12 Fundamental Laws Of Life To Live By Summarizing Life’s Essence


Like the universe, life too has laws that govern it and which you must follow if you want life to be friendly to you & this post will show you 12 essential laws of life to live by.

Just as there are consequences if you violate the laws of nature, life too has unpleasant consequences for all its laws breakers who violate them.

The fundamental laws of life you will discover in this post will help you live a life of joy, & happiness will little trouble if you abide by them.

If you violate any of them, life will be very unpleasant to you and you will think that life is against you or difficult which must not be the case if you live by them.

Having said that, here are the 12 major fundamental laws of life you must live by which sum up the essence of life and what your life must be about

12 Essential Laws Of Life To live By

1. Love

Love is amongst the basic laws of life you need to live by because love is what life is all about. For without life, humanity and life itself is hopeless and worthless.

This world would be indeed a better place if people understood this fundamental law of life and humanity. If people begin to understand what true love really means, all this hate we see around the world will disappear in a heartbeat.


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People hate and betray one another because humanity has lost the essence of what true love really means because if you truly love someone, you won’t hurt or rip that person off.

For most people though, love is just a word they can toss around as they feel and what they can get from you which is why so many friendships & relationships are full of lies or betrayals.

You need to start learning to be loved as it’s one of the greatest commandments of the Bible we have been given to love our neighbors as ourselves. Remember, love is life.

2. Happiness

Indeed, happiness is very crucial to one’s wellbeing of life and without it, life is less beautiful and less enjoyable for you can’t enjoy your life without happiness.

Happiness is the spice or salt which makes life wonderful, fragrant, and enjoyable. A life without real happiness is likened to well-cooked relish without salt.

So, you need to embrace happiness in your life if you want to see the beauty of life as life is only good or beautiful if happiness is present.

Your happiness shouldn’t be an onetime thing but something you must live by daily all the days of your life provided you understand what real happiness means.

Let happiness be the rule of your life and let the unhappiness go away from your life because unhappiness isn’t the portion of your life. Happiness is.

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3. Integrity

Having integrity is crucial in life especially in this current age which is full of fake people and imposters masquerading to be people they are not.

There are just so many rip-offs in society these days be it friendships, relationships, partnerships & lifestyles. It seems that everything is fake nowadays and anyone wants to rip you off in one way or the other.

And the reason for this is because a lot of people lack the integrity to help them be accountable for their actions to others and the effects their actions have on other people.

You need to be a person of integrity if you want to be trustworthy in this life. Integrity is what will separate you from multitudes of fake people out there.

Don’t join the bandwagon of fake people with no integrity. Be the person someone can look up to and not a person who rips others off and makes other people’s lives miserable.

4. Kindness & Compassion

Compassion and kindness are what make you truly human. Without them, you are as good as nothing regardless of what you may have materially or your social status in society.

The world we live in is lacking kindness and compassion which has made humans become worse than animals in cruelty.

Just look at the evils people are doing against each other whether be it in families, places of work & unfortunately in the church also.

It seems everyone these days wants to hurt you in one way or the other but this ought not to be so fellow humanity. Let’s learn to be kind and compassionate towards each other.

Your kindness is needed and not your hate as your kindness will go a long way in impacting a soul that has been deeply hurt & wounded out there by life or others and is contemplating suicide. Be that savior to someone contemplating suicide with your kind heart.

5. Hard work

In this life, there is no such thing as free lunch as everything worthwhile in this life has a hefty price tag attached to it which most aren’t willing to pay.

But whether you are willing to pay the price for what you want in this life is the question only you and no one else can answer for you.

You just have to learn to be a hard worker if you don’t want poverty and want to be in your life. Laziness won’t take you anywhere and you need to stop being a lazy bone if you want to succeed in any area of your life.

Let hard work be the daily ritual of your life in whatever you do combined with smartness. Have those two things in life, success is a foregone conclusion.

Don’t be like most people who want things to fall on their laps without having to put in the work required to get what they want. Remember, nothing of value in this life comes on a silver plate.

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6. Authenticity

Being authentic is one of the basic laws of life you need to religiously live by every day all the days of your life. If you are not authentic, you will be miserable trying to be someone else.

You are here to live your life and to be you and do you. You are not here to live someone else’s life or do someone else.

Learn to be the person you are and not the person you pretend to be in front of everyone, merely deceiving your own self.

If you are not authentic in this life, you will never do anything meaningful or worth remembering with your life to be proud of one day looking back when all is said and done.

Stop being like most people who are wearing masks pretending to be who they are not all for the sake of wanting to be liked or accepted by others or society. You are here to make a difference and not for acceptance.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Drama

If you are to live a peaceable life, you need to learn to avoid all sorts of drama from anywhere be it from family, toxic relationships, friends, or places of work.

Drama sucks a lot of energy out of you which isn’t worth your precious time & energy at all and if you are a drama queen as you are reading this, you need to stop doing that.

It’s not good to make life hectic for others and if you have such people in your life who just want to trouble you with their never-ending drama, you need to respectfully distance yourself from such people for the sake of your own sanity.

Don’t want your life in other people’s drama. Let other people deal with their own drama and don’t get sucked into them.

So, be on the lookout for drama queens in your life who just want to make your life miserable life there because it’s what drama queens usually do as they don’t want to see others happy & enjoying their lives while themselves are miserable.

8. Put God First In Your Life

Of all the 12 laws of life in this post, the above law is the most important one you need to give your utmost attention to for without it, life is meaningless & without purpose.

Putting God first in your life is the most important thing you will ever do in your life even more so than choosing your career as he’s the only one who can give you meaning & purpose to your life which the material things or the success of this world cannot do.

This is because life is like a jungle and there is still life after death if you didn’t know that and without a guide, you are essentially lost in this thick jungle of life. You also need to prepare for eternity here real life begins.

Involving the Lord in your life & making him the captain on your life will ensure that you are not lead astray by society or the opinions of others on how to live your life.

Begin to trust the Lord with all your heart and he will never lead you astray as he’s the good shepherd of your life rather than leaning on your own understanding which is faulty.

9. Always Be Ready To Learn New Things

If you are not learning new things in life, you are not growing and it’s just a matter of time before you get bored with your life due to the law of familiarity.

It’s learning new things in life which enables us to grow & evolve into better people than we ever thought we could be.

Always be a learner and don’t be proud like most people who think they have all the answers to life when in fact they have none. Such people can’t go anywhere in life.

You need to start being like a child who is always willing to learn new things to improve itself. Just because you have reached a certain age, doesn’t mean that learning stops.

This is because learning is a lifetime affair or companion and not an onetime thing that ends when you reach a certain age. Always be a learner if you don’t want your life to be boring.

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10. Always Forgive No Matter What

Forgiveness is a vital law of life that will help you live a happier life because grudges have a negative impact on your happiness and wellbeing as a whole.

You can’t be truly happy if you are harboring grudges against people who have hurt you in the pats. Learn to forgive people who have deeply hurt you, no matter what. You won’t profit anything by harboring grudges against those who have hurt you in some way.

I know that forgiveness may be difficult sometimes, nevertheless, you need to do it for the sake of your own peace & wellbeing because it’s you who is hurting and not the people you are holding grudges against.

Yes, people will do you wrong and will hurt you in ways you never thought possible but don’t take it personally. Just forgive your offenders and move on with your life.

Remember, vengeance is of the Lord and in due time he will justly repay them back for what they did to you. All you can do is forgive & pray for them so that they see that what they are doing is wrong.

11. Treat Everyone With Respect & Dignity

This is another vital rule of life you must absolutely live by all the day of your life as how you treat others reflects who you are at the core.

Treating others with love respect & dignity even though those people may be meant to you for no reason is what will make you human.

Yes, there are a lot of mean people out there who are bitter with their lives but don’t let their meanness define how you treat others or disturb your inner joy & peace you have in your heart.

Don’t mistreat or disrespect others even if they do something you don’t approve of. You can always rebuke and correct their mean childish behavior with love.

If you treat others with respect regardless of what they do to you, it shows you are a person of good character and integrity which is what you must aspire to do always.

12. Use Your Time Wisely

In closing, this is another essential law of life you must religiously live by as time is all we have and once it’s gone, we can never get it back.

Learning to make the most of the limited time you have here on earth doing productive things of eternal value or significance is the wisest decision you will ever make here on earth.

You must not waste your God-given time doing or pursuing useless things or the vanities of this life because you will one day give an account on how you used your time while here on earth when you leave this world.

Therefore, invest your time wisely and not waste it in doing useless things like, parting, drinking, clubbing & any other non-productive things which don’t add value to your life.

If you don’t use your time wisely or make the most of it, you will forever live in regret wishing you had done things differently when all is said and done. Be wise with the way you use your time, please.

Closing Remarks

These are all the 12 laws of life you must live by if you want to live a relatively good and meaningful life I had to share with you and hope you have learned something from them.

Life indeed has laws to which you need to follow if you don’t want life to be against you or be your enemy just as there are laws of nature in the universe that govern it.

If you live by these fundamental laws of life discussed in this post, I can assure you that your life will be relatively pleasant & wonderful for you without any major quirks.

But if you violate them, life indeed will conspire against you which will make you think that life is against you when in fact it’s you being against life & its laws which govern life.

In closing, I hope that these universal laws of life will be part of your daily life & if they do, life will always be on your side even when things are difficult. Cheers & kindly share this post to everyone you know.


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