12 Personal Development Tips To Help You Grow


This post will give you 12 personal development tips and ideas you will ever need to help you grow and evolve on your personal development journey.

We all desire to grow into better persons than we were yesterday but to see that growth, there are several personal development hacks you need to apply in your life to see that desired growth.

And this post will show you the self-development tips and ideas you will ever need to apply in your life to see the desired growth you desire in your life.

If you apply these self-development tips you will discover in this post, you rest assured that you will see the growth you have always desired in your life.

With that said, here are the 12 personal development tips you will ever need to apply in your life to see the change & growth you have always desired in your life.

12 Personal Development Tips

1. Read Books On Personal Development.

Reading books on personal development is the amount the best personal development tips I can give you if you want to improve yourself.

Reading self-help books from other self-help authors who are where you want to give you golden nuggets of wisdom you might otherwise have if you haven’t read.

Remember, reading personal development books develops your mind and help you acquire the knowledge you need to grow as well in our personal development journey.

There are a lot of inspirational personal development coaches you can buy books from out there. Some of the recommended ones are Mel Robbins, Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins & many others.

I recommend you to buy self-help books from any of those authors to give you a glimpse of how they were able to be where they are now especially Robbin Sharma he is that amazing.

2. Remove Toxic People From Your Life.

If you want to grow and see progress in your personal development journey you absolutely need to remove toxic people out of your life who are hindering you from growing with their toxic drama.

Toxic people are the worst people to surround yourself with if you want to see change and growth in your life because toxic people are like a heavy load strapped to your ankles which will hinder you from moving forward in life.

Remember, toxic people are just there to hinder your personal growth and development because toxic people hate seeing others progress in life while they are wallowing in mediocrity and miserable.

So, dear reader, if there are toxic people in your life be it in your family or the place of work, do yourself a favour by respectfully distancing yourself from them.

If you don’t, you won’t move forward with your life or see any positive changes in your life. Surround yourself with people who will help you grow and bring out the best in you.

3. Begin Now

If you want to see personal growth in your life, you need to start now. You need to decide today is the day for me to grow and not tomorrow which isn’t promised anyway.

Like real happiness, you must not postpone your growth to a later date. After all, personal growth is one of the most important ingredients of real happiness in life.

Remember, if you are not growing, you are literally dying a slow death. Start choosing growth now by getting rid of anything or anyone who might be hindering you from growing and progressing in your life.

Start reading books or listening to podcasts from famous & well known personal development coaches or authors to begin your personal development journey. It’s that simple.

If you don’t start now, you will regret it later and all the potential you had inside you to make a world a better place through your life will all be wasted and it will be too late by then to make amends. Now is the day to start growing not tomorrow or some future date.

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Being around positive and successful people who are where you currently want to be in your personal development journey is crucial to your personal growth.

Remember, no man is an island and iron will always sharpen iron. Therefore, surrounding yourself with positive people will sharpen and shape you in a way you never thought possible had you not met those amazing people in your life.

Perhaps, it’s their success story which you desperately need to hear to help you with your personal growth journey and encourage you not to give up if you are not seeing results immediately.

Growth takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. So, when you hear the struggles other famous self-help coaches overcame on their own personal development journeys, that will encourage you not to give up on yourself, too.

So, have positive people who will encourage you to grow if you run into obstacles on your growth journey and not people who will discourage you with their toxic negativity or jealousy.

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5. Be You

Perhaps of all 12 the personal development tips in this post, this is the most important personal development tip you will ever come across anywhere.

One thing you should know is that you will never see any tangible growth and progress in your life if you are trying to imitate others or be someone else.

Mind you, we are all different and we all grow at different paces in life and the sooner you realize that, the better. You are no here to compete with anyone. The only person you must comet with is yourself.

Don’t compare yourself or compete with others. You are unique and that’s one of your greatest asset you have in your arsenal as an individual.

Competing with others or trying to be like someone else just hinders you from growing and being the person you were meant to be. Ditch that toxic habit of trying to be like someone else or competing with others if you want to see progress in your life.

6. Be Intentional About Growth

In order to see the personal growth and development you deeply desire in your heart, you need to be intentional about it.

This means that you first need to be the growth you want to see in your life by doing those things which will help you achieve that persona growth & progress you desire in your life.

You won’t see any real growth in your life in you are not intentional about personal growth and if you are too lazy to work on yourself on a daily basis.

Being intentional means that you will work on yourself on a daily basis to be the better person than you were yesterday and this isn’t a one-time thing but something you must do all the days of your life if you want to keep growing.

If you are not intentional about growing into a better version of you that you were yesterday, you will slowly begin to die and wither away like grass. After all, the day you stop growing, is the day you begin dying.

Source: Fearless Motivation (Highly Recommended)

7. Take One Day At A Time

In order to see personal growth and development in your life, you must learn to take one day at a time and not rush everything.

Remember, personal growth doesn’t happen overnight but takes time and happens gradually over time as it’s something you grow into.

Personal growth is like a tree and just like a tree which takes years to bear its fruits and not 5 minutes, personal development too takes time to show its fruits.

So, don’t be in a hurry or rush your self-growth and development. Just take your time and take one day at a time in improving yourself.

You should not feel discouraged if you are not seeing the desired growth you want. Remember personal growth is a marathon and not a sprint whose finish line is 50-100 meters away. So, no need to rush.

8. Learn To Challenge Yourself

Self-challenge is crucial for your growth and development as challenging yourself to be better is like being to the gym only in this case the gym is the challenge you must overcome.

If you don’t challenge yourself to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday, you will stop growing and remain stuck in the same position as time goes by.

You can challenge yourself by doing things which are outside your comfort zone like venturing into something new than what you are used to.

Additionally, you can set challenging goals for yourself in your life which challenge you and flex your intellectual muscles.

By so doing, you are developing yourself in various aspects of your life as you try and do new things in your life which challenge your intellect and bring out the very best in you.

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9. Accept Change As A Necessary Part Of Life

Without change, personal growth and development are simply impossible to attain because it is change that leads to personal growth in one’s life.

If you want to progress on your personal development journey, you must learn to accept change no matter how scary or uncomfortable it may look initially.

Yes, change is difficult and takes time but it’s much better than being in the same place in life even though years are passing by.

The very same change you are trying to shy away from is the very thing you need right now for you to grow and become the person you were meant to be.

Right now if you begin to make the change you best friend, 5-10 years from now, you will look back on your life with a smile and you will be grateful that you accepted the change in your life no matter how scary it looked initially.

10. Know Your Life’s Purpose

Of all the personal development tips in this post, this is the most important tip on personal growth and progress you must implement in your life in case you haven’t.

You won’t see any meaningful growth in your life if you don’t know your true purpose in life and why you were born into this world.

This is because knowing your true purpose in life gives you something to work with which will make you develop the essential skills you need to fulfil your God-given purpose and mission here on earth.

If you have no purpose in your life, you won’t have anything to work with and you won’t see any reason to improve yourself or do anything meaningful with your life.

Personal development can’t exist without purpose because personal growth and development thrive on purpose as these two things must coexist for you to see any meaningful progress in your life.

11. Easy Isn’t An Option

You must learn to avoid the temptations of choosing the easy way out if things get tough on your personal development journey which they will.

In short, you need to develop the easy isn’t an option mentality especially if you encounter hardships and obstacles on your personal growth journey.

These obstacles you encounter should not tempt you to give up working on yourself but you must use them as steppingstones to where you want to be on your personal growth journey.

If you are a person who easily throws in the towel when things become hard, then forget about personal growth and development in your life.

Personal growth is only for those who refuse to take the easy way out when confronted with life challenges. The question is will you be that person? Only you can answer that question.

12. Embrace Happiness & Godly Contentment

Lastly, this is another personal development tip I want you to religiously practice and embrace in your life as happiness is crucial for your growth.

This is because happiness is indeed a good indicator which can accurately gauge how you are faring in your personal development journey as we become happy if we see daily progress in our lives and become unhappy if we are not progressing in life.

Additionally, godly contentment along with happiness is crucial on your self-development journey as it will teach you to be content with the little strides you are making in your life.

If you have no godly contentment, you won’t see the small changes which add up over time., instead, you will be focused in the next big thing without first being grateful for the strides you have already made in your life.

Even if you make gigantic strides on your personal growth journey, you won’t see any value in them if you aren’t content with your current progress and you will always be chasing for the next big thing in life which never comes as there will always something bigger to chase.

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That’s all the 12 personal development tips I had to share with you in this post and I hope you will find them greatly helpful on your personal development journey.

Personal development is what makes life exciting and rewarding without it, life becomes stale and boring without any meaning.

Therefore, I encourage you to apply all the personal growth and development tips you have read in this post if you want to see growth and progress in your life.

It’s not enough just to read. You need to apply what you have read as well as doing so is what will separate you from the 99% out there who don’t take action on what they read.

In conclusion, if you found this post useful, kindly share it with everyone you know to help them grow too on their personal growth journey. Sharing is caring. Cheers.


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