12 Toxic People Signs For Identifying Toxic People.


Looking for toxic people signs to help you spot toxic people from afar off? If you are such a person, you have come to the right place.

As you know, toxic people can be tricky to spot sometimes especially if those people are your friends or family members.

Indeed, toxic people are dangerous to your emotional health and wellbeing and suck the energy and life out of you with their toxic childish drama.

If you have been having difficulties spotting toxic people in your life circle, don’t despair as the post you are about to read will show you 10 signs of toxic people you must be on the lookout for.

With wasting your time, here are the 10 toxic people signs you need to look out for to spot toxic people early in advance before they infect you with their toxic energy.

12 Signs Of Toxic People

Here are the 12 signs of toxic people below with each one discussed in detail you must be on the lookout for to sniff out any toxic person who may be hiding in you like a green snake hiding in green grass.

  • Emotionally Abusive
  • Disrespectful
  • Controlling
  • Only They Can Be Right Mentality
  • Make You Feel Bad About Yourself
  • Needy
  • Jealous
  • Judgemental
  • Drama Magnets
  • You Fell Uncomfortable Around Them
  • They Are Full Of Negativity.
  • Have A Caterpillar Mentality.

1. Emotionally Abusive.

Toxic people are usually emotionally abusive with their words and actions towards their victims without any regards for their feelings at all.

These kinds of people enjoy playing with your emotions by doing things which will emotionally hurt you like insulting you or emotional blackmailing you.

Emotional abuse is something you must not take lightly or tolerate from anyone whoever that person is to you if you value and respect yourself.

Anyone who abuses you emotionally is a toxic person in some way and not the person you just spent time with for the sake of your emotional and physiological wellbeing.

2. Disrespectful

One of the earliest toxic people signs you will notice with toxic people is that they are disrespectful towards you for no reason which is funny.

Toxic people indeed disrespect the values you have in life and will try to change you to conform to theirs instead.

Their disrespect comes in different forms such as emotional, verbal or even physical at times and when it comes to verbal, they talk to you in a very harsh tone like you are a baby.

But you must not ever tolerate their disrespect of any form from them. If they can’t respect and treat you with dignity, you must ditch them for better people who value and respect you for who you are and your values.

If you have such people in your life, do yourself a favour by distancing yourself from them before they do irreparable damage to you which you may not recover from.

3. Controlling.

Another trait toxic people have is that they are very controlling and possessive of you and treat you like a caged bird.

They are so obsessed with controlling every aspect of your life like what you do, where you go or your life decisions and if they can’t do so, they will start abusing you in all sort of way so that you submit to them.

If you are a free independent spirit living your own life and making your own decisions, that becomes a thorn in the flesh to them.

As toxic people hate free individuals who they can’t control but prefer people they can control and who have not the mind of their own.

Never allow a toxic person to take possession of your life. You are a free independent being with a free will to make choices you want in life and not those which conform to controlling toxic people in your life.

4. Only They Can Be Right Mentality.

Toxic people want to be right all the time if you are having an argument or a misunderstanding with them in some way.

You are always wrong and there are always right which is their motto when they disagree with anyone on anything in life.

Whenever you try to challenge them, they become agitated and use all sort of tactics to defend themselves even if they are clearly in the wrong.

In short, you can’t correct a toxic person lest he/she blasts you will verbally abusive words for try to challenge their opinions or point of view.

And the best way to deal with such people is simply don’t argue or fight with them as it’s not worth your time or emotional energy. If they want to be right, let them have it.

5. Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

Among all the toxic people traits toxic people have, this is the most common one you will find among all types of toxic people you will ever encounter in your life.

A toxic person will always want you to feel bad about yourself or make you feel that everything is wrong with you and the way you do things in your life.

They do so by constantly criticizing you about everything in your life which is wrong or doesn’t suit their idea of what they perceive you should be.

In short, toxic people always want you to conform to the idea of the person they want you to see and not the person you truly want to be deep down your heart.

But you must not bow down to their wishes and if they can’t appreciate you for who you are, then you are simply not the right person for them, period.

6. Needy

Toxic people are some of the neediest and clingy people you will ever encounter in your life in an unhealthy way of course.

These types of people expect you to meet all their daily needs in their lives and if you don’t do so, it’s a big problem and they start freaking out as if they have been stung by a bee.

They see you as their supply chain to all their various needs in life and expect you to meet all of them without fail or else.

And if you fail to meet their needs even for one day, you are a bad person and they will start saying all sort of bad things against you trying to make you look like you are selfish or that you don’t.t care at all.

When in fact it’s them who are being selfish with their unrealistic demands or needs you can’t meet. Do yourself a favour by distancing yourself from them to avoid unnecessary drama for heaven’s sake. Let them take care of their own needs. You are not their scapegoat.

7. Jealousy

If you are around toxic people and doing better than them in life in general, they become jealous of your achievement in life and start all sorts of backstabbing behind your back.

Very often, these people will start saying bad things to damage your reputation or plot your downfall without your awareness.

They will start saying, look he/she has changed since becoming successful but not realizing change and growth into a better version of yourself is what you always desired.

Toxic people are often naysayers and haters who don’t want to see you succeed and progress in life especially if you are doing better than them in life generally.

Never allow these cowards and their jealousy to hinder you from being successful in life. If the are jealous and your success, just keep succeeding and setting new records for yourself, anyway.

8. Judgemental

Having a judgemental attitude towards others is among the most common traits all toxic people of all types and class have.

Indeed, if you are around toxic people, you will be judged like no man’s business for everything you do and why you do what you do in life.

This can range from the individual life choices you make to your lifestyle or for not doing things the way they expected you to do.

You have to do things their way to avoid being judged or criticized by them or else, you are in for a showdown of criticisms from them.

Anyway, don’t allow their judgemental attitude to influence the way you live your life. They have their life to live and you have yours to live. Live it the way you want it.

9. Drama Magnets

Drama is one of the prominent toxic people traits you will run into if you have toxic people in your life and no day will go without causing some sort of drama in your life.

It’s like the drama is their fuel and food they need to function effectively in their world which is why you will never find a shortage of drama where toxic people are.

Toxic people often like to bother you with their life issues and drama going on in their lives to get your attention and later suck you into their mayhem as well.

They don’t like it when they see that your life is drama free filled with joy and happiness in comparison their mediocre lives of drama and issues.

Which is why they want to draw you into their drama so that you become like them and when that happens, they fell relieved that they have managed to contaminate you with their drama to their level. Watch out for such people lurking in your life.

10. You Feel Uncomfortable Around Them

One of the earliest toxic people signs that you are dealing with a potentially toxic person is that you will feel very uncomfortable being around them.

Their very physical presence will make your nerves twitch and make you feel out of place when they come into contact with you.

Toxic people are very uncomfortable to be around with because of their toxic drama and energy they have which isn’t healthy at all.

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They have so much toxic and negative vibes which aren’t good for the wellbeing of your divine delicate soul which can easily be contaminated with their toxic energy.

Choose to associate with positive people who will help you grow and see the sun in you and not toxic people who will just make you feel uncomfortable with yourself being in their presence.

11. They Are Full Of Negativity.

Negativity always goes hand in hand with toxic people as it’s in their nature to be negative towards other people which is why they are toxic in the first place.

They turn everything good and positive into something negative. It’s like they are under a spell of negativity in their lives.

Every good thing you do in life; they will always try to find something negative about what you are doing just like the way narcissists do with your life.

And if you are not careful with such people, you will be hindered from fulfilling your God-given purpose on earth if you take the negativity they have towards you as gospel truth as these people are dream killers.

Let not their negativity intimidate or instil fear in you that you can’t do what you want to do or succeed way better than them in life.

12. Have A Caterpillar Mentality.

I am sure you know what a caterpillar does to vegetation. It eats and destroys it leaving nothing behind especially if they are many.

In like manner, toxic people will try to destroy and pull down whatever you are trying to build for yourself in life similar to what locusts do when they invade any farmland.

They will go to extraordinary lengths like what locusts do to ensure that you have nothing left after they have succeeded in pulling you down to their level.

Such people are everywhere in life such as in schools, workplace and society in general. They don’t want to see you doing something meaningful in your life.

And if they see that you are doing something useful with your life better than them, they will come after you to destroy everything you have but with your own hands. Avoid such people like a plague at all costs.


These are all the 12 toxic people signs and toxic people traits I had to share with you in this post and hope they have put you on higher alert than ever concerning toxic people.

I hope the knowledge you have gotten from reading this article about characteristics toxic people have will help you spot toxic people in your life before they do any damage.

Don’t allow toxic people in your life as they are up to no good. Instead, surround yourself with positive people who will help you grow or bring out the best in you.

If you have toxic people lurking in your life, ditch them or practice social distancing from them as they are very contagious and can contaminate you too with their toxicity.

Signing out, if you enjoyed this article, kindly share it with everyone you know as they will benefit, too just as you have to keep them safe from toxic people. Sharing is caring. Cheers.

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