all joy instead of complaining because greater is our reward in heaven if we pass out tests of this temporary life.

The trials of life we face indeed teach us valuable lessons we would otherwise wouldn’t learn without them.

One of such wonderful qualities trials produce is patience. Our patience is only perfected in our trying moments which teach us to learn to wait upon the Lord.

The scripture above also states that our patience will be complete and perfect with trials so that we don’t lack anything we need to finish this race of life victoriously.

9. Only through trials and tests of life is your true character developed, perfected and revealed just as a gemstone cannot be polished without friction. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

Indeed, trials and tests of life show our true character and resolve toward something. Our character can only develop through our trying moments we go through.

Just as a gemstone can’t be polished into its pristine and sparking final condition without friction, we too cannot grow into the glorious pristine individual we were meant to be in life.

People who have been through trials in life live very radiant and fulfilled lives compared to those who didn’t have trying moments to polish them into the people they were destined to be.

10. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trials. For when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love him. James 1:2.

Brief Explanation:

Similar to the quote on number 8, the above quote on overcoming trials in life tells us that those who overcome trials of this life will indeed receive a crown of life when their troublesome earthy life is over.

The rewards which God has prepared for those who love him cannot be compared to these light afflictions and temporary trials of this life.

Further Reading

Always remember the beautiful things waiting for you beyond this life God has prepared for you when you fight a good fight is beyond human comprehension and of unimaginable beauty.

So, don’t faint during the toughest trials in your life but be steadfast fast and stay put in the Lord who has sufficient grace to help you overcome all the hardships in your life.

11. If we see only the problems, we will be defeated but if we see the possibilities in the problems, we can have victory. Warren Wiersbe.

Brief Explanation:

We can’t be victorious in life if we only complain and see problems when we face trials and tribulations in our lives.

For us to be victorious, we need to see opportunities in the problems and adversities we all face at some point in life.

Most people, however, see problems instead of seeing opportunities during their trying moments in their lives.

With such a mentality, you can’t be victorious in life. Always see opportunities in your life’s trials where most can’t. Remember, the greatest opportunities in life come through adversity.

12. Life without trials and tests to shape and mould our character is likened to an empty well without water. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

You cannot have a rewarding and fulfilling life without trials and tests which are the salt of life and gives it its savour.

Without trials, life indeed would be empty and meaningless. Secondly, our character cannot be developed and moulded without the tests of life.

Just as an empty well with no water, life without trials and tribulations has no substance or meaning to make it worth remembering when we leave this world.

13. It’s quite easy to start trials riding. You just need a bike and you are set. Sete Gibernau.

Brief Explanation:

Trials are easier to overcome in life if your character is well developed. Your unbreakable character is indeed the bike you need to overcome every life challenge you go through victoriously.

If you don’t have that bike necessary your unbreakable character, in this case, to ride trials in your life without falling, it’s just a matter of time before you fall flat on your face.

Just as you can’t cycle without any training, you too cannot overcome trials without your charter being developed first. Otherwise, you will fall like an inexperience cycler cycling a bike.

Therefore, you must develop your character by embracing any challenge and obstacle you face in your life which will teach you how to ride your trials and not to run away from them.

14. We all face storms in life. Some are more difficult than others but we all go through trials and tribulations. That’s why we have the gift of faith. Joyce Meyer.

Brief Explanation:

The above quote by Joyce Meyer is one of the best quotes about trials in life which remind us that no one is exempted from the storms, trials, and tribulations of life.

But through the gift of faith through Christ only, we can overcome all the major storms of life we all face and go through.

You should never compare yourself to those who may seemingly have it all together on the outskirts. Those people too have their own unique challenges they go through in their lives you are not aware of.

Remember, we are all in the gutter as Oscar Wilde wonderfully puts it. Every person has unique challenges specific to that person. No two people face the same adversity.

15. Too often, we get frustrated by difficulties but you have to realize, you can’t have a harvest without a few weeds. Joel Osteen.

Brief Explanation:

A bumper harvest in your life cannot happen without you going through uncomfortable situations which can be hardships or tests.

Just as you can’t have a clean harvest which has no weeds, we too cannot have the good life we want to have without discomfort.

The difficulties you want to avoid are the same weeds you need for you to have a fulfilling and rewarding life in the end.

16. See every adversity, every disappointment in a new light. It’s not there to defeat. It’s there to help you become better. Joel Osteen

Brief Explanation:

Another amazing quote by Joel Osteen which encourages us to see our adversities and life disappointments we all go through in a positive light.

Instead of complaining why this is happening, you should ask yourself on how can you use those trying moments in your life to your benefit which in turn will inspiring others going through similar situations to yours to have hope.

Whenever you encounter any life disappointment, don’t be negative and start thinking that this is the end of the world.

See them in a new positive light and less and when you do this, things will begin to change at the highest level in your life for the better.

17. No one likes facing trials in life but without them, life will be meaningless and void of the fulfilment which makes life worth living and memorable both in this life and in the world to come. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

We all naturally want to shy away from trials and uncomfortable situation in our lives and want it the easy way.

But without these uncomfortable situations and challenges of life we all want to shy away from, life will certainly not be rewarding and fulfilling in the end.

It will be void of that sense of meaning which will make life worth living both in this world and in the world to come when we live this world.

18. Trials and tests of life introduce us to our real selves and indicate whether what we are fighting for is worth the fight or endurance. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

The life trials we all go through indeed introduces us to the real selves we even never knew before and show us whether what we are fighting for is highly valuable to us.

Trials and tests of life will indeed test your resolve and character to see what you are made of. They show who is who and who is not.

If what you are fighting for is of high value to you, you will certainly won’t give up when things get tough, if not, you will quit and come up with meaningless excuses to justify your decision of calling it quits.

Most people throw in the towel when they face difficult situations while others grow from them and become amazing human beings they were meant to be.

19. Just like Job in the bible endured the harshest trials of any man who has ever lived without breaking, we too should draw the same inspiration from Job when facing difficult situations in our lives. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

Of all the 20 quotes about trials in life, this is the quote I want you to meditate on daily and have it stuck in your bedroom.

When it comes to overcoming trials and tribulations in life, Job is the most inspiring person I look up to in my own life when I face seemingly difficult trials which seem impossible to overcome at first sight.

In all human history since the inception of this universe, no human being who has ever lived on this planet has suffered the way Job did.


Yet, Job didn’t crumble or give up on God. For most people, that would be the end. Consequently, Job was blessed more than twice what he had at first at the end. Kindly read the who book of job in the bile to get the whole story.

This is the man you should look up to for inspiration if you find yourself in difficult situations in your life. If he overcame his life challenges that no human who has ever lived has ever faced, you too can be victorious.

20. Indeed, trials in life will either break you or refine you into a pristine glorious person you were meant to be similar to Gold being refined by fire in a furnace. Trialsandtests.

Brief Explanation:

Last and not least, the above quote, in conclusion, tells us that the trials we all go through in life will either refine us or break us.

Most people crumble under pressure due to their weak ill-developed character which is unable to withstand tough situations.

On the flip side, people with unbreakable character get refined into fully-fledged humans they were destined to be.

Be of strong character and allow the trials and tribulations you go through in your life to refine you into the amazing person you were meant to be similar to Gold being refined or purified in a furnace.

Wrapping Up.

Well, that’s all the top 20 quotes about trials in life I had to share with you in this post and I hope these quotes on overcoming trials and tribulations in life will help you be an overcomer.

Remember, you don’t need to overload your mind or memorize all the 20 quotes about overcoming trials mentioned in this post for you to be victorious in life.

All you need are two or three quotes on overcoming trials and tribulations in your life which resonate with you to meditate and act on in your life.

With all said and done, if you enjoyed this post and found it beneficial, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. Sharing is caring. Cheers and stay blessed.

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