12 Vital Life Truths You On Life Must Know To Live Well

 essential truths of life to live

Today in this post, you will discover 12 fundamental life truths concerning this brief life you have here on earth you must always embrace in your life to live well & authentically.

Indeed, life consists of a lot of fundamental truths you must be aware of to keep you from getting lost in this murky jungle of life and to help you live a meaningful life.

Without these basic truths of life, you will find life confusing but if you embrace them, your life will shine & be free from dogmatic opinions which have trapped & led so many people astray.

There is a difference between dogma and truth. Most of what we have been told concerning life are nothing but dogmatic opinions by society or others on how life should be which isn’t true, anyway.

But this post today will show you the only 12 truths of life exposing the harsh realities of life you should focus on to avoid being led astray by dogma hindering so many people from living the lives they truly want to live. Let’s dive in.

12 Truths Of Life You Must Focus On

1. Everything In Life Is Temporal

This is one of the most important truths of life you must learn to accept some point in life if you want to move forward in life.

It doesn’t matter whether it be everything you have, friends in your life & your life included will all at some pint come to an end. This is why you must not be attached to anything or anyone as they are just there in your life for a season.

Which is why you must not stress about anything in life and focus on what will always be with you, that’s the person you see in the mirror and learn to flow with the natural currents of life.

Knowing that everything in life is just for a season, you are better off making the most of what you have been given especially your life & the time you have.

One day, it will all be over and you don’t want to look back on your life full of regrets in life wishing you had done things differently.

2. Everyone Will Eventually Leave You

Similar to the above inevitable truth of life, it’s essential to know that everyone who is currently in our life be it, friends, buddies, or co-workers will all eventually leave you at some point in your life and move on with their own lives, too.

The above truth reinforces the fact that there is no such thing as friends forever because people change over time and what was important then is no longer important now. You will meet new people in life as you journey through this life.

This is why you must learn to love the person you see in the mirror every day whom you have neglected for the sake of other people.

What you see in the mirror is the only guaranteed best friend you will ever have in this lifetime who will always be with you all the days of your life & beyond the grave. Learn to be besties with that person if you haven’t yet done so.

No matter how strong a friendship you may have with any person, it will one day come to an end due to several reasons beyond your control but the person you see in the mirror is here to stay with you no matter what. So, start loving yourself today if you don’t.

3. Change Is The Only Constant In Life.

True indeed because we all change and are constantly changing in life some for the better and others for the worst which is unfortunate but it’s life anyway. You just have to move with the flow of life regardless.

This becomes obvious as you age especially when you cross your mid-twenties as you witness in horror how people can change over time just as Satan was once an angel at some point in his life.

Knowing that change is the only constant in life, you must learn to embrace it with open arms and not shun it no matter how scary it may seem initially. In fact, it’s change that brings growth in one’s life.

If you don’t learn to accept change, you will be left behind in life and no one is ever coming to pick you up that which you must know for sure.

Since change is inevitable and constant, you just have to accept it which could be a change of career, moving to a different state/country or leaving certain people behind though they were once significant in your life but are no longer relevant for the new you.

4. Death Is The Only Certainty We All Have

Perhaps this is the most important truth concerning the life you need to pay attention to. Whether you like it or not, one day you will leave this world.

But this must not frighten you but rather motivate & inspire you to make the most of your life before death comes to collects its dues.

This is why planning for the future or postponing what you must do now for some future date you have no guarantee of isn’t a good idea at all and utter foolishness.

Since death is certain, you must do what you want to do now and not delay it for some future date when today could be the day you leave this world.

It’s a reminder that other than death, there are no certainties in life which is why you must not live and plan your life based on fictitious guarantees you have framed in your mind which don’t exist in this real world we live in. do what you want to do now & start living now.

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5. You Can’t Trust People

This is another important life lesson you will eventually realize as you get older when you witness first-hand how deceitful and crooked human beings can be.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a best friend or any other person. The bottom line is that humans are very unpredictable indeed.

Especially if you look at the way people be it best friends are betraying and tearing each other’s hearts these days. Any person close to you now will one day let you down in some way when you least expect it, trust me on that. It’s just a matter of when.

The only person who is worthy of your trust who will never disappoint you no matter what is the Lord who is also the most important best friend you will ever have in your life.

If you have been betrayed in the past by someone close to you, that must be a lesson as to why you may not trust anyone whether best friend or not because people change overnight. Only trust the Lord and by doing so, you will save yourself from unnecessary heartbreaks.

6. People Just Don’t Care

Sad but true indeed and if you think people care about you and what you are doing with your life, you are indeed a very delusional person who needs to wake up now from those delusions you have framed in your mind.

Here is the reality of all this, dear reader reading this now, “people are indifferent and simply don’t care about you at all.” Just like you, the main concerns is on their own issues and their own needs. End of story.

This is why you must not allow the fear of what others may think of hinder you from doing what you want to do or living the life you want to live because people don’t think about you as much as you think at all or envision in your mind.

Very often, we fear what others may think of us when we do certain things or make certain decisions in our lives but remember, this is your life and only you can decide how you want to live it.

Just do what you know is best for your life or your goals and let all these other things fade away and disappear into the universe never to be remembered again.

7. True Friendship With A Human Being Is A Mirage

This may sound disturbing to you at first sight but if you look around just how many fake friends are in society these days, that truth is no stranger to you.

Nowadays, friendship to most people means befriending you only if they have something to get from you or if you are meeting certain needs of theirs.

No sooner than supply line is cut and you stop benefiting them in some way than they will abandon you. It seems everyone these days is up for grabs due to how brutally selfish people have become in this 21st century which is sad.

It’s very hard to find a friend who is trustworthy these days who won’t betray you or backstab you but one thing I have learned as I age is that whether friends or not human beings are just one and the same thing.

And the only true friend you will ever have in this lifetime who will never disappoint you no matter what is Jesus and the person you see in the mirror. Everything else is just a passing cloud. Make Jesus your friend today as he’s the only true friend you will ever need this life.

8. True Love These Days Is Hard To Find

Sad but true due to how selfish and self-centered human being has become in these last days we are living in which is why so many relationships, marriages, or friendships are not lasting long.

Everyone these days is all about me and what I am able to get from that relationship or friendship. No self-sacrifice for the betterment of the other person whatsoever. It’s so sad that humanity has lost the meaning of true love

Self-centeredness has become the center of so many people’s lives and finding someone who will truly love & sacrifice for you unconditionally without expecting anything in return is now at a premium.

This is why when you find that person that is willing to unconditionally love you wholeheartedly and sacrifice for, don’t take that person for granted or abuse the love that person is giving you by cheating or betraying that person’s trust.

True love these days is difficult to come by as most people these days only love you conditionally because you are benefiting them in some way. Most people are lovers of themselves & don’t care about you or your needs at all.

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9. People Will Judge You No Matter What

Yes, whether you like it or not people will judge you no matter what you do in your life but that must not affect your life’s decisions.

Remember, you are not here to be someone else’s favorite t.v show. You are here to live your life, your purpose, and to do your thing.

Of course, people will judge and criticize you on everything they don’t agree with from what you do, your career choices, why you live the life you live, your choices, etc.

But never allow the judgment of other people dictate how you want to live your life because, no matter how good you are, there are just certain people who won’t like you for no apparent reason.

You can’t please everyone in life even Jesus didn’t even though he was the most perfect and good person who has ever walked on this planet but still most rejected him are still doing so today. Just mind your own business and live your life.

10. No One Will Ever Make Your Truly Happy

Another essential fact of life you must learn to accept and if you expect a random person from the bush to make you happy in life, you are indeed delusional.

It doesn’t matter who that person may be it the person you are in a relationship with. Other people can only excite you temporarily before you become familiar or get bored with them after a while.

Happiness is a personal choice you will have to make for yourself and no one will ever do that on your behalf. The sooner you realize that, the better.

So many people are looking up to someone or searching for happiness in another person which they will never find of course as real happiness comes from within you and reflects externally outside you similar to the way the sun shines.

You need to learn to be the person who makes you happy and when you do that, you won’t ever need anything or anyone to make you happy or feel good about yourself. Instead, your life will shine like the sun with joy from within.

11. Time Is All You Have

Indeed, time is all you have and one of the most precious commodities God has given you which is why you must use it wisely.

One that time is gone, it’s game over. You can’t get it back. With this fact in mind, you must not waste your time doing useless things that have no eternal value or won’t add any value to your life.

Instead, use the little time you have here on earth doing something you will one day look proudly back on when all is said and done.

You will never get back the time you may be currently wasting on parting with friends, a night out, drinking or clubbing. Once that time is gone, it’s globe forever & ever.

So, use your time wisely by reading books or listening to podcasts from life coaches which will help you grow or improve your life so that you don’t look back on your life with regrets wishing you had used your time differently.

12. Life Is A Test For All

Lastly, of all the essential truths about life discussed in this post, this is the most important fact of life you need to accept.

Regardless of where you come from, your social or educational background, life will test you in one way or the other and no one is exempted from the trials of life as a man born of a woman is of a few days which are marred with trouble.

Yes, life is hard but don’t let that be the reason you give up on life because the truth of the matter is life is hard for everyone regardless of your social or educational status in society.

Whether rich or poor, educated or illiterate, you will face trials of life which you must overcome & luckily there is a helper willing to give you the grace you need to rise above your challenges & to overcome them.

And this person is the Lord as is give strength to the weak on those who fully trust and patiently wait upon him. Don’t ever think of committing suicide because life is hard. Trust the Lord & he will see you through all your life challenges & give you laughter in due time.

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These are all the 12 life truths concerning life I had to share with you and I hope they have taught you valuable lessons concerning the harsh realities of life.

Indeed, life isn’t what you have been told by others or society who have their own subjective views on how life should be or live.

But the truth is life has no rule book and what ultimate shapes & molds us is our own individual life experiences & circumstances we go through.

So, let these vital facts of life you have read in this post sink into your mind in you want to live meaningfully and not to waste time on useless dogma which isn’t applicable in your own life.

In closing, if this post benefited you in some way, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit as well. Sharing is caring. Live happily & live fully.

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