125 Exotic Love Proverbs Illustrating What True Love Is.

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Looking for love proverbs to galvanize your soul with true diving love for others not based on selfishness and self-centeredness? You have arrived at the right place if you such a person.

This post today will show you 125 love proverbs, proverbs on love or proverbs about love which will give you a new perspective of what real love is all about.

With so much fake love in society, we live in nowadays. It’s now very difficult to find someone who will wholeheartedly love you unconditional.

There simple so many selfish people in our corrupt society in these last days we are lining in. Everyone is all about self and what I can get.

Why These Love Proverbs?

In short, these proverbs about the love you will read in this post will impart some much-needed wisdom you may be missing concerning true love and its attributes.

Secondly, if you are a selfish and self-centred person, these love proverbs will be a wakeup call for you to change and get rid of selfishness in your life.

Additionally, by the end of this post, you will know what differentiates true sacrificial godly love from fake conditional love (Fool’s Gold) which has become prevalent with so many people.

With that said, let’s look at the 125 love proverbs you will ever need which will make you a wonderful and loving person to all you come into contact with.

125 Love Proverbs To Galvanize Your Soul With Love

Here is a list of 125 love proverbs you need in your life to once again remind you what true unconditional love is.

1. A day lasts until it’s chased away but love lasts until the grave. Irish Proverb.

2. The heart that loves is always young. Greek Proverb.

3. Love is like rain which doesn’t choose which plants to fall on. Trialsandtests.com.

4. True love is like an ocean which can’t be emptied. Trialsandtests.com.

5. True love is like gold which is priceless and not easy to find whereas fake love is like cheap stones which can be found anywhere on the streets. Trialsandtests.com.

6. Try to reason about love and you will lose your reason. French Proverb.

7. I love those who love me and those who diligently seek me will find me. Proverbs 8: 17.

8. A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17.

9. A life without love is like a year without summer. English Proverb.

10. Love without sacrifice is like a well without water. Trialsandtests.com

11. True loves are as contagious as a wildfire and spread quickly to those around you. Trialsandtests.com.

12. A life devoid of real loves is life fire without heat. Trialsandtests.com

13. True love is a principle thing like wisdom. So, get true love and in all your getting, get selflessness. Trialsandtests.com

14. Seest thou a man who unconditionally loves other fellow human beings? That person is far above rubies and a blessed soul indeed. Trialsandtests.com

15. He who loves others has the nature of God in him as God is love in the first place. Trialsandtests.com

16. To love others is to know God. Trialsandtests.com

17. You can’t tell the cost of food and fuel without being the head of the household; you can’t appreciate the love of your parents without having children of your own. Chinese Proverb.

18. In love, a beggar and king are equal. Indian Proverb.

19. Love is blind but friendship closes its eyes. English Proverb.

20. Love itself is calm; turbulence arrives from individuals. Chinese Proverb.

21. It’s love that makes the impossible possible. Indian Proverb.

22. Unconditional love is the best gift you can give to anyone. Trialsandtests.com.

23. Love is like fire which can’t be quenched by many waters. Trialsandtests.com

24. True love is divine as love itself is divine. Trialsandtests.com.

25. It’s true love which conquereth anything. Trialsandtests.com

26. Love understands all languages. English Proverb.

27. Where love reign, the impossible may be attained. Indian Proverb.

28. Every kind of love is love, but self-love is supreme among them. Nigerian Proverb.

29. You know who you love, but you can’t know who loves you. Nigerian Proverb.

30. Love is better than a whip. Nigerian Proverb.

31. Even the archer loves the arrow that flies. So, he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands. Nigerian Proverbs.

32. True love is sharper than any two-edged swords and pierces your heart and soul. Trialsandtests.com

33. It’s impossible to know love without knowing God just as you can’t have thunder without first having lightning. Trialsandtests.com.

34. Love is sweeter than honey. Trialsandtests.com

35. Pretend you are dead and you will see who really loves you. African Proverb.

36. Love is like seaweed even if you have to push it away, you will not prevent it from coming back. Nigerian Proverb.

37. Love sees sharply, hatred sees even sharper but jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hatred at the same time. Arab Proverb.

38. Love attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far. African Proverb.

39. Love is like salt for without it, you are like tasteless soup which has no salt in it. Trialsandtests.com

40. Love is tender like a Dove and isn’t haughty and self-seeking. Trialsandtests.com

41. Love healeth all things like medicine. Trialsandtests.com.

42. When you have learnt about love, you have learnt about God. Native American Proverb.

43. Dine with strangers but save love for your family. Ethiopian Proverb.

44. Love lives in cottages as well as in court. English Proverb.

45. If you are ugly, you must either learn how to dance or make love. Zimbabwean Proverb.

46. Like the sun, true loves never choose who to shine on. Trialsandtests.com

47. Love is radiant and shines like the sun benefitting everyone around you. Trialsandtests.com

48. No matter how cloudy the day is; the light of the sun is still visible. The same goes for true loves which shines in all situations whether good or bad. Trialsandtests.com.

49. He who loves others loves his soul but he who hates others hates his own soul. Trialsandtests.com.

50. Love without sacrifice is like a finished building without a roof on top. Trialsandtests.com

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51. Love is not finding someone to live with; it is finding someone whom you can’t live without. English proverb.

52. Where there is love, there is no darkness. African Proverb.

53. It’s hard to hide poverty and love. Danish Proverb.

54. Love is like war, easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget. English Proverb.

55. You are my love, my friend, my sweetheart, too. My life, my all, my dream come true so glad I fell in love with you. English Proverb.

56. He who treads the path of love walks a thousand meters as if it were only one. English Proverb.

57. Love is not about possessions, it’s all about appreciation. Chinese Proverb.

58. Hate stirs up strife: but love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12.

59. Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them down on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3.

60. Love is like the dew that falls on both lilies and nettles. English Proverb.

Soothing Proverbs About Love

Exotic proverbs about love to spice your life with unconditional love for others and not love bed on selfishness and ego.

61. You can’t force anyone to love you or lend you money. Jewish Proverb.

62. True love never gets old. English Proverb.

63. Love without sacrifice is nothing but a paper tiger. Trialsandtests.com

64. True love has no end. Trialsandtests.com

65. Like the sun, true love never stops shinning. Trialsandtests.com.

66. Where true love dwelleth, there can be no fear just as there can be no darkness in the midst of light. Trialsandtests.com.

67. True love is like super glue which bonds two people together. Trialsandtests.com.

68. True love doesn’t grow on trees. Trialsandtests.com.

69. True love is like medicine which can heal all wounds. Trialsandtests.com.

70. Without love, humanity is hopeless and doomed. Trialsandtests.com.

71. Love has to be shown by deeds, not words. English Proverb.

72. Marriage is the sunset of love. English Proverb.

73. Coffee and love test best when hot. Ethiopian Proverb.

74. Who loves roses would bear its thorns. Turkish Proverb.

75. A drop of love can bring an ocean of tears. Jewish Proverb.

exotic Love proverbs

76. A heart in love with beauty never grows old. Turkish Proverb.

77. Windy clouds with no rainfall perfectly define what love without deeds is. Trialsandtests.com.

78. True love never gets tired of sacrificing itself for the other. Trialsandtests.com.

79. There is no such thing as,” I never loved you,” with true love. Trialsandtests.com.

80. With true love, comes sacrifice just as fire is always accompanied by heat. Trialsandtests.com.

81. Where there is real love, there is light. Trialsandtests.com.

82. Love without deeds is like a head without a neck to support it. Trialsandtests.com.

83. He who loves others is a blessing unto others but cured is the one who hates others for no reason. Trialsandtests.com.

84. True love with deeds can be likened to a shining crown with stars around it. Trialsandtests.com.

85. Love is a virtue but so is hate. Trialsandtests.com.

86. True love is an attribute of God while fake love is Satan’s attribute as he is a liar and the father of it all. Trialsandtests.com.

87. If love is a sickness, patience is a remedy. African Proverb.

88. Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it’s pretty damn good. Jewish Proverb.

89. Who acts from love is great then who acts from fear. Jewish Proverb.

90. Only love gives you a taste of eternity. Jewish Proverb.

91. All that you do, do only out of love. Jewish Proverb.

92. Love thy neighbour as you love thyself. Hebrew Proverb.

93. Love forgets dignity. Jewish Proverb.

94. Love and hate always exaggerate. Jewish Proverb.

95. A woman prefers poverty with love to wealth without love. Hebrew Proverb.

96. Anyone who teases you loves you. Jewish Proverb.

97. The greatest and rarest talent is to love everything good. Hebrew Proverb.

98. One who loves you, warns you. African Proverb.

99. The extreme form of passionate love is secret love. Japanese Proverb.

100. Love and a cough cannot be hidden. Japanese Proverb.

101. true love does not delight in evil but rejoiceth in righteousness. Trialsandtessts.com

102. Love is patient, love is kind, love isn’t self-seeking, love doesn’t hurt and love is longsuffering. Trialsandtests.com.

103. Love and hate cannot co-exist. You are either love or hate. Trialsandtests.com.

104. Love is life for without it, life is meaningless. Trialsandtests.com.

105. With true love, comes happiness. Trialsandtests.com.

106. Charity is the greatest wealth one can ever have. Trialsandtests.com.

107. He who has no love for humanity is the poorest person in the world though he may be the richest person on earth. Trialsandtests.com.

108. To like someone is one thing and to love someone is another. Trialsandtests.com.

109. Love cannot be hidden but hate can. Trialsandtests.com.

110. When you love others, the same measure of love returns to you. Trialsandtests.com.

111. Anyone can talk love but not everyone can be love. Trialsandtests.com.

112. When you sow love, joy will grow. German Proverb.

113. It’s not beauty which determines who we love but love determines whom we find beautiful. German Proverb.

114. The summation of our lives is the hours which we were loving. German Proverb.

115. There is no cure for love. German Proverb.

116. No wind is too cold for lovers. German Proverb.

117. When you sow love, you reap love and when you sow hate, you reap hate. Trialsandtests.com.

118. When it comes to finding true love, not all that looks white is milk. Trialsandtests.com.

119. True love is a divine blessing from above but fake love is a curse from Satan. Trialsandtests.com

120. Knowing God is the beginning of love. Trialsandtests.com.

121. A loving heart is always young but constantly growing in love. Trialsandtests.com.

122. True love isn’t blind. Only fake love is. Trialsandtests.com.

123. True love can’t be associated with evil just as light can’t be associated with darkness. Trialsandtests.com.

124. Love which delights in evil is no love at all. Trialsandtests.com.

125. A day only lasts for 24 hours but true love, a lifetime until death. Trialsandtests.com.

Over To You.

These are all the 125 love proverbs I had to share with you in this post today and I hope that these proverbs about love have given a new perspective of what true love really is.

I encourage you to apply the wisdom you have gathered on these proverbs on love to your significant other or your loved ones and avoid selfishness all together.

You don’t need to memorize all the love proverbs you have read in this post to be a loving person. Just pick two or three proverbs on love to apply in your life which is more than enough.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this post and found it beneficial to you, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. Sharing is caring, remember. Cheers & be love.

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