12 Types Of Toxic People You Need To Be Aware Of


Today, you will discover 10 common types of toxic people you need to be aware of to safeguard yourself from toxic people before they contaminate you with their toxic energy.

In life, we come into contact with all types of people but not all people are good for you to be around with especially toxic people.

We all want to be surrounded by positive people who help us grow and bring out the best in us but very often, it can be difficult to know if the people in our circle in life are toxic.

And if you are such a one having difficulties in identifying toxic people in your life you must retire, then this post is for you.

In this post, I will give you 12 toxic people types you need to be aware of to be on high alert for toxic people lurking in your life like a green snake in green grass.

With that said, let’s look at the 12 types of toxic people to look out for in your life before they strike or do that damage to you with their toxicity.

12 Toxic People Types To Lookout For

Here are the toxic people personality types to look out for in your life and avoid to spare, each discussed in detail below yourself from their toxic drama and energy.

  • Jealousy Ones
  •  Narcissists
  • The Destroyer
  • Energy Vampires
  • Drama Detonators
  • Gossipers
  • Self-centred
  • The Disrespectful.
  • Manipulators
  •  The Parasites
  • Haters
  • The Scatterers

1. The Jealous Ones

When trying to identify toxic people in your life, jealousy is one of the common trait toxic people possess especially if you are doing better than them in life.

This category of toxic people doesn’t want good things to happen to you unless it happens to them but rather take pleasure in seeing bad things happen to you in life.

And this is especially true if you are happy and doing well ion life when they are wallowing in failure and mediocrity.

When that happens, they start saying, look at him, he has changed since becoming successful in life but not realizing that you have always wanted to change and be a better person.

Secondly, they will start plotting evil things against you without your awareness and will start gossiping about you in a nasty manner or try to damage your reputation if it in the workplace.

They do so because of your success and happiness they see in your life is a thorn in the flesh to them which reminds them of where they screwed up with their lives.

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2. Narcissists

Of all the types of toxic people, you will ever meet in life, narcissists are the worst kinds of toxic people you will ever come across no wonder they are called the devil’s incarnate.

As this group of toxic people are very dangerous and potent with devastating emotional and physiological effects in your life which can last for years or even decades.

The reason why narcissists are dangerous is that the emotional wounds they inflict on their victims are deep and need professional therapy and counselling to heal from.

Narcissists will go to extraordinary lengths to make your life miserable and a living hell on earth with their toxic narcissistic abuse.

Don’t toy with the narcissist as they are no joke and if you have toxic narcissists in your life, do yourself a favour by socially distancing yourself from them.

Yes, you can love them or pray for them from a distance if they are your family members but you should never let their narcissism affect your livelihood. You only get one life.

3. The Destroyers Or Bulldozers

The bulldozers are a special class of toxic people who want to destroy anything good you are trying to build for yourself in life leaving nothing to spare.

When these destroyers come into your life, they leave nothing but a trail of carnage and destruction of biblical proportions in your life which is their main mission.

They range from toxic family members, friends, or workmates acting like a bulldozer ready to grade away all the good things you have built for yourself in life due to their jealousy.

You must be very careful with these types of people as they are everywhere in society be it in the family, church and at the workplace.

When you realize that you have bulldozers in your life who are just there to destroy what you have but, you need to unsubscribe from such people immediately before damage is done.

Don’t wait until they do collateral damage in your life for you to act. Act immediately when you see their evil intentions usually manifested in their jealousy of your life achievements.

4. Energy Vampires.

Energy vampires are just that; people who drain the life out of you and leaving you emotionally exhausted and drained when the saga is over.

The energy vampires use all sorts of tactics to such and bleed you dry until you drop to their level which is when they stop.

They often use drama to emotionally exhausts you as it’s their favourite tactic they employ on their target victims they want to drain the positive energy they have in life.

Energy vampires hate happy and positive people which is why they go to extraordinary lengths to try and drain you until you become like them.

This is because when they see you happy, your radiant happiness and joy act as a spotlight shining down on their mediocre lives highlighting how crappy their lives are.

So, your happiness, joy and positive energy is the blood they are after and they are relentless in the pursuit to suck that blood which makes your life beautiful and enjoyable. Be careful.

5. Drama Detonators

Essentially, these people are drama landmines and detonators and as soon as they detonate on drama, the next one soon follows.

When you are around these people, a day can’t go without at least some sort of drama centring around their own life issues usually.

With these people, the worlds and everyone is always against them is some way which makes them lash out their drama and life issues on you.

They blame everything and everyone as to why things are the way they are with their crappy lives and want you to pay for that in some way as if you are the one responsible.

Even when there is no need of having drama, they create situations so that some form of drama can detonate or take place which is especially true if you are in a toxic relationship.

And the best ways to deal with drama magnets and landmines in your life is by not being around them or getting involved in their fights or arguments which act as a detonation fuse.

6. Gossipers.

These people always have something bad and slanderous to say about you behind your back with their fellow gossiper.

You find these kinds of minions everywhere be it in the church, family or at the workplace and their main mission is to tarnish and damage the good reputation you have built for years.

Gossipers are nothing but messengers and tares from the devil specifically planted into your life to cause all sorts of discord and confusion in your life.

Since Satan loves confusion and hates unity, he, therefore, sends these minions into your life to bring disunity and confusion in your life so that you don’t do what you want to do in life.

People that are always badmouthing other people behind their backs must be strongly rebuked for their malicious behaviour and hurt their do to the innocent victims who have no wrong.

If they refuse to change, just throw them out of the window as life is simply too short to be around gossipers who are just there to destroy others with their tongue.

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7. Self-centred

Toxic people are usually self-centred and are all about themselves. They are self-absorbed individuals who don’t care about the welfare of others.

Their needs are more important all the time and they will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that only their needs come first and not yours.

If you try to put your needs first, you are in big trouble and you will start receiving all sorts of verbal attacks from them which will try to make you look like you are selfish.

This results in them in being too needy in a very unhealthy manner especially when it comes to money, they want you to give them all leaving you with nothing to spare for yourself.

Don’t bother with such people. Yes, you can help them when necessary but don’t be their scapegoat and let them be responsible for their own lives.

You have your life to take after and they have theirs to which they need to sort out and don’t allow their selfish needs hinder you from looking after yourself. Your needs matter, too.

8. The Disrespectful.

People who disrespect your values and the person you truly are must be avoided at all costs and toxic people are the ones who usually do that.

They do so especially when you disagree with them in some things in life which are perfectly normal as we are all different and have a different perspective on things in life.

These people will mistreat you, verbally abuse you and disregard the values you have in life unless you conform to their wishes or the person they want you to see.

If you have such people in your circle, do yourself a favour by leaving them alone in peace before they shatter you to pieces with their judgemental attitude.

Surround yourself with people who value you and respect who you are and what you believe in or stand for in life. It’s that important, dear reader there reading this.

Life is simply too short to be around people who disrespect you and the way you live your life. Live your life and mind your own business.

9. Manipulators

The manipulators are some of the most common and deadly types of toxic people you will ever encounter in your life.

And they are found everywhere be it in the family or society. Essentially, the manipulators want to manipulate you according to their selfish desires.

Manipulation is the oxygen they breath and survives on every day and a day can’t go by without at least manipulation someone.

They will usually resort to deliberately doing certain things so as to compel you to do what they want you to do.

The manipulation schemes come in many forms such as verbal, emotional or financial and they will use either one of those three or a combination of all of them to get what they want from you.

You should never allow anyone to manipulate you for his or her selfish egoistic needs. Remember, you are not a robot or a toy to anyone.

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10. The Parasites

Parasites are essentially people who only want to get or milk something from you and this trait is very common among all types of toxic people.

These people are usually very friendly and kind to you especially if you are benefiting them in some way especially if you are dealing with fake fronds in your life.

But these people bring nothing to the table. Instead, they are just there to infect you with their toxic energy just as a parasite dies to a healthy animal.

All that these people are there to do in your life is to suck all the good you have and if you no longer benefit them, they abandon you.

You will never get support from these parasitic individuals even though you supported them or were there for them when they needed you the most.

Moreover, if you turn comes for you to ask for help and support from them, they ditch you and run away from you. Say no to infectious parasites as your life is better off without them.

11. Haters

Toxic people are usually haters and all they have to give you is hatred, negativity and resentment for no apparent reason.

This is especially true if you are doing well in life better than them which causes them to start hating on you as a result of their jealousy.

Very often, these trolls will start saying all sorts of hateful things either on social media or directly at you in a very hateful manner.

They don’t want to see you happy and doing well in life as your success or happiness reminds them of how crappy and substandard their lives are and where they screwed up in their own lives.

Therefore, all the hate and negativity they lash at you is a sign of how insecure and substandard they are as well as the deep underlying issues they have in their own lives.

Remember, hurt people hurt others but it’s not your fault that they are hurt which is why you must not allow their hate to affect your happiness or hinder you from enjoying your life.

12. The Scatterers.

These are special types of toxic people whose main aim in your life is to scatter everything good that is in your life or are trying to build and do for yourself.

They scatter because their own lives are scattered and disorganized everywhere you look at and it’s in their desire that you become like them, scattered and disorganized.

If you are a very organized person, you are their target as these people don’t like to see others being organized in life or progressing while themselves are disorganized or sinking low.

So, what they do is they will come to disturb and try to scatter your life will their toxic drama. They will usually ask you to aimlessly hang out with them when they know you are busy.

Scatterers enjoy scattering other people’s lives and won’t stop until you drop low to their level which is why they will constantly text you or ask you to go partying.

If you have such people in your circle, you need to evict them now before they scatter your life and leave a trail of destruction behind when they leave you which is what they usually do.

Wrapping Up.

These are all the top 12 toxic people signs I had to share with you to help you identify the types of toxic people who may be in your life and how you can handle them.

To effectively deal with toxic people in your life, you need to know the type of a toxic person you are being confronted with so that you can use appropriate methods to deal with each.

Remember, different types of toxic people required different ways of handling them which is why you need to know what type of toxic person you are dealing with before taking action.

And I hope this post on toxic people types has helped you in identifying the types of toxic people you didn’t know you had in your life and how to appropriately handle each class.

You don’t need additional heartaches, hurdles and drama from toxic people as life is already difficult as it is. Do yourself a favour by evicting such people out of your life.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this post, kindly share it with everyone you know who is having a hard time identifying toxic people as it will help them too. Sharing is caring. Cheers.


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